Emergency Exit: How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency from Affiliate Program?

Today, some conventional cash flows are being interrupted by restrictions or blockages. Many users are seeking out independent financial flows and switching to cryptocurrency. In this article, you’ll learn how to withdraw funds from the AP in cryptocurrency. We’ll also explain how to use crypto wallets and how to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money.


One can conveniently classify crypto services into three groups: 

  1. Crypto markets allow you to store cryptocurrency and exchange it for fiat money. 
  2. Crypto wallets allow you to store cryptocurrency.
  3. Crypto exchangers carry out cryptocurrency exchange operations for fiat money, which is a national currency.  

Binance Crypto Market

Binance is the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and infrastructure vendor in the cryptocurrency industry with a set of financial products, which include the largest digital asset trading market.

How to Sign Up?

Start with selecting your country of residence.

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Enter the required information and create an account. To unlock cryptocurrency exchange, confirm your account. They may ask for your ID, multi-factor authentication, your photo with the ID, email, and phone number.

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Funds Deposit & Crypto Wallet ID

To deposit funds to the Binance wallet or find the wallet ID which you can use to transfer funds as the cryptocurrency, go to the Wallet tab — Fiat and spot.

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Since now we’re talking about cryptocurrency deposits, find a Deposit button in the Fiat and spot tab.

Вывести средства в крипте
  • In the tab that opens, select the currency to replenish your wallet. In the LeadRock AP, you can replenish your wallet in USDT format.
  • Select the required network (the TRX Tron (TRC20) network for LeadRock).
  • At the bottom, you will see your wallet ID. Copy wallet ID and send it to your affiliate manager.
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When the AP withdraws funds to your crypto wallet, they will be transferred to the spot – cryptocurrency – account. When it comes to spot trading, all transactions are carried out between the buyer and the seller only. Each trader is entitled to submit his/her request (order) to purchase or sell an asset, or to accept an order from another market player.

If you want to replenish your wallet with fiat funds, go to the Deposit fiat funds tab.

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Next, complete the standard replenishment procedure via a bank card or other available replenishment method.

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How to Withdraw Funds from Binance?

Before you withdraw funds, make sure that they are available for trading on the exchange. To do this, transfer funds from a fiat or spot wallet to an account available for buying/selling cryptocurrency. To do this, go to WalletFiat and spot, click Transfer, and transfer funds from the spot/fiat wallet for replenishment.

To withdraw money from the Binance Platform, go to the Trading tab – P2P. Select the cryptocurrency that you are going to exchange for fiat money.

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You can also filter the funds acquiring method. Select the withdrawal method (you must add a convenient withdrawal method to your account in advance and select its currency). You can also specify the required amount to withdraw. The system will filter brokers who will carry out the exchange for fiat funds.

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Select a broker based on his orders count and the ratio of executed orders. Pay attention to the limits set by brokers.

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Then click Sell and go to the transactions section. Within a few minutes, the broker will transfer funds to your wallet or bank card. Confirm receipt of the funds and the transaction will be closed.

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Trust Crypto Wallet

The Trust Wallet allows you to purchase, store cryptocurrency, work with NFTs, and much more. To access the wallet, download the app to your smartphone and sign up. 

Cryptocurrency inbound/outbound transfer and exchange operations will become available to you. To deposit funds to the wallet, go to the Trading tab – P2P. To withdraw funds from LeadRock AP, select the USDT currency and the TRC20 network.

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You will see the data on your crypto wallet on the screen. Your affiliate manager will help you to carry out transfer operations.

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The app does not support cryptocurrency/fiat exchange operations but you can opt for third-party exchangers like BestChange Crypto Exchanger, for example.

BestChange Crypto Exchanger

BestChange monitors exchange points and, according to its statement, will help you quickly exchange money online with minimum losses related to exchangers’ commissions.

Вывести средства в крипте
  • Select the exchange point and specify the currency and fiat currency you would like to exchange your funds to.
  • Select a broker depending on the exchange rate and limits.
  • Follow the link, enter your wallet ID and card details for withdrawal.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete and confirm it.
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If you are dead set against digital crypto wallets, then you might want to consider the cold crypto wallet. These are portable crypto wallets presented, for example, as a flash drive, which is stored offline being the best hacker-resistant option. For example, you can consider Ledgerwalletrussia‘s cold crypto wallets.


When selecting tools for cryptocurrency operations, choose the platform carefully and track news to be the first to learn about updates. Cryptocurrency is more convenient and safer than you may think, especially when cash flows are unstable.

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