Case: XtraVision Offer with Facebook Ads and $9,850 Profit

When things go bad => try Whitehat

What if it was a gift shop?

Product details:

XtraVision (ex-DealVision) glasses have adjustable lenses that allow you to see well into the distance and in close-up. These glasses are best for those who suffer from both myopia and hyperopia. It’s a great solution for people who use different glasses, for example, for reading and for driving. Now it can be replaced with a pair of adjustable glasses. Thus, you can easily determine the target audience.

Target audience:

35+ y.o. M/F with no interests (every person in a digital society has trouble seeing, regardless of the occupation. At the same time, few people are seriously interested in this topic compared to weight loss, etc. So, ‘interests’ are unnecessary).

Landing pages and promo materials:

Leadrock Offer Card  (temporarily suspended) offers five versions of the landing page. I identified a clear leader during testing. Here’s the landing page: Important: the landing page statistics in the affiliate program include all promo clicks/leads. Hence, it is often irrelevant to a specific traffic source. Don’t rely on system data, even though the promo has ‘top’ status. Always contact the manager for up-to-date info.

Remember that borrowing a ready-made landing page from an affiliate program might not work. Even if you think it’s ‘white’ and safe, you need to carry out a series of manipulations with the landing page to secure the traffic. You’ll find more information on this below.

Facebook Ads Profiles and Accounts:

In the traffic driving process, I’ve tested various profiles and ad accounts. I’ve started with cheap autoregs and then proceeded to farm profiles manually (that was the choice). These are accounts that have been farmed for a month (a complete set, including cookies, social activity, actual phone number, and a tangible SIM card). Yes, these accounts are expensive, but they are sustainable, and they’ve paid off. Anyway, the screenshots say it all.

Experience has proven that slow and long-term traffic driving is best for whitehat offers. So, buyers always focus on accounts and farming. Due to the low long-term ROI, you can make a profit only by increasing the volume. You can’t extensively increase