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Nutra Vs Gambling: What’s Best?

Is it trends or promotion schemes that work best? Nutra and gambling are one of the most popular and profitable verticals in traffic arbitrage. Both verticals can provide excellent income but which one is better and why?

Hereby, we compared both verticals by key factors for the webmaster to find out which one is more convenient and profitable. We studied offers, costs, consumables, traffic sources, audience, seasonality, and many other factors.

Here goes!

Offers Variety

Webmaster’s success largely depends on the variety of offers: the more offers there are, the higher the chance of discovering fresh ones that provide more conversions.

In this case, nutra is obviously the best!

Nutra’s offers count is large given that there are categories with hundreds and thousands of products within the vertical. In the gambling vertical, you can only find gambling offers and related products while there are numerous products for beauty and health in the nutra vertical.

The nutra vertical is extensive and provides many more various offers than the gambling vertical.

Entry Threshold

Now let’s see which vertical is best for beginners!

We’ll analyze both verticals by the following key factors:

  • Promotion challenges. It’s easier to work with the nutra vertical: the requirements for an account’s credibility are less strict. Also, it is allowed in many GEOs and the advertisers’ requirements are less strict than those in gambling.
  • Traffic price. Traffic price depends on GEO but there is an obvious trend for fresh Tier-3 GEOs in both verticals: commonly, it’s Asia or LATAM.
  • Consumables. You’ll learn more about consumables costs in the following section but here’s a spoiler: the nutra is cheaper.
  • Technical matters. Recently, gambling became more effective with apps but to work with them, you must have certain skills. It’s easier with the nutra because you can just use ready-made landing pages.
  • Turnover rate. If you work by the Revshare strategy in gambling, it is difficult to forecast when a player will make a deposit. On the other hand, payout delay is common in the nutra vertical so that advertisers can verify the quality of traffic.

Nutra is more suitable for beginners: it is easier to promote and the budget and skills requirements are less challenging.

Tools & Consumables

Consumables affect both budget and the challenges/specifics of your work.

Each vertical implies certain consumables. For instance, you will use accounts, proxies, domains, and an anti-detect browser in the nutra vertical while gray offers will also require a cloak.

In gambling and in case you work with apps, you’ll require the apps, profiles in the stores, and the cloak.

If you promote gambling offers on Facebook and Google without apps, you’ll require a similar set as for the nutra but you’ll also require accounts with higher credibility.

Besides, there is less risk of wasting consumables in the nutra compared to gambling app promotion. The reason for that is simple: when an app is banned, all related accounts are banned as well. As for nutra, they just ban the domain and account.

To sum up, consumables for nutra are cheaper and less troublesome.

Target Audience

Let’s compare the target audience in both verticals!

We’ll start with the nutra:

  • GEO. The nutra products are consumed all over the world so you can find advertisers in almost any GEO.
  • Age and gender. Nutra offers cover almost all age segments: most often, these are people of the age of 30+. The majority of the target audience is women.
  • Solvency. You can promote nutra offers in countries with low solvency: for instance, in Africa or LATAM. The vertical provides excellent profit due to traffic volumes, although the average purchase size is low.
  • Motivation. People purchase nutra products because they want to solve specific health and beauty issues.

The extensive and diverse audience of the nutra offers covers many segments with the users motivated to purchase.

In gambling, the situation is different:

  • GEO. Gambling also covers a lot of GEOs but in general, gambling has more limitations than the nutra in the majority of countries.
  • Age and gender. Gambling enthusiasts are commonly men between the age of 20 to 45. Women and older audiences do not gamble much.
  • Solvency. If you work by Revshare strategy, solvency is crucial. If you work by the CPA strategy, you must monitor the quality of traffic so that the audience makes a minimum deposit.
  • Motivation. In Tier-1 countries, people gamble for entertainment. In Tier-2, 3 countries, they gamble for easy money and bonuses.

Promoting gambling offers is more expensive and it also may be more challenging to obtain conversions. Of course, a lot depends on the terms of the offer and approach of a particular webmaster but in general, the nutra audience is more loyal and provides higher traffic volume while being consistently motivated.

Traffic Sources

Generally, such major platforms as Google, Facebook, and TikTok are good for both verticals. Of course, you will have to learn how to bypass reviews but these platforms are efficient and work well.

However, in gambling, you can drive traffic via apps: in this case, the casino platform is packed in a simple app with a cloak to bypass a review.

This tool is efficient and complex but if you master it, you can obtain excellent traffic volumes. Besides, the apps do great with audience retention as they are displayed on the device desktop.

On the other hand, you can promote nutra offers in less expensive and complex sources. For instance, you can promote nutra offers in native, push, or teaser networks and other similar traffic sources.

It provides more promotion opportunities and saves money because the ad policy requirements of such platforms are less strict.


The last thing we’d like to mention is the seasonality influence on both verticals.

Seasonality does good for both nutra and gambling verticals. In gambling, it manifests itself close to major holidays: as a rule, demand increases significantly during this time. Also, there are no unprofitable seasons; gambling offers work well all year around.

There are also some “evergreen” categories such as potency, weight loss, or rejuvenation products in the nutra vertical. But demand may fluctuate depending on the season: for example, weight loss products are more relevant during summer.


It’s time to summarize!

Although nutra vertical is best by the majority of factors, this does not mean that gambling is not an option.

Both verticals may bring significant profits but the nutra is less complicated for beginners: it is less challenging, requires fewer skills, and allows you to get the hang of a variety of offers. Gambling, on the other hand, is best for advanced webmasters who are prepared for high competition.

We hope that this article will help you choose your best vertical.

Good luck!

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