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Nutra Creatives Checklist

What’s the best part about health and beauty offers? They solve the most pressing issues of mankind; most people strive to lose weight, build up their health, stay young, or fix their sex life. This vertical attracts many webmasters but a few of them actually manage to make a profit. It is often the case that creatives are inefficient. What to know about a good CR? Let’s find out below👇

Static vs Video Creatives

There’s no simple answer to what’s best: each GEO requires an individual approach. Many use both video creatives and static banners. Creative’s composition is the key: it must comply with the pre-landing page.

Product is King

Start with the product display by putting the product image up front in the creative. This will allow the potential customer to have a better look at the product and a sense of what they’re buying.

Here’s a creative by the Ads Instinct Team in the LuckyOnline Affiliate Program.

You can improve creatives using different scenarios: 

  • Place the product image up front and demonstrate its effect;
  • The classic “before/after” approach also demonstrates excellent results in various configurations;
  • Deals and perks work great in some GEOs;
  • You can use all of the above together to obtain a creative with an even greater CR.

For the aged audience, you might want to point up a quick and long-term effect in the creative’s text, backing it with experts’ and celebrities’ opinions.

The Same Creatives May Perform Well with Various Offers

Yes, it’s a frequent occurrence in nutra vertical. For example, the potency treatment creatives also work well for prostatitis offers. Creative’s composition is the key. If it works with potency treatment offers, then there’s a good chance it will provide good results with related offers.

Competitors’ vs Custom-Made Creatives

We recommend opting for custom creatives: they have a higher CTR and inspire customers’ interest. So, they provide more clicks with a lower CPC.

It is unlikely that a competitor’s creative will work just as well — it may be worn out or underperform within your promotion scheme. However, they are good for inspiration and ideas: you can study/analyze competitors’ banners and customize them to your liking.

Translate & Abridge Creatives for Each GEO

High-quality ad text translation makes a successful promotion scheme. If you neglect translation services, you may alienate the customer causing them to mistrust the product thereby reducing the approval rate. 

If you are not confident about the translation of ad text, you might want to opt for native speakers’ assistance or translation service in the required GEO, or an affiliate program that has a call center with native speakers in each GEO.

Contact the LuckyOnline account manager to commission a translation or abridging of creatives and other materials.

How to Improve Creative’s Performance?

The rule of thumb is to be creative and study the needs, wishes, and problems of the target audience. By choosing the correct approach, you’ll be able to make unique creos that will improve the ad campaign performance and provide you with a well-deserved profit.

Learn more about the efficient approaches and the pains of the target audience in our guides

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