CloudFlare: What’s It For & How to Use It?

For openers, the publishers’ community has long been utilizing CloudFlare Service as a domains’ gateway.

In lay terms, it acts as a gateway between your server/hosting and the browser. The gateway issues an SSL certificate for your domain and nominally securely encrypts the data end-to-end.

The “DNS” tab, after you add the domain to CloudFlare.

Why Bother?

The matter is that when you add your domain to CloudFlare, it is assigned a “non-unique” IP (for example, if a domain associated with your server/hosting has a static IP), where hundreds of other websites are hosted. FB will think through carefully whether to ban your IP or not. Thus, your IP “hides” among other websites on this IP so FB won’t be able to ban it. Tentatively speaking, it will not ban the Binance website, which has the same IP as your domain.

How to Do It?

  1. ПPurchase a domain from your domain provider.
  2. Sign up with
  3. Add the purchased domain to

4. Select a free tariff. Skip all the settings (save it for later) and wait for a confirmation email.

5. At the bottom, you’ll find CloudFlare’s NS, which you must insert into the DNS settings of your domain from the domain provider (since there are numerous domain providers, I can’t guide you on this one, but I think you’ll figure it out yourself, otherwise, all domain providers have customer support). After the domain is confirmed, go to the “DNS” tab, create a new “A”-record with an “@” value, specify your tracker’s/hosting’s IP, and click “Save”.

6. Then, open your tracker and specify the domain.

A note on sub-domains: if you require a sub-domain, then add a new “A”-record with the name of the sub-domain and the tracker’s IP in the “DNS” tab at CloudFlare.

In turn, specify a sub-domain in the tracker. A sub-domain might look like this:

I think that’s it! With practice, you’ll learn to do it quickly. It’s even easier if you use sub-domains (see above).

In my next article, you’ll learn how the IMKLO works together with Keitaro!

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