Fast Import of Facebook Ad Campaigns in Anti-Detect Browser!

Hello, everyone! Since many people don’t launch ad campaigns using automation tools (FBtool and Dolphin), I decided to draw a guide on the quick and easy import of ad campaigns in a browser. According to my observations, you’ll save a great deal of time! If you’re yet unfamiliar with such an Ads Manager Tool, then you’re welcome!

OK, open the anti-detect browser, profile, and create a campaign. Once you’re done (that is, set budget, create a pixel, adjust targeting and attribution settings, select the required placement, make a creative and a reference), you can export it. By the way, whereas you use first billing or your money, do not forget to set the following two key settings correctly:

  1. Attribution settings – “1-day click” (so that the algorithm picks up the audience faster)
  2. Targeting – “People living in this location” (so that ads are not impressed for immigrants)

So, what do I click to export the ad campaign?

Click on the “Export & import” icon:

Click “Customize columns”:

Check all boxes in the “Ad” menu, except for the “Ad ID”:

Check all boxes in the “Ad set” menu, except for the “Ad Set ID”:

Check all boxes in the “Campaign” menu, except for the “Campaign ID” and click “Apply”:

I, for one, select “Export as .xlsx” and click “Export”:

The file has been saved:

Go to the AC where you want to import the campaign and then follow the steps on the screenshot:

Choose the exported file and enjoy the ready-to-go campaign in a minute:

However, there are a couple of tips for those who promote ad campaigns for conversions:

  1. Create a pixel and select an event (at the adset level)
  2. Set the time to launch a campaign according to the time zone of the required AC (at the adset level). You must adjust it because the campaign is exported with the time settings of the previous campaign. Thus, when I launched imported campaigns leaving time settings unchanged, they were scheduled for the next day. So, mind this step.

Now, you can be more productive! Thank you all for reading!

Regards, Vladimir! Welcome to my Telegram channel:

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