Traffic Arbitrage Misconceptions that Beginners Encounter

R.I.P., traffic arbitrage. This is the number one traffic arbitrage stereotype. It was probably back in the noughties when pioneer publishers spook out beginners with the imminent end of traffic arbitrage.

However, the niche is relevant to this day, and therefore these statements are no better than publishers’ assumptions and distress.

Today, traffic arbitrage is considered one of the most upcoming marketing dimensions around the world. Businesses choose to pay for the result, and thus, the niche is expanding and developing.

Here’s a piece of the AdIndex study that allows you to track the CPA promotion budgets increase.

New verticals and products emerge constantly, while world events often have a positive effect on the market. Like in a pandemic, when the demand for the financial, cryptocurrency, gambling, and betting verticals increased dramatically.

There are also all-time relevant verticals in traffic arbitrage, which are not in any way affected by crises or other world events. These are nutra and dating, for example, that provide persistently high demand and keep traffic arbitrage sustainable. Don’t worry, nutra lives on 😉

All-in-all, one might go on and on about traffic arbitrage relevance. The niche is consistently expanding and developing, new people pour into traffic arbitrage day by day, and webmasters are coming up with redefined promotion practices. By extension, there is no reason to believe that these are the waning days of traffic arbitrage.

According to this study, businessmen grow more and more interested in publishers’ services year by year.

One can’t Make It without Paid Training

It’s another common beginners’ misconception. Taking all things together, if the training course is developed by an experienced publishers team and provides up-to-date solid information, you won’t have any troubles studying.

However, there’s no rose without a thorn, so you might face some of the following risks upon purchase of a training course:

  • Scammers. Scammers are set up as publishers’ teams and sell irrelevant information. You might fall across an online conman or fraudster who has no plans to train you. Also, please be aware that scammers commonly offer free training, but insist that beginners buy consumables from specific sellers. After you purchase, they disappear into thin air;
  • Inflated expectations. Beginners commonly believe that paid training boosts their chances. After they waste their budget the first time, the webmaster becomes disappointed in traffic arbitrage. To prevent this from happening, remember that success depends on your skills, perseverance, and the ability to dig for information. Training doesn’t ensure an income;
  • Money spent. Studying doesn’t come for free which means you’ll have to spend part of the budget on training courses. You can seek the information yourself and save a budget for tests and practice.

You can find the better half of the information provided during training on message boards, knowledge bases, and from colleagues in chat rooms. Before purchasing, you might want to think twice about whether to spend your budget on something that you can obtain for free.

If you think that you won’t cope without a mentor, you can seek jobs as a farmer or publisher’s assistant. This way you will gain experience and skills, and study the publisher’s business inside and out.

Publisher Hoodwinks

It’s a complex issue since it affects the ethical aspect of traffic arbitrage. Yes, one might agree that some offers do not solve the user’s problem as efficiently as they claim on the landing page.

On the other hand, everyone makes their own choices whether to believe it or not. Placebo also works for some people, and therefore one can’t univocally assert that traffic arbitrage is a fraud. Besides, poor quality or overcharge tends to relate to a particular product rather than the entire industry. We carefully select offers in our affiliate program!

Of course, sometimes one might come across dirty advertisers who intend to jockey a customer. Together with publishers, we and other affiliate programs deal with this phenomenon so that such advertisers emerge in very rare cases.

Traffic arbitrage is too diverse to consider it a fraudulent niche. You choose offers to promote. If your conscience is holding you from some offers, opt for the products you trust will work as promised.

Conferences are Expendable

It’s a common misconception among those who get incorrect perspectives towards conferences.

The matter is that conferences do not represent some meetings where they report all their schemes. These are not just workshops where they teach you to earn six-figure sums or hot parties, although many do consider them in the first place.

Conferences are intended for networking. Traffic arbitrage events gather together many specialists. You can meet new people and chat with them, share your ideas and learn something new, pull out inside scoop, find reliable partners, chat with affiliate managers, and, at the end of the day, opt for Shakes, of course 😉

One may just Duplicate the Case

By definition, a case is an algorithm that might be duplicated by any reader so that they can make some money. This is what beginners think until they waste the budget with the case they duplicated.

