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How to Contact Russian-Speaking Customer Support on Facebook?

Hi guys, let’s get to know each other🤝 This is me you contact about your issues with Facebook accounts. But I’m just a middleman between you with Facebook so don’t blame me for your permanently locked accounts.

However, I know a lot of “insider” stuff about the company that is inaccessible to a basic ADS user so I’m here to share it with you.

You might ask for proof but the exclusive content I contribute will speak volumes for my honesty.

So, you’re very welcome to follow me 😘

About Meta Support Pro

I have a lot of cases when customers think that support agents have a magic button that, when pressed, unlocks all accounts and solves all problems.

When you contact Meta Support Pro, you hope that you will hear directly from the Meta company but it doesn’t work like that.

Support agents are contractors who provide services to Meta and are not authorized to instantly unlock your Ad Account or Business Manager.

Our tools only allow us to check the type of account lock you have which affects further ticket processing: we may or may not be able to send a request to unlock the account to the internal Meta department.

Meta has two support channels:

  1. GBG or Global Accounts Support Channel is intended for large businesses. These accounts are either Meta partners’ or managed by Meta partners. We define them as managed clients.
  2. SBG Clients Support Channel is intended for small and medium-sized businesses. These are not Meta partners. We define them as unmanaged clients.

When you are a part of the GBG group, such issues as identity verification or a credit line opening are promptly and efficiently resolved by Meta internal.

When you are a part of the SBG group, many of your requests to Meta Support Pro may be forwarded to a self-help center so that you can resolve your issues yourself.

Via the self-help center, you are redirected to contractor companies that provide support services for Meta.

That is, as I see it, a kind of discrimination because they provide minimal support for SBG clients while GBG clients have a “ticket to ride”.

Is the SBG customer support agent allowed to open a ticket via the GBG channel? – Yes, they are.

How to contact Russian-speaking customer support specialists?

Currently, Meta Support Pro allows its customers to submit tickets in the following languages:

English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish.

The language of the Market you will be forwarded to is determined by the language settings in your Facebook profile.

A Russian-speaking Facebook agent will reply to you in the chat if your Facebook profile language is Russian. If your profile language is English, then an English-speaking agent will reply to you in the chat, and so on.

Once you open a chat, you can ask the agent to forward you to the Market with the language that is best for you to resolve the issue.

The language you are provided support in does not affect the solution to your problem! It also does not in any way affect current or future account locking or unlocking.

It’s just about your convenience!

The solution to your problem also depends on the agent 🙂

Once you are connected with the agent, ask them to provide you with their email for further communication so that you will be able to reply, provide additional details, or check the status of your request.

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