Nutra 2022: Our Estimates

Nutra is a stable and long-familiar vertical, but it is changing like everything else. People are adapting to the post-pandemic situation, the global population is aging, and innovative engagement approaches are emerging in traffic arbitrage – all these certainly affect the vertical.🤫

We analyzed the coronavirus situation, the happenings of the year 2021, new offers, and promotion approaches and estimated what nutra is up against in 2022.

In this article, we will discuss key trends and promising approaches. Here goes!

Aging Population

The average age of users is increasing year to year, which will result in vertical rebalancing. Some offers will become more popular which means you’ll have to thoroughly customize targeting to promote certain products.

Let’s take a closer look at each category:

  • Potency products. If the aging issue manifests itself, the basic vector will shift to prostate treatments;
  • Weight loss products. You might want to start adapting landing pages and creatives promoting healthwise and family preservation products, rather than eye-catching good looks;
  • Hypertension treatments. Most likely, the demand for such offers will grow. Before launching ads, check the average age of the population and life expectancy in the selected region;
  • Anti-aging products. They will become more relevant, as the target audience will grow which may result in a competition. Therefore it is important to highlight the additional benefits of the product by the type of skin turnover, hydration, and protection against rapid change of temperature;
  • Joint treatments. They are expected to emerge full-blown like anti-aging products. Elderly’s joints are sensitive to weather changes and start acting up, so it is important to underline the immediate effect of the treatment;
  • Vision aids. Vision improvement offers have proven to be effective and trending in 2021, which again points out a population aging. You might want to try this category because it’s effective;

Specific products. Treatment for psoriasis, diabetes, alcoholism, and other issues will remain relevant in 2022. People are not protected against such diseases, regardless of age.

So, How Do I Work with It?

Global population aging is good for the nutra vertical. If you want your campaigns to bring more leads, check the average age of the population in the region and customize your creatives where applicable.

If the average age is 45-50, place older people on creatives and landing pages. In ad texts, underline the immediate effect of the treatment, increase credibility with user content and expert commentary, and appeal to the customers’ “pain”.

Creative showpiece.

You might also want to track pioneer products for certain age groups. For example, nobody expected visual aids to be profitable, but such offers broke into the top. New top products may emerge in 2022, so you might want to be ready.

Competition in Tier-1

There are several issues with Tier-1 that make it more profitable to drive traffic in other regions.

Here’s what happened in Tier-1:

  • High competition. The price of traffic is going up, and the audience was already burned out when the pandemic started back in 2020;
  • Erosion of purchasing power. Many users are still having termless vacations due to the coronavirus;
  • Reduced redemptions. The user might be enforced on lockdown or quarantine. If that case, the goods will not be redeemed;
  • Demotivation. Most users are familiar with publishers’ offers. To promote products effectively, you need to re-examine your approaches.

Due to these issues, webmasters and advertisers began to develop new GEOs. In 2021, they’ve proven to be more efficient than the Tier-1 region and will remain trending in the coming years.

What GEOs should I Focus On?

Advertisers are now focusing on India and Latin America.

If you recollect our top ten offers of 2021, you’ll see that most of them were customized to Latin America. The region has proven to be profitable, and it is now subject to dynamic development.


As we have mentioned before, the world is adapting amid pandemics. Governments are introducing sanitary cards and QR codes, developing and promoting vaccines.

People gradually get on with normalcy, which is good news for e-marketing.

In case no outbreaks occur in 2022, or no new virus strains appear, the purchasing power and approval rate will increase within all verticals.

What Factors should I Consider?

Before launching ads, check the coronavirus situation in the selected GEO. If the situation is stabilized and the majority of the population is vaccinated, then your opportunities will get bigger.

On the contrary, if they introduce new restrictions, track prices on landing pages and compare them with the household income. Coronavirus affects purchasing ability, so users are smarter about their spendings during a quarantine.

Engagement & New Opportunities

Attracting users with the common storytelling or a by-liner about an “innovative drug” is challenging. In other verticals, they have already solved it with gamification, and it’s likely it shall be applied in the nutra as well.

You might want to add clickable items in creatives and landing pages, which will retain the user and cause his/her interest. Polls, quizzes, tests, mini-games, and spinners attract more visitors than common landing pages.

Here’s a showpiece of a good approach despite its nutra irrelevance.

How do I Master and Apply Gamification?

It’s important to seek unborrowed approaches and formats interesting for the target public. For example, young people are more likely to respond to a mini-game, while older people are more likely to respond to a quiz.

Don’t forget about the timing: how much time the user may spend interacting with a clickable item? You might not want the process to be longer than 3-5 minutes, otherwise, the user will grow bored and leave the page.

Also, hire a coder on the team, or create similar items in the website builders. Place them on the home screen of the landing page and include a survey or quiz in the creative.


Despite its stability, the nutra vertical is changing. It is essential to monitor the development of the vertical and respond to market changes in time which will help you maintain the performance of your campaigns. Be guided by our 2022 forecast and follow marketing developments. It will allow you to refine the push and pull strategy.

Have a nice profit!

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