Traffic Arbitrage in 2022: What to Expect in Year Ahead?

Traffic arbitrage market changes month-over-month: new GEOs are being explored, new verticals emerge, new restrictions are being introduced, as well as new ways to bypass them, etc. Those who want to stay “on the line” in 2022 should follow the zeitgeist of the industry. That’s what we’ll focus on in this article.

E-Commerce Stays on Top

Answering the question about this year’s trends, many publisher teams name e-commerce, which is evidenced by statistics: according to Statista, a German company specialized in the market and consumer data analytics, by 2023, 21.1% of global sales will occur online (in 2019, it was 13.6%).

The pandemic contributed to e-commerce development as well. Many stores now work online while people no longer treat online transactions as unreliable. Therefore, publishers should expect more affiliate programs to appear in this vertical.

Gambling Lives On

In Russia, the “gambling year” 2021 was intense and complicated since payment products were blocked a lot which affected the CIS market. But globally, gambling holds its ground. Gambling is being legalized in many cities and the number of players increases which opens new opportunities and GEOs to webmasters.


Dating is another promising vertical that has benefited from COVID-19. While governments impose restrictions one by one, an increasing number of people approach the Internet in an attempt to seek a partner or a friend. So the market is warmed up already. This is also evidenced in the report presented by Technavio – a leading global technology R&D company. They estimate that by 2024, the online dating market will grow by $3.5B.

Tik-Tok is Likely to Succeed

Until recently, this platform was a dark horse among big market players, but, indeed, ignoring Tik-Tok when working with traffic today is inexcusable, since ticktockers grow in numbers by the day. While top teams learn to work with this source, platform developers are testing AI moderation in certain GEOs, which is a good sign.

Focus on Tier-2 and Tier-3 Countries

This year, many publisher teams focused on tier-2 and tier-3 countries, which indicates their strong profit potential. Because of the following countries’ rapid economic growth and, as a result, increased consumer demand, major advertisers now cooperate with Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria, Guinea, etc.

More Teamwork, Less Solo Publishing

We have been observing that affiliate marketing in Russia and the CIS has been transforming for several years now: solo webmasters are being hired on teams, while teams are evolving to media buying agencies with staff, clear withdrawal procedures, and other aspects of procedural fairness. This is due to the publishers’ and partners’ desire to be more open and sound rather than the whim of the government. This year we expect more such teams and agencies, but those who will deliver the best work environment and high-quality traffic will be on top.

Cryptocurrency Dynamic

In 2022, entrepreneurs retained an interest in cryptocurrency. In the previous year, the peak capitalization point of the crypto market amounted to $3T. This year, experts of the Fast Future Research Outfit predict a figure of $7.5T. So, you may expect crypto offers spinup.

Paid online services are trending this year as well. Lockdown measures have driven up the demand for online entertainment, movies, and music streaming services by subscription, etc. Since the audience involvement is increasing, publishers will continue to work with paid online services in 2022.

More Video Content

Video ads will continue to develop, helping publishers to attract more users to the offer. The Lemonlight Video Production Company analyzed user behavior in 2021 and discovered that 94% of the audience decided to purchase a product at least once after they watched a video ad. Therefore, this ad format is worthwhile.

Voice Search

This feature, misjudged by webmasters, will become even more popular in 2022 since 71% of users now prefer to use voice search instead of typing queries. Therefore, remember to optimize websites for voice queries. Besides, the more formats diversity you’ll opt for, the better you’ll interact with the audience.

So, What Do We Get?

The year 2022 will be interesting. It opens many prospects for all participants of the affiliate market. The quality of content and user-friendly solutions will enter the picture while approaches are to become more personal. This is indicated not only in Google announcements (like the end of Cookies era) but also by frequent updates of the algorithms. Therewith, experts are confident that the market will rise due to new GEOs introduction and high digitalization of the industry.

Well, time will show!

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