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Case Study: “Hypertension” Offer in Italy with $40,000 Profit

Hello everyone, I’m youranus webmaster from the Euphoria Traffic Team. Today, as our first contribution, I will share the case with teasers we had in 2022!

Key Indicators

  • Duration: 9/01/2022 – 9/30/2022
  • Spent: ~ $39,470
  • Revenue: ~ $78,120
  • Profit: ~ $38,649
  • ROI: ~ 98% (ROI Calculator)
  • Traffic Source: Facebook
  • Affiliate Program:
  • Offer: Cardione IT
  • GEO: Italy

Supplies & Technical Matters

  • Anti-detect browser: Octobrowser
  • Proxy: Mobile (according to the account’s GEO)
  • Accounts: High-limit accounts
  • Cloak: Keitaro Filters (local method)
  • White Pages: Created with website builders

Offer & Pre-Landing Page

My two areas of focus when I select offers are hypertension + joint treatment products. I consider these niches to be the most stable and easy to work with in terms of creativity. During the work process, I accumulated a lot of sample pre-landing pages that allowed me to conduct efficient split tests.

In this regard, my approach was quite simple:) I downloaded everything I found in the spy service, used them all for split tests, and selected the best ones for promotion!

I chose the most common “interview with a doctor” pre-landing page: where I re-wrote text a bit so that it corresponds with an offer.

Creatives & Approach

During the test, we used teasers we tested on other GEOs that consistently provided a good CTR, so we did not doubt that the scheme would work! The key is to select the best pre-landing page. My favorite promos are those that are not related to a specific GEO because once you find them, you can easily cover all of Europe (not only Europe) without struggling with creating new schemes!

Below, I’ll attach some sample promos (I will not share the exact ones I used but I will demonstrate similar ones so that you can see what I mean).

However, there’s a drawback with such approaches: promo collects bombastic CTR but it doesn’t provide any CR! In this case, you must focus on increasing CR. First of all, you might want to try and add a doctor’s image on a promo page or a product showcase. The CTR will then drop but the CR will increase which is exactly our goal.

In the end, the creo may look like this:

Ad Campaign & Scaling

After I decided on the creo and pre-landing page, both conversions and clickability began to take shape. At the start, CTR was 15% and CR was 0.9% on Facebook. Due to cheap clicks, we managed to obtain an average CPL of $8. At a rate of $45 and approval rate of about 38%, the ROI was 100%:

Fortunately, there were no problems with ad campaign review at that time which allowed us to scale efficiently!


We used different setups for promotion. Depending on our needs, we used low-limit accounts during tests; we tested different promos with them and finalized our scheme. After we identified the best options, we used high-limit accounts: Business Managers with five ad campaigns with a budget of $250 each or an unlimited budget.

As to the reviewed Pages, some of them were purchased, and some of them were farmed by us.

With such a setup, the accounts did not last very long. But we are like a hydra: if one head falls off, three others grow in its place 😉


This promotion scheme alone brought us almost $40,000 in a month, excluding consumables.

Here’s a screenshot from the affiliate program dashboard for the period of 9/01/2022 – 9/30/2022:

To wrap up, I want to thank Shakes Affiliate Program and my account manager Anya for excellent rates they provided and their timely responses. We’ll keep it up!

You are welcome to contact me via my Telegram @youranus1 and ask me any questions about the case or leave your comment.

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