How to Promote Adult Offers in Europe?

Hello, everyone! Today, we’d like to share our adult offers promotion practices in Europe.

Since we plan to use this scheme again, we won’t give away either the affiliate program we work with, or offer, or GEO (thanks for understanding).

For one thing, we use the accounts we created. I think 90% of the market knows us and about the same percentage purchases our accounts. 

Our method is very simple.

We use our accounts that were manually farmed for 7+ days (UKR, ENG, USA) and link them with our auto-farmed accounts which are 199 or 149 rubles per piece. It takes 5-9 pieces per one manually farmed account.

FB makes a fuss every week.

Therefore, there might be issues like risk payment, ad policy violation, etc. You might want to get used to it without complaining if possible.

We commonly solve these problems with test runs; sometimes it might take an hour, sometimes – a week.

Creos topic is more interesting in our case since we’re called The Kreativy))

We won’t disclose our top creatives but you’re welcome to familiarize yourself with those that brought us leads of up to €5.

Our CTR is still about 15-20%.

We didn’t bother much with pre-landing and landing pages for this offer; a CR is less than 1% but it provides a good profit. We also have a lot of more profitable offers pending.

The approval rate of the offer is above 50%. 

CPL ranges from €2-3 to €10.

From the bottom of our hearts thanks for tuning in; here’re our projects and services:

You’ll find manually farmed and auto-farmed accounts, fan pages, and other FB consumables here: /

Here’re our free relevant creatives:

High ROI and sweet pussies to you.

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