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Run gambling ads on PWAs, rent PWAs, Android traffic

If you’re tired of long online conferences and media owners, then you’ll definitely like the new format from the ZM team. ZM workshop is a unique workshop from buyers, techies, and experts in iGaming traffic monetization.

The guys gave real instructions on how to generate profit in the new reality of Android traffic. And if you don’t have time to watch the first and second days of the workshop, we have prepared an article for you with all the main points. CCO ZM, Yaroslav, has explained why these streams took place. And he has not just shown the numbers change in the long-term traffic flow of the largest holding, but in general outlined the situation on the traffic market received from apps today.

Google Play storm. No longer a storm, but a new reality

The current situation with bans and innovations in Google Play is no longer called the most protracted storm, as many experts believe, it is no longer a storm, but a new reality of working with Google.

September-October 2023. The whole market was in decline from the massban of Android apps, but ZM buyers were making a profit at that time. 150k, 300k, and 500k dollars of revenue per month, how did buyers get such figures in the crisis period? One word – diversification. At the first signs of instability, the holding began to shift focus towards iOS.

Percentage ratio of traffic volumes from Facebook to ZM at the time the storm started:

The teams continued to drive Android traffic, but also quickly moved to iOS links and organics. The main point here is that during the crisis period ZM did not waste time on mastering a new source. The deals on iOS with advertisers were concluded quickly because the advertisers already knew their iOS traffic and offered pleasant terms of cooperation.  As for PWAs, the situation is similar. ZM had been driving traffic to PWAs even before the events of September-October. As they pointed out, PWA was another way to work with Android users for them. Thus, it was easy for them to focus on PWA, as ZM holding had already been adept at working with the technology.

The percentage of traffic volume from Facebook to ZM at the moment:

Today, everyone is forced to play by new rules. There is a new reality of working with Android traffic that forces teams to look for other solutions to keep generating profits. All the current solutions and advanced technologies in driving traffic to apps were discussed during the workshop.

Raging revenues from PWA traffic: numbers, approaches, and illustrative case studies

“Open the door, throw a lead in, warm it up – the person is ready to deposit here and now” – Bob, team lead of THE ONE

ZM devoted the first day entirely to PWAs. One of the speakers was Bob, the team lead of THE ONE team. In his report, he told how to drive traffic to PWAs to earn $400,000.

Before PWA his team used to drive traffic to Android apps, but in the fall of 2023 the situation with bans in the Store was aggravated to the limit – apps worked for 1-2 days at most.

The guys were losing not only leads, but also huge sums of money when apps were banned at night, while advertising campaigns continued to blow their budgets. Bob and his team wanted to change the situation, so they switched to PWAs.

What you need for profitable work with PWAs

Users don’t deposit when they lack trust, PWAs solve part of this problem because you can make any design you want.

But the best revenues from PWAs are obtained when a full-fledged bundle is assembled: creatives + app + landing page.

Example of the PWA Bonanza bundle

If you plan to start working with PWA, you have two options:

  1. Transfer the converting Android app design.
  2. Come up with your own bundle.

The second option is the best if we are talking about profit. You can see the calculations in the table, driving traffic to the same offer:



Made a creative with Elon Musk

The same creative with Elon Musk

Drove traffic to a regular Android PWA

Made a pre-landing with Musk and a PWA about Musk.

Got ROI of 80%.

Got ROI – 200% and $20k profit.

How to drive traffic to PWA to catch the hook and not lose the budget

The cost of installation on PWA is more expensive. For example, an install on Spain for an Android app is $1.5-2, while for a PWA it’s $4-5. Meanwhile, the conversion  increases proportionally. At first, the costs are higher for tests and finding hooks, but in the long term it pays off.

The situation with hooks is as follows:

  • Android – 6-7 out of 10 Adsets are hooked;
  • PWA – 2-3 out of 10 Adsets are hooked.

As with Android, a lot depends on the creative. The better the creative is, the more hooks you will get.

To prove it, Bob gave an example from personal experience. In November-December, he created a news site that actively gave hooks just like on Android, and in 3 weeks he earned over $400,000!

Transformations at THE ONE

The first person at THE ONE to realize the potential of PWAs and test the theme was the buyer – Kirill. He developed several PWAs and adapted already converting creatives to these apps.

1 day of driving traffic to PWA
1 month of driving traffic to PWA

Then other buyers also started to drive traffic to PWAs. All had impressive results.

For THE ONE, PWA services became a catalyst for success. This technology not only solved the ban issues but also opened a new stage of development for the company.

Some months ago the main volume THE ONE was receiving from ZM’s iOS link. Now the leading position on traffic drive is taken by PWA, although they continue to actively use the link and get a good profit.

Be prepared to spend 2-3 times the budget to find hooks and tests.

