TikTok Traffic Arbitrage: How to Work with Nutra & Commodities?

Gone are the days when the platform was regarded as entertainment for children and young people. Today, the Chinese social network ranks among the top ten apps in the App Store and Google Play. There was no way we could’ve passed over such a piece.

In this article, we will analyze the TikTok traffic arbitrage milestones and the TT audience’s profile.

TikTok is a social network with visual content individually selected for each user by special algorithms. That is, you just have to spend a few hours in TT for it to start offering you the content you’ll be interested in.

Age Audience

When TikTok just started to win over the great interwebs, the age of its users ranged from 14-17 years. Today, this category still makes up a majority on the platform, but TT outreach has grown dramatically since then. According to the Business of Apps Portal, in 2020 TikTok was downloaded 850 million times, and in Q2 2021 the app download count reached 3 billion. But there is more to come. 

The Sostav.ru Portal refers to analytical forecasts stating that this year TikTok is to break at least two records: by global downloads count which will likely exceed 3 billion and by user spending thanks to in-app purchases — $9B.

TikTok representatives report 500 million active users with 14 million well-situated adults. The highest content consumption factor accrues to both the United States and Europe. In France, the number of active users per month amounts to 4 million with 3.7 million in the UK.

As for Russia, the Out Digital Agency reported the following figures as of March 2021:

On average, users open TikTok App six or seven times a day and spend at least 52 minutes in the app. Every month, Russians view about eight billion videos in total.

What Formats of Paid-For Ads are Available on TikTok?

Арбитраж в TikTok

Before diving into the nuances of ad cabinet settings, let’s indicate ad formats available on the platform:

  • In-feed Native Videos are clips from 5 to 60 seconds long appearing in the feed;
  • TopView is an app-opening video banner of up to 60 seconds;
  • Hashtag Challenge is a banner displayed in the “For You” feed with a branded challenge hashtag;
  • Brand Takeover also stands for an app-opening banner: it might either be represented by a 3-5-seconds clip or a picture displayed for 3 seconds.

TikTok Traffic Arbitrage: What to Prepare Before Launching Ads?

To start with, you can create a website. It must be mobile-friendly as the vast majority of people use the social network from smartphones. Plus, it must not freeze, because the most annoying thing there is when your creo works well and drives traffic but people can’t view your webpage because of slow loading.   

You might also want to enable analytics like Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica.

Traffic Specifics

In TikTok, you don’t have to pay for promotion; any user can reach their unique audience free of charge. It’s all about the platform’s system of recommendations, where every uploaded clip gets featured sooner or later. If it ranks high, it’s promoted automatically. That’s where all these millions of views and likes come from.

TikTok Traffic Arbitrage: How to Set Up an Ad Campaign?

If you plan to promote with TT tools, then first you must create a TikTok Ads account. The signup form is standard, so you won’t have any trouble signing up. Besides, the ad cabinet interface is similar to FB*.  

Next, you must specify the advertising objective which might be as follows:

  • “Awareness” affects the visibility of the product by expanding the users’ outreach;
  • “Consideration” raises the product profile;
  • “Conversions” require no explanation; this objective encourages people to bring conversions to the website.
Арбитраж в TikTok

Specify the budget. You can specify a daily budget or you can make it a lifetime budget for the campaign.

Арбитраж в TikTok

Specify the placement like “TikTok” or others.

Арбитраж в TikTok

In the Advertising Objective Section, you can select the traffic destination — to the website or app. In the former case, you’ll have an option to insert a destination URL. To be able to analyze the ad campaign, you must add UTM tags.   

Generally speaking, it’s a snap: there are a lot of guides for creating an ad cabinet and campaign on TikTok. One example is a step-by-step guide on ad cabinet creation.

We won’t comment on it but rather tell you where to drive TikTok traffic in 2022.

Traffic Arbitrage on TikTok in 2022: Where & How to Drive Traffic?

Here’s a list of hot topics to focus on:  

  • Branded clothing & footwear: you can raise young audiences’ interest in a certain brand with the help of bloggers. By the way, many brands like Puma, Lamoda, or Guess are TikTok’s official partners with their number growing year by year;
  • Electronics: new gadgets and devices consistently resonate with teenagers;
  • Fashion jewelry & beauty care products: focus on young audiences; anti-aging products won’t work in this case. Also, be sure to follow the trends and creatively present the material.

Now, we turn to part two of the topic. 

There are many options to drive traffic from this network, like YAN (Yandex Advertising Network), for example. Yandex.Direct is among the foremost loopholes that allow you to show videos for up to 15 minutes right in the user’s feed. You can add a live link to the ad or use images instead of videos. Yandex will overlay the audio track and create a video.

Also, don’t forget to promote your account as well since all the videos you upload are featured in the recommendations feed sooner or later. Even one clip may drive a great many likes or clicks. To get featured in recommendations, you must follow trends, post catchy videos, maintain user activity, participate in challenges, etc.

Blogger ads are also an option for traffic arbitrage. For example, you can post a temporary link to your landing page in a blogger’s profile or put a live link to a landing or a pre-landing page in your profile and ask the blogger to feature your account in their video description. Just remember to evaluate the performance of such an ad placement method since you pay for it.  

Traffic Arbitrage on TikTok: How to Keep It Simple?

You can opt for agent accounts we offer at LeadRock Tech to massively simplify your TikTok experience, expand the GEOs list, and be on the safe side in case the account is locked. LeadRock partners can have it at no additional fee. The minimum wallet deposit is $100. Some of the perks we offer are fast pre-moderation and the option to get advice from our specialists. We only work with white products. You’ll find more in the Telegram channel.

In conclusion, there’re a few tips to help you avoid common mistakes and get more traffic from TikTok.

  • Fill out your account carefully: do not forget to feature your social media and cut links;
  • Post interesting vertical videos, participate in flash mobs and challenges regularly;
  • Use tags but keep it less than five tags per video;
  • If you are promoting a gray offer, switch to the Pro Status. This way, you’ll be able to track people’s reactions to the video; 
  • In case you use paid promotion, do not forget about side tools to test and track ad campaigns;
  • Make your videos look life-like; it doesn’t matter whether you work from your account or via PC;  
  • Use SPY services to study competitors’ campaigns, so you can discover top creatives and avoid common mistakes. 

What Offers to Choose?

Mention the TIKTOK codeword to your account manager and get bumps for your offers!


Generally speaking, TikTok is a very promising source for traffic arbitrage. In the coming years, users will embrace it even more. If you wise up to this social network, you can make an ROI of 150% EZ but there’s more to come. So go ahead and good luck!

*Banned in the Russian Federation.

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