Case: $7,020 with Casimba Casino Offer

Good day! Profitov.Partners here. We’re a private international gambling affiliate program.

Today, we’d like to share the case provided by our partner. He requested to not be named but opened up about his experience in Brazil. The case is fresh and, of course, deserves your consideration!

Initial Data

  • Traffic source: Facebook;
  • Offer: Casimba Casino;
  • Duration: early February 2022 — mid-March 2022;
  • GEO: Brazil;
  • Affiliate program: Profitov.Partners;
  • Spent: $3,560;
  • Earned: $7,020;
  • Profit: $3,460;
  • ROI: ≈ 97.19% (ROI Calculator).

Let’s turn the floor over to the author.

Hello everyone! At the beginning of the year, the FB auction is usually unoccupied, so PPL becomes cheaper. Therefore, I chose GEO, which was formerly expensive for me. The AP manager advised me to opt for the Casimba Casino Offer in Brazil. Lately, BR has yielded poor outcomes but I decided to take my chances, and it turned out the risk was justified.

Creatives & Ad Text

I decided to search AdHeart for creatives because I wanted to find out what was relevant in Brazil at that time. I selected the most interesting options and sent them to an account manager. My idea was to take existing solutions, rework them to my taste, and enter the market. Profitov.Partners made a creative based on my TDA for free, which simplified my work big time.

Here’s the text from the landing page:


Até R$500 no seu primeiro depósito + 25 Giros Grátis

The approximate translation is as follows:


Up to 500 pounds for the first deposit + 25 free spins

I used scratch fields and emotions in creative. Here’s a showcase:

Approach & Targeting Settings

One can call buying apps a numbers game because you have to seek a proven seller who provides apps with no bugs. It was not an issue with Profitov.Partners, because the guys provide in-house apps. And it’s free)

I used autoregs farmed for 3+ days. Almost all actions were performed automatically. In each account, I created two BMs with an ad cabinet, then bonded the card and passed Risk Payment. Once the ad was launched, I invited a farmed account which passed the ad policy review for convenience and to raise the trust of the ad cabinet. From there, I monitored the statistics and the whole process.

I used the QIWI payment system until it stopped working on 8 March. Then I switched to Capitalist. I used Brazilian mobile proxies following the principle that FB GEO must match everywhere.

The target settings were as follows:

  • Audience: M/F 24- 55;
  • OS: Android 7.1;
  • Auto-placement.

Now, let’s move on to the summary.


Overall, I attracted 405 registrations and 156 deposits.

Here’s a screenshot of the stats:

I concluded the following:

  1. Creos lived up to my expectations (thanks again, Profitov.Partners).
  2. This scheme allows you to scale up to fantastic volumes.
  3. I’ve earned twice what I’ve spent.
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment. I took my chances and chose Brazil, although it didn’t work for me before.

It is essential to find an AP with supportive managers who will make your work easy and proficient. Thanks for your time.  I’ll hold my name in confidence, but you’re welcome to join my Telegram channel:

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