Case: 28,000 Rubles in Google Ads, FREE Ad in KZT

Here’s a small case with 100% ROI in Google with joint ads in KZT. It’s perfect for those who have not tested this source yet but have long wanted to. As it turned out, the wide target audience works well in this case.

  • Spend: 27,583.35 rubles (at the rate of 75 rubles per 1 US dollar) 1st account 3,241.96 UAH = $121.61, 2nd account $205.14 + 20% VAT = $246.17
  • Earned: 56,400 rubles
  • Profit: 28,816.65 rubles
  • ROI: 47% (ROI calculator)
  • Duration: 31.2021 — 08.12.2021
  • Offer: Arthrosax (free)
  • Affiliate program:
  • Country: Kazakhstan
  • Source: Google Ads, Discovery campaign type (Gmail, YouTube)

I have been working with Google since January 2021. I used to drive traffic with Facebook, but due to daily bans and other gong shows, I decided to stop working with this source. Google has several issues with accounts too. I now work only with purchased pre-warmed accounts. Recently, I have been testing agent cabinets, after I warm them up. I spend on a prepaid basis, that is, I transfer money to the Google balance. If the account is banned, then I close it. The remaining balance returns to the bank card within 30 days.

In this case, I worked with two accounts: I bought the first one from an account seller and already tested it in other geos, so it lasted only for four days because of the currency change to KZT. I warmed up the second account on white offers for a month, and I broke even, that is, I won over the amount I’ve spent on the warm-up.


The first account was banned after four days of the campaign. The second account is ok, but its ad campaigns have received restrictions. I created a new campaign and it still hasn’t launched, so I decided to post this mini-case.

Stats in

I used only Discovery placement in Google (YouTube, Gmail)

‘Promotions’ and ‘Social’ tabs in Gmail; YouTube feed; Google Discover Feed.

The targeting issues are the same as in Facebook. I always select a wide target audience, age 45+. I don’t test any audiences and interests. Hideclick cloak. Initially, I uploaded three ads, each had five images, from two to four headlines and descriptions.

The scheme worked from the start, I’ve spent 1,450 UAH (4,030 rubles), and earned 9,100 rubles. Two ads brought leads up to UAH 30, and one at UAH 60. It was disabled, of course. Although even with such a PPL, the lead will give a 100% ROI. It’s just that there would be less traffic for this ad compared to more effective ones.

Here’s a creos that brought a 60-UAH-lead ($2.25)

I blurred the text in some places because I’ll continue to use this approach. On the right side of the picture, you can see one of the headlines and one description.

Here’s a screenshot with spends on the first day (31 July)

There was no test period. All creatives that I made from the very first campaign showed good results:

  • CR: from 0.83% to 1.13%.
  • PPL: from $1 to $2.
  • The final approve: 24%.
  • With such indicators, you can drive traffic with a 100% ROI.

I won’t post the rest of the creatives, since I will launch ads on new accounts with these approaches. The scheme works. Kazakhstan geo in Google is more loyal to advertising than the Kazakhstan audience on Facebook. Approve at will bring you a positive outcome. It’s all about launching ads correctly. Also, don’t be confused by expensive leads on the first day)

I used two approaches:

  1. Pre-landing layout with a link to the main pre-landing page.
  2. Cloak.

I wish everyone success and great turnover with good ROI.

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