Guide on Traffic Arbitrage in Chile

In this article, we’ll consider distinctions of Chile as a traffic source, and analyze its target audience and schemes to opt for.

Chile Distinctions

Let’s consider another country which provides cheap traffic and a good profit.

The Republic of Chile is a South American state located on a tongue between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountain Range. Being a true paradise for wine and skiing enthusiasts with charming mountain valleys, Chile is also a great GEO for traffic arbitrage. This state is distinguished from other LATAM countries by a solvent population and a high CR. But first things first.

About Chile

According to the Сountrymeters, the population of Chile exceeds 19.4 million people as of 2022. The general public (6.2 million) lives in Santiago, the capital of Chile. In terms of a larger population, one can distinguish the following cities as well:

  • Puente Alto (886,000)
  • Antofagasta (369,000)
  • San Bernardo (325,000)
  • Viña del Mar (285,000)

One can consider Chile a multiethnic country where Indian and European cultures intertwine unusually. However, Spanish is the official language of the country as well as several Spanish dialects. For example, in the country’s south, the Chilot dialect is prevailing while in the highland north areas the same goes for the Andean dialect. However, in your creatives, you might want to focus on classic Spanish for this is a governing language of Chile.

Economy & Monthly Paycheck of Chile Residents

One can call Chile some of the mature economies of the South American continent. In 20 years, the nation has made a breakthrough in development, boosting the quality of life of Chilean residents. For quite some time now, the social environment is stable here, but so far the republic is still listed as a Tier-3 country with an emerging economy based on such industries as copper-ore mining, winemaking industry, fishing, and fruit exports.

The Chilean peso (CLP) is the domestic currency of Chile. It is equal to 0.11 rubles or 0.001277 US dollars.

As to the Chilean monthly paycheck in 2022, the minimum salary, according to the local government, is 337,000 pesos for people between the age of 18 and 65, which equals about 420 US dollars.

By the way, the average pay in Chile ranks first in all of South America and equals about 1,056,900 pesos or $1,320 per month. 

According to Bdex, representatives of the public administration, court, and notaries have the highest monthly income — $3,380. 

Educators make an average of $790, healthcare workers — $1,410, and the military — $1,240. You can find a detailed list by following the link above.

Chilean Internet Services

In terms of connection speed, the Chilean residential Internet is the fastest across the continent. The connection speed varies from 42.44 to 97.74 Mbps. The mobile Internet doesn’t look so good — 17.35 Mbps, but it’s still enough to view content. So, you can launch creatives in various formats, and there will be no problems with loading. In total, 80% of Chileans are active Internet users.

Google, YouTube, Facebook*, and Instagram* rank top by active users. According to spymetrics, a detailed picture is as follows:

Fun fact: Chile was the first country to adopt a law of adherence to the principle of network neutrality and free access to all Internet resources. For instance, providers can’t restrict users from viewing any type of content, web apps, and services.

Among the major ISPs in Chile are:

The Chilean Mindset

Solidarity is likely to be the most striking aspect of Chilean personality. It is a strongly united and patriotic nation. Locals are always willing to help out a stranger. Such personal involvement might come from the uncongenial location since natural disasters occur here on a regular basis.

Chileans are expressive and have a propensity for spur-of-the-moment decisions. They also keep things easy, so putting things off for later is just part of the routine here.

Love for the country is an inescapable part of the locals’ mindset, so National Day is the most important holiday for any Chilean. Being prepared for a few weeks or even a month, it is massively celebrated on 18 September.

The locals also value the family. Most Chileans are married with at least four kids. Since abortions are forbidden by law, there are very few single-child families in Chile.

What should I Consider When Making Creatives for Chile?

When working with this GEO, publishers often opt for creatives related to family values and caring for one another in their ad campaigns.   

Locals also react well to patriotic topics, but you must strike the right balance here without pushing it too far.

Don’t take a gender-based discrimination approach. The sitting head of state develops a gender equality policy, and feminist sentiments are also quite powerful in Chile.

Consider the “pains” of Chileans. These include:

  1. Debris and garbage in urban slums occupy over 80% of cities;
  2. Expensive healthcare: about $75 for a doctor’s appointment;
  3. Local education under development – it’s several grades lower than in Russia;
  4. Health concerns: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and outbreaks of various diseases.

What Traffic Sources should I Opt for?

The majority of traffic arbitrage teams opt for Facebook* and Instagram* when working with this GEO. To reduce the competition, you can try to work with Google Ads with an average lead of $0.3-0.8 by keywords for nutra offers. You can also consider push services like, Evadav, and teaser networks: Kadam and MGID.

What Creatives should I Use for Chile?

If you are working with Facebook*, you can consider one of the following standard options:

  • Demonstrate an immediate result, avoiding the “before and after” approach;
  • Demonstrate a drug, vegetables, fruits, drinks supported by a catchy slogan like “bye-bye extra pounds”;
  • Add a doctor’s image to the creative with the catchphrase like “How to restore immunity in no time? Doctor’s advice”.

In general, the average approval rate in the nutra vertical in the LATAM countries, including Chile, varies from 30% to 50%. Because of cheap traffic, these are rather decent indicators. If you have not yet decided which offers to opt for, these are our best for you:


Although it is included in the tier-3 list, Chile provides good opportunities for traffic arbitrage. By selecting the right approach, you can strive for a large profit. Chile has it all to become your permanent source of income: affluent and active Internet users, low competition compared to tier-1 countries, and cheap traffic.

If you have further questions about this GEO, you’re welcome to join our Telegram chat with LeadRock managers ready to assist you anytime. Until next time! A high CR to you, friends!

*Banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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