SEO in Gambling & Betting

In the non-CIS market, SEO is an important traffic source that amounted to $80 billion in 2020. In Western countries, competition in this niche of traffic arbitrage is much higher than in Russia and the CIS. After all, it is difficult to find a player interested in slots or betting more than someone who is seeking it intentionally. In this article, you’ll learn how to work with SEO traffic in 2022 and what you’ll require!

SEO Traffic in 2022

The SEO traffic market has grown significantly since March 2022. One may think that they won’t require large expenses to attract a target audience from the SERP. After all, what is there to spend the budget on if the user enters the search query intentionally? But it’s not like that. You must optimize and customize the website, and fill it with content.

What are the advantages of SEO for webmasters?

  • Large volumes of traffic that can be redirected to the landing page;
  • Relatively low cost loading: it’s higher with PPC ads;
  • Constant traffic volumes.

But you might not want to expect an immediate result. According to the SEO.Akademiya research, the initial optimization results will be available in 3-4 weeks, but the website may be featured in the SERP TOP only in 2-3 months or later. And you’ll still have to pay analysts, programming specialists, and copywriters for their work. The average payback period is about 3-4 months. But some SEO specialists may give it a year or a year and a half. The fundamental objective of an SEO specialist is to make this period as short as possible.

One of the options for attracting SEO traffic is creating several websites. It is argued that earnings are directly related to investments. The more websites you’ll create, the higher the chance you’ll attract more users. However, in 2022, the text quality is becoming crucial! You can save yourself the trouble if you fill the website with high-quality content. High-quality means the content that is approved by search engines and meets all the requirements: spamminess, keywords, length, headers, and much more.

Dealing with advertisers is another point at issue. Not all advertisers approve of branded traffic. Many of them consider such users as a nicked part of their website visitors. To put it simply, it may look like a publisher creates a website pool for the “Some Casino” offer. These are one-pagers that are filled with content, optimized for SEO, and regularly updated. Such websites are featured in the SERP TOP but this way original “Some Casino” links drop down. Substantially, SEO optimization may help you sell advertisers their own organic traffic captured when the query is entered. So, you must arrange this with the advertiser before you start working for them.

Important! To work with branded traffic, you must outclass the original website. This means you must excel the original, which will require high-quality texts approved by the system.

How to Manage the Semantic Kernel?

A correctly combined semantic kernel will allow you to attract a solvent audience to the resource. The “Mostbet play casino” query will bring more profit than “Mostbet free bonuses”. There are services to help you combine semantic kernel like Key Collector, Wordstat, Keyword Planner, and others. It’s optimal to select keywords with a frequency of up to 3,000-6,000 symbols. Then it will be easier to break into the SERP due to fewer competitors.

Does the Publisher Require the Copywriter’s Help or They Can Handle It Themselves?

Yes, they do, and you must include these costs in the initial budget. In 2018 you could reach the TOP by just complying with their requirements but in 2022, the system also evaluates the quality of the content. Texts must be unique, elaborate on the topic, and follow the narrative logic; texts must not duplicate information. The text must also be “humanized”. If the search engine identifies a synonymizer or if your copywriter cheats, you can say goodbye to the top ten in SERP.

How to Increase SEO Revenue in Gambling & Betting?

On-site advertising is a good way to increase revenue if you place TOP casinos on the website you create and sell the top positions to specific companies. You can also publish typical or shocking reviews with big wins from the brand.

Don’t forget to set up push notifications and newsletters. No matter how long they have been neglected among the publishers, push notifications and newsletters still demonstrate great performance as a target audience booster.

Tips for Yandex & Google SEO

Here are some ground rules for working with gambling SEO in the Yandex:

  • The search engine comprehends the semantic kernel very well. This will require not just a rewriting but text research and semantic uniquelization. You’ll have to pay extra for this since you must hire a copywriter who is familiar with the gambling and betting niche;
  • All images must be unique. In the ideal case, you must hire a designer, but adding new elements to the picture will work as well;
  • In case your website is featured in Yandex.Zen or Yandex.Q, then the search engine will promote it automatically.

And here are some tips for Google SEO:

  • Google loves compelling long reads with lots of subheadings;
  • Academic spamminess must not exceed 9% according to Advego.SEO service. This means you must not spam with keywords or this will drop the website in the SERP;
  • To create an attractive snippet, make up a catchy title and description. In this case, all copywriter’s or rewriter’s best efforts must be driven to this objective;
  • New websites must contain outlinks.

You might also want to consider Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. They perform well in the non-CIS market. But you’ll have to find top-performing GEOs for yourself as people from different countries have different needs and habits.

And, of course, be ready for bans. Hence the reliance on a huge amount of prepared websites and teamwork. Don’t hesitate to contact customer support when the website is blocked and insist on their injustice.


Gambling and betting SEO works similarly to other niches. The key is to be familiar with the matter and industry when copywriting and combining the semantic kernel. If you make a proper optimization, this will allow you to break into the SERP TOP in a couple of months. Don’t miss out on other Mostbet Partners guides and tips to stay profitable!

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