But it’s not a loss of money – even 1 adset can pay off the tests several times over. A standard situation is when $1 000-2 000 is spent on PWA tests, 2-3 hooks are caught, and 3-4 days later you receive $2 000-3 000 each day from this traffic. And so on for a month.

Pros and cons of working with PWAs



Can be customized for any bundle

You need to work more closely with analytics

No bans

Need more budget for tests

Easier to keep volumes. You can drive traffic to one creative for 1-2 months from 1 hook

Fewer hooks. Need to drive more traffic and spend more money

Conversion is higher than from Android apps


Tip from Bob: don’t forget to add pushes. They increase conversion a lot and raise the quality. Keep in mind that ROI can increase by 20% thanks to it.

PWA on the rise: how to drive traffic without bans and sags on the example of a working bundle

“PWA was perceived as something unknown and unnecessary, but now it’s ahead of Android apps in terms of traffic volume” – Andrew, Umba by ZM teamleader

Teamlead of Umba by the ZM media buying team told how they make a profit on PWA. And at the end of the report, he shared insights and a bundle that is now working in the volume of hundreds of deposits per day.

To the user, PWAs look just like regular apps – with an install button and an icon on the desktop.

Most audiences won’t even see the difference if it is done correctly. Yes, for the latest versions of Android, there are differences between the store and PWA app, but if you take a Tier 3 GEO where 90% of the traffic is Android 10, there will be no external difference for users.

How to get high profit on PWA

Andrew ZM gave some tips on how to drive traffic to PWA apps:

  1. Keep full relevance app – FP – creative. Rename the FP and change the picture. This all gives a boost to ROI.

  2. Use the most aggressive gambling design possible.

  3. Show apps in the creative. The user should have a clear understanding of where he is redirected and what things are the same as in the creative.

  4. Use one pixel for all Ads accounts. Collect events and get fast optimization from the early days of traffic driving, as well as the ability to scale without losing the hook.

  5. Don’t forget the pushes. Request pushes from your advertiser and add them to your PWA. All services have this option.

The optimal option for starting is Tier 3 GEO. These are cheap clicks and high click2install. Andrew said that India, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Africa have performed well when they drove Umba by ZM traffic.

Umba by ZM team case study

Andrew shared a bundle, which still shows high results and gives a good profit. The guys were driving traffic for two weeks to Tier 3, limiting themselves only to caps. They used approaches with Aviator, and to increase the quality of traffic they chose only large cities.


  • huge GEO;
  • the vast majority of people use android devices;
  • gamblers.

What they made:

  • Tests – tested dozens of creatives.
  • Full relevance PWA – FP – creative.
  • Optimized pixel – didn’t wait for the account to grow and hook the right audience.
  • Constant updating of the creative – interview was the best option
An example of well converting creatives

Tips for the creatives:

  • Add app screenshots to creatives – it gives +20-30% to ROI

  • For India, Hindi works better than English in creatives.
  • Choose products with popular payment methods in the GEO – it gives + 10-20% to ROI. Trust payment methods for India: UPI, PhonePe, GPay.

Traffic drive scheme:

  1. Test traffic drive was done to 5 adsets at $30.
  2. If you are satisfied with the result, drive campaigns to 10 adsets with a budget of $50.
  3. Duplicate the best adsets and increase the budget up to 20% per day.

The result is a great conversion rate using the Aviator bundle, and specific numbers on the screenshots.

Bundle results of driving traffic during 2 weeks

The experience of the Umba by ZM team proves that PWAs give good quality and volumes that suit advertisers.

The main thing is to conduct tests and make sure that the app, FP and creative are relevant to each other. Andrew also advised to change creatives more often and look for new approaches. In case the situation with Ads account bans worsens, Andrew advises to rebuild the creative.

In the team they rebuild profitable creatives once a week, so their profitable approaches live for months.

PWA: how the technology that brings tens of thousands of dollars works

“Real practitioners know that strong technical expertise is a key component of success in working with traffic” – Vladimir, CTO ZM.

Vladimir (ZM CTO) and Denis (ZM tech department team leader) told and showed how a strong technical team can boost media buying profits.

ZM Technical Department

PWA is a system application that is installed from a website and contains a web browser and an offer. It’s like a mobile app with WebView, only without the mobile app and it doesn’t need to be installed from the store.

ZM tech department today solves any whim of teams, and this synergy gives birth to the most profitable bundles. Recently, the holding company has released a new tool and immediately got more than two hundred large teams hooked on its practicality and convenience.

Today webmasters can test the iOS/Android and PWA-application rental service ZMapps and ZMapps bot, which was previously available only for internal buying.

How ZM’s tech department provides buyers with impressive revenues

Customization – for buyers the process of stream creation and linking is automated and convenient regardless of the apps they are driving traffic to. The entire process is built inside the ZMapps bot.

