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How to Optimize Ad Campaign?

Ad campaign optimization is the first step toward increasing your revenue. However, it should be done in such a way that you won’t lose traffic or profit. In this article, we will figure out how to optimize an ad campaign this way.

What does Optimization Include & When to Start?

Optimization includes following steps:

  • Cutting off unprofitable pages by generating black lists;
  • Adding converting pages to white lists;
  • Replacing/disabling ineffective landing pages;
  • Testing creatives and selecting the ones with higher and the lower CR;
  • Making various creatives and conducting A/B testing.

AC optimization provides more profit, that is, you gradually narrow the target audience, opting for creatives with higher CR. However, this process has its final: the schemes become irrelevant as the TA gets used to your ads. So, you might want to test new creos and approaches.

One can’t just say: “Start optimizing when you spend three times the lead cost.” There is no specific time for this. For example, there were cases with teaser traffic when webmasters spent half the conversion cost and nothing came out of it, but when they spent another half, they received three leads at once.

It’s less complicated with FB and UAC: you just have to wait about seven days for the algorithm to learn, and then you can start optimizing your ad campaign.

ROI Above All

What comes first — CTR or CR? ROI comes first. This parameter is most important.

ROI depends on two indicators: CR and CTR. The lower the CR, the lower the ROI. The higher the CTR, the more traffic you buy, therefore, you get more data to analyze and optimize.

Test Creatives

Make 3-5 creatives and launch a campaign. After a while, you will see which one works best, and which one does not provide any conversions. It doesn’t make sense to use creative with zero outcome.

There are two options:

  1. a) Discard a failed ad;
  2. b) Add elements from top creatives to the ad.

Add a couple of elements from well-performing creative to ineffective one. Perhaps, a new ad will work.

Make Various Creatives

This method allows you to kill two birds with one stone: you can optimize and scale up the AC at once. What is this method about? It’s about making a few variations of the creative that has proven best. Change only a single parameter: text, icon, image, or something else. If you make a few changes at once, you won’t be able to calculate what works best.

Here is how you can vary push notifications:

If you don’t want to make creatives yourself, contact your account manager and provide the TDA. It will be forwarded to the creative specialist, and he/she will make the ads you ordered.

Keep in mind that you have to work with a user base when it comes to push ads. As time goes by, your user base will gradually narrow down. You can optimize the ad campaign, but by this time the ad will become irrelevant to the user base.

Use the Tracker

Tracker is of the biggest value to a publisher. Detailed analytics and rules customization – these two features will help to pull 80% of the schemes.

The Profitov.Partners webmasters opt for Keitaro and Binom. By the example of the latter, we will demonstrate a minor part of the tracker’s features to help you be successful.

Binom also provides information on profitable and unprofitable operating systems. You can turn off the OS with fewer conversions and keep part of the budget safe. Besides, the tracker provides two- and three-level analytics.

For example:

  • Offer – all;
  • GEO – USA;
  • Traffic source – AdCash.

Tracker is indispensable when optimizing the AC because you can adjust rules there. For example, residents of Azerbaijan are forwarded to one landing page, while residents of Kazakhstan are forwarded to another from a single ad. The rules allow you to find a more profitable combination for each GEO.

Generate Black & White Lists

When working with push ads and teasers, they generate white and black lists. Contact your account manager in the affiliate network and find out if they provide them or not. In the latter case, you will have to generate it yourself.

The tracker provides statistics on all websites, you just have to decide which ones to remove. Generate a list of non-profitable pages and add them to the black list in the traffic source. Add pages that provide conversions to the white list.

Do Not Touch the Settings While the Algorithm is Learning

In Facebook*, TikTok, and UAC, the algorithm selects the right target audience, so you just have to wait a week till you can make any conclusions. As the algorithm discovers the target audience, the conversion rate will increase.

If you change at least one parameter in the AC, the algorithm will start learning again and may jump the track.

Use the AN/Source Data

Sometimes it’s possible to optimize the ad campaign before it starts. For example, an affiliate program may share landing pages that worked best for a particular offer. Profitov.Partners telegram bot allows you to select a landing page from several suggested ones.

In some cases, the traffic source may provide information about the audience. For example, Facebook* Audience Insights knows your target audience more than they do know themselves. Gender, age, M/F ratio — all this and more is available to you with the Audience Insights.

If you haven’t created an ad yet, you’ll be able to check your target audience anyway. Facebook calculated that the ratio of women and men who’d like to play “casino games” is 50/50.


So, we hereby have optimized the ad campaign. Now is the time to scale it up, but we’ll talk about this in our next article.

Meanwhile, our affiliate managers are here to help you optimize your ad campaign. They will advise you on improvements, and creatives that don’t work, and assist you during all stages of work.

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*By Meta (declared extremist organization and banned in Russia).

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