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How to Make Nutra Creatives in Canva? Templates

Creatives have a direct impact on the leads count. The visuals must stand out among a dozen similar ads in the feed and catch the user’s attention. You must produce high-quality creatives en masse because the audience tends to get bored quickly and they won’t pay attention to the ad they are already familiar with.

Making a nice creative yourself is quite simple and doesn’t take much time. You can learn to make simple but highly convertible templates for the nutra creatives en masse using the Canva Online Editor. The free version includes all the tools you’ll require but the pro version also includes advanced tools that simplify operations. It also allows access to a large database of source files, fonts, effects, and graphic materials. 

Before you start, you must decide whether the creative will reflect the “pain” of the client or demonstrate the impact of the product. In this case, we will analyze the last option: we will demonstrate the impact that the audience is striving for. 

One of the popular techniques in the nutra vertical is to place the product image in the foreground. This way the audience will be able to have a good look at the product. You might also want to demonstrate the impact next to the product. By demonstrating the product and people happy with the result, we provide a direct association that speaks for itself. 

Where to Find Realistic Videos?

It is easier to catch the user’s attention if you use dynamic creatives. Typical stock stories will not create users’ trust and interest. Users will simply ignore it; it’s called banner blindness. You can find suitable videos on Pinterest. Type in the search query and view the most realistic and emotional videos. For example, you require a selfie video of a beautiful girl who applies a beauty cream. Make a query in English adding such keys as “insta”, “video”, or “stories”. Next, scroll down and click on interesting options. You might want to opt for videos with a removable background. You can download Pinterest videos here

Canva has a large library of videos on a variety of topics where you can also find the required video. They have a lot of native videos without hackneyed stock techniques. 

How to Remove Video Background?

In Canva, you can remove the background from photos and videos but this feature may not provide the required result. You must opt for the original file with no unnecessary details. We found the video with a girl with a towel on her head who applies beauty cream on beautiful and healthy skin. Now drag the video to Canva and click “Edit Video” at the top left and select the “Background Remover” tool.

You can also opt for background removal neuronet from our compilation:

How to Select Background for the Creative?

In the “Grids” tab, click on the first square and you’ll see a sample background that you can apply to any video and try out different options. 

You can also select a dynamic background. Go to the “Video” tab and select “Background”. Choose the required template by shades and dynamics.

How to Arrange Design Elements?

In this case, we will insert a video with a girl into a smartphone frame that has a more clean-cut look. To do this, go to the “Element” tab, select “Frames”, and choose the best option. Drag it to the workspace and paste it into the video frame.

Next, insert a photo of the product into the foreground. Google an image with a transparent background; if there is none, remove it yourself using the “Background Remover” tool.

In the “Animate” tab, you can adjust the animated appearance of the product. Add animated stickers but not too many. Next, go to the “Text” tab, and find a harmonious font style and effect in ready-made combinations. Here’s what we created: 

Following this principle, we made two more creatives in a few clicks. We used source files from Canva Library.

Here’s a creative for a rejuvenating cream:

Here’s a creative for a weight loss tea:

Here’s the link to the Canva templates we used.

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