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Guide on Online Tests

Have you ever wondered what affects conversion other than pre-landing pages? In today’s article, we will consider “online tests” that may provide you with top ratings in the commodity niche.


Let’s start with some theories, namely the basic concepts of traffic arbitrage. The publisher’s objective is to minimize traffic costs while maximizing the conversions count.

How to obtain prominent results?

Let us remind you of the strategies they followed in the old days (before 2010) with SMS affiliate programs, and what were the landing page types and mechanics they used. After all, no one knew of the pre-landing page concept back then. Down the line, we’ll settle on online tests — a persistent approach that provided the maximum conversions count in the SMS niche at that time. Many of you have definitely come across something like: “Take the test to find out the date of your death”, “When will I get rich?”, “When will I get married?”.

How to customize online tests for a commodity niche? We’ll consider the following topics: weight loss, anti-aging products, blood pressure treatments, and control of smoking.


Below, there’s a case of the first online weight loss test with a unique design and sophisticated content and question design.

They also added clickable items like a timer after passing the test, as if the results are processed by real people.

Once the test is complete, it returns the results like “Expertise” and “Recommendations”. You can put the following phrase in the “Expertise”:

“We analyzed your answers and concluded that your weight is abnormal, so you must normalize your weight as soon as possible. With this in mind, we have brought up individual recommendations that you must follow accurately and consistently to avoid further complications.”

And this one is for the “Recommendations”:

“Individual technique”: we recommend that you study an efficient and individual weight loss technique. Based on your answers, the weight loss experience of Anna Buneeva, who successfully applied my technique and lost 30 kg, is perfect for you.

By clicking the “View Technique” button, the user is redirected to a pre-landing page customized for the approach:


As a way of validating the conclusions, we will focus on the pressing issues that you might encounter while studying this approach to picture all its advantages.

How do these tests affect the user mentally? Why does it increase the chances that the user will purchase the product?

This approach and promotion strategy provides a high CTR as they represent an entertaining activity, rather than being just another pre-landing page. The user engages with the service first-hand and gets the impression of real-life communication with the competent expert, which affects the CR positively.

How does this strategy affect ad campaigns in ad networks?

Let’s consider technical matters and cloaking. Here are a few creos you can use:

Next, let’s consider the cloaking concept, which they implemented.

The test is powered by a script. In case the user meets the required parameters (GEO, device, OS, etc.), then after the test is complete, the script pops up the offer to visit a certain pre-landing page. In case the user does not meet the required parameters, then they are redirected to a page with a diet recommendation without any product offers. This approach allows you to avoid the ad review by the ad network.

How does this approach simplify the ad review process?

For an ad network, it’s just an online survey service, which is allowed in most traffic sources.

How does this approach allow you to obtain cheap traffic?

This approach represents a highly clickable tool, as it offers the user to become a direct participant in the research of their problem; it implies the user’s interest and their wish to take advice in dealing with their problem. The individual expert opinion allows you to obtain high clickability rates and traffic at a minimum cost per click, and a high conversion rate.

Why do online tests establish the user’s trust?

For the user, this is not just the blogger’s advice but an expert’s opinion. This improves the quality and volume of the purchases, which positively affects your earnings and reputation in the affiliate network.

What’s the “pure poetry” of this approach?

This is one of the most responsive approaches that can be adapted to any offer in any vertical.

That’s how you engage users in creative entertainment and get the opportunity to use the cloak efficiently. All this allows you to drive profitable traffic effectively and customize the product to any offer.

Here’s a list of ready-made tests for various products.You can download all online tests here:

All you have to do is to translate texts into the required language. You might as well find a way to apply these online tests in another niche or offer.

Good luck, everyone!

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