Testing multiple PWAs on the same stream gives flexibility and increases the speed of finding bundles.

Why ZM’s PWAs are converted:

  • the latest Store design;
  • instant download of PWAs;
  • advanced installation mechanics, special algorithm of developments on devices;
  • aggressive designs and trusted reviews.

Very soon, ZM apps will have a full-fledged PWA builder in release that will make it easy to make apps customized to your needs.

“In a field where store updates can completely take the wind out of any strong team’s sails it is important to always diversify traffic, not to stop, test and generate new approaches and ideas” – Denis, ZM tech department team lead

Vladimir and Denis told us that PWA is not the only alternative for working with the Android audience.

It is possible to use Android Link technology and keep driving traffic via the link to Android apps. The main advantage of the technology is the auto-replacement of apps in case of banning. It works like this:

  1. The system 24/7 monitors the app’s availability in the Store.
  2. In case of a ban, the buyer immediately receives a notification.
  3. The banned app is automatically replaced with a similar app from the available ones, so there is no need to stop traffic.

In addition, the buyer has the opportunity to replace the app without restarting the advertising campaign. An app is changed in a couple of clicks in the bot in the flow settings. This means that you can quickly and conveniently test different apps when searching for a bundle.

How to successfully drive traffic via iOS-link

“To get into the team, I have sent resumes to all the companies I found on and passed more than 30 interviews” – Philippe, ZM Buyer

The second day of the ZM workshop was dedicated to iOS traffic. The speakers talked about organics and linking. The first to speak was Philippe, a ZM buyer.

Philippe joined the ZM team as a specialist in traffic drive and then became a media buyer.

Today, Philippe generates about 70% of traffic from iOS links. In the fall of 2023, the market faced a massban of Android apps. Then iOS link became a good solution for a number of reasons:

  1. There is no limit in the number of Ads Accounts per app.
  2. No need to restart an Ads Account in case of app ban.
  3. Ads Accounts live longer, which means there is more time for their optimization.
  4. High quality of traffic. iOS link is eagerly purchased by advertisers, which allows our managers to better work with deals, remove cap restrictions and raise rates.

Philip noted that the most important ability of a media buyer today is the generation of new approaches for creatives and their development.

Once a media buyer masters this skill, he is able to highly boost his results and get to a new level. Everything else can be digitized and brought to automatism.


A buyer should understand when to stop advertising campaigns. At this point there should be no doubts or attempts to follow intuition. Only a clear mathematical calculation.

Prices per result are conveniently tracked in the tracker by subs: campaign name and adset. In Dolphin {anty} this is done with macros. By matching them against each other in the tracker, the buyer gets the number of installs and purchases per adset. And then simple math – divide the spending by these figures.

Important: Postbacks are driven to links with a delay, so it is difficult to adequately analyze the effectiveness of an Ads Account.

Philip recommends tracking adsets from the price per click. This indicator helps to disable unhooks even before spinning off the price of the install. A cheap click does not always mean a good conversion and installation. Two factors influence this:

  1. Application. Always split multiple apps when driving traffic and identify the best one in terms of conversion from click to installation.

  2. Creative. Some give you a 1k15 conversion rate, others 1k3. It depends on how much the creative grabs attention and matches what the user will see when clicking on the link in the app store.

A cheap installation doesn’t always mean that the adset will be profitable. You can spin off 50-70% of the deposit price. If there are no purchases by this time, the adset should be stopped. It is necessary to track by different periods:

  • short – for example, for 24 hours;
  • medium – 3 days;
  • the whole period.

It is important to understand the dynamics of your adsets over the entire distance in order to stop in time or continue to accelerate them.

Philip told us that he usually starts with a minimum of $80 per adset. If you start with a smaller amount, it will take an unreasonably long time to accelerate the adset.

In arbitrage the speed is important, so the main task is to promote a hooked adset as quickly as possible to $500-800. There are two ways:

  1. Increase the budget 3 times a day by 10%.
  2. Create an auto rule in Dolphin to increase the budget – every hour by 2%.

All of the above allows Philip to consistently generate +$40000 each month.

Guide on driving iOS organics

“My creatives and the spy in whole were driven by all the co-commanders. Create your own creatives, you f**ked me up” – Arseniy, ZM Buyer

Of course, it was impossible to imagine the ZM workshop without a guide about driving iOS organics. It was presented by Arseniy, ZM buyer, who made a brilliant presentation at the recent ADDays conference.

Pros and cons of driving to organics



Good ROI. iOS has a more solvent audience.

Maximum of 5 adsets. You can’t duplicate deposit adsets and scale them.

Uncomplicated scaling. You just increase the budget.