No one will ever completely give away a profitable scheme. If so happens, the strategy will quickly become irrelevant, which means the creator won’t be able to cash on it.

Therefore, cases are being published post factum, after they become irrelevant.

But this does not mean they are useless. They represent a rundown of information that allowed a creator to earn money. Based on this data, you can develop your unique approach.

Do not duplicate the cases recklessly. By analyzing information, highlighting essential data, developing approaches based on them, and testing, you can discover a profitable scheme.

High Competition

Yes, traffic arbitrage is challenging. The key is the way a beginner perceives it.

There is competition in any niche that allows you to make money and that’s ok. Everybody wants money, many follow the trending industries, and therefore people always vie for a piece of the pie.

This means that your objective as a publisher is to take a bite of the huge market rather than swallow the whole cake. Competition in traffic arbitrage depends on your skills but it is not that challenging.

You can seek out profitable offers from affiliate companies, ad networks, and other publisher’s tools, optimize your budget and focus on niche research.

If you work hard, don’t hesitate to test new approaches, and learn something new, you will definitely be able to compete with other webmasters and eat your piece of cake.

Traffic Arbitrage is Illegal

This statement is flat wrong.

The publisher’s task is to indirectly promote the advertiser’s product. As opposed to a full-time marketing specialist, publishers utilize their budget and are paid for the result. It’s perfectly legal.

The quality of goods, logistics, customer management, and many other aspects are beyond the publisher’s competence. All they do is set up ads and collect a sales commission fee.

However, advertising prohibited products and services means violating ad policies. To be on the safe side, check the ad policies in the selected GEO before launching ads.

Publishers may also be disturbed for non-payment of taxes. If you have a regular income, you might want to contact a tax consultant and start individual entrepreneurship or register as a self-employed specialist.

It Takes Lots of Skills

It takes perseverance and determination to master new skills. To start, you’ll require some background on advertising cabinets, targeting, and design to make creatives.

You may master these skills during your training. This way you will save time and gain hands-on experience.

You may not require complex or highly tailored skills. For instance, you won’t require programming skills since the majority of web design issues can be resolved with builder services.

Online translation services and full-time specialists will help you with translations. You can make creatives even on mobile devices, while any mind map service will do for analytics.

Besides, affiliate programs often relieve publishers of technical lumber. Our specialists prepare landing and pre-landing pages, translation, and other featured materials.

All in all, you can always outsource complex technical tasks and continue to make money on traffic arbitrage.

You won’t be able to Start with a Small Budget

It’s a common misconception among those who dislike trying something new.

Traffic arbitrage does require investments but they’re not as large as a beginner might think. Your first scheme provides insights into traffic arbitrage, expertise, and understanding of the required improvements.

It may not pay off right away but it won’t work otherwise. You might not want to start with large budgets or incur debts. Make progress investments instead only when your training requires you to do so.

If you don’t have any starting budget, you may learn more about the niche and seek out jobs in publisher teams or affiliate networks. Many consider it the best way to start a career in traffic arbitrage.

Traffic Arbitrage is Not a Full-Time Occupation

It’s a misconception among those who are looking for passive income which has nothing to do with traffic arbitrage. Being a publisher means sitting in front of a computer for 12 hours a day, constantly testing new schemes, risking the budget, optimizing campaigns, and learning.

Yes, you can work remotely and adjust your schedule, but this is where your freedom ends. To earn money in traffic arbitrage, you’ll require discipline and a willingness to take responsibility for your outcome. It has nothing to do with passive income collection off of any profitable scheme you find.


These misconceptions give newcomers the wrong idea about traffic arbitrage and provoke publishers’ emotional stress. We’ve attempted to dispel the most common ones.

Don’t be sold on misconceptions. Believe in yourself.

Until next time!

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