Can’t select iOS device below version 14

Problems with tracking statistics due to the inability to name the campaign, traffic is divided only by GEO. !!! BUT now on iOS apps ZM installations send info to a FB account (as in the tracker), if you select “Meta attribution iOS 14+”.

Important! In countries where iOS devices are many times less than Android, creatives live much less. You need to intelligently choose a GEO for driving. Tier1 GEOs with a large population, i.e. large reach, are suitable.

Apps with aggressive gambling design make cool conversions. It is desirable that the gameplay of the creative matches the design of the app – the same design will give a good boost.

How to drive organics to get plus

The first step is optimization. There are two suitable options: for installs and for events. Arseniy chooses installs, for events traffic is much more expensive. But there is a nuance – different audiences can be covered using optimization for events and installation, which gives a good boost in traffic.

First use creative for the event, and when it burns out, you can use installs. And the creative will convert well again.

The second step – a good creative. You need a competent motivation, hitting the TA’s pains and appeal.

Example of good motivation ↓

I have recently lost my job. My savings were disappearing, I was flailing around job interviews, but no one made me an offer. In despair that in a week I would have no money to feed my family, I opened the Internet to distract myself. I was scrolling the feed and saw an app with an online game. I downloaded it, installed and decided to play. I couldn’t believe it, but after spending only $30 I won $10000!

Such an approach can be integrated into almost any gambling approach – Newsweek, TikTok, etc.

The third step is budget. A quality creative should be launched with a budget of $250 – this is the golden mean. After a day with an ROI of 80%, Arseniy recommends to scale up. Here is his proven scheme:

  • start with $250;
  • increase x2 to $1000;
  • The frequency of ups – once a day just before or after midnight according to the time of the advertising account;
  • after $1000 every day to add $500-1000, if it converts well.

Arseniy’s Case

The revenue figures of one of the Arseniy’s app speak for themselves:

The secret of such a high profit is simple:

  1. Good design
  2. Cool app technicals.
  3. Optimization.
  4. Bold scaling.
  5. Arseniy’s divine creatives

Which GEOs to choose for tests

You can start with any GEO, but Arseniy recommends:

  • Italy;
  • Canada;
  • Germany;
  • Turkey.

These countries have a good active audience and payback. Especially Canada – both men and women play there.

But you should not play around. If the ads allow, drive M/F traffic 70% to 30% in favor of men. As a rule, men show better quality of traffic.

Insights from the ZM tech department: how to get the most out of links

ZM left the most interesting things for last. Vladimir (ZM CTO) and Denis (Tech dpt ZM team lead) told how the tech team promoted iOS apps and got to the most efficient system, turning iOS link into something bigger.

Why iOS ZM apps are the best on the market

  • Lightweight: up to 50MB
  • Aggressive design with key inclusion in the naming
  • Fully consistent design with the theme

ZM abandoned Appsflyer and implemented their own attribution service as a result, got two advantages:

  • Response and loading speeds reduced to 1.5 seconds;
  • Traffic loss was reduced to 2%.

This multiplied the buyers’ conversion.

How to work with link

There are two ways to work with a link:

  • each buyer has his flow;
  • one flow for the whole team of buyers.

Each of these options suits your needs and gives you flexibility when it comes to traffic driving.

For example, buyers in teams can drive their flows or run traffic to different pixels and apps using one common flow, allowing them to build analytics more accurately and get higher coverage within a flow.

In the structure of the service there is a pre-landing builder of ZM’s development. It allows you to build a pre-landing before opening the store and thus directly influence the conversion. The builder includes popular mechanics and many design themes.

ZM has the ability to use both static and dynamic parameters. This solution can be used for deep audience segmentation, company name rollover or other parameters. It is important to emphasize that this feature allows you to hide personal parameters in the link, such as your buyer ID and prevent spying of your creatives by this parameter.

In their report, the technicians talked about the development of technology – ZM Apps Link, which combines the advantages of Justlink and Onelink, but excludes their disadvantages.

ZM apps link makes it possible to configure several applications on one flow and excludes traffic loss in case of absence of GET-parameters, traffic in this case goes to the default app in the flow. Moreover, ZM internal buying is already actively testing the next stage of driving traffic to the link technology – ZM apps link+ is a full-fledged SMARTLINK – one link for any traffic. Traffic is automatically distributed within a single domain: iOS users get to the iOS app, and Android users get to Android, PWA or even APK according to the setup settings.


Both topics were actively discussed by all workshop participants live at the round tables of the first and second day. Many interesting points were highlighted – we advise you to listen to them, extremely useful.

ZM team once again showed that they are ready to share their expertise with the market and help solve urgent problems. While the whole arbitrage market was suffering from Android app bans, ZM found a way to drive traffic not only without losing volume, but also increasing it.

Subscribe to ZM apps, so you won’t lose a reliable app rental service.

ZM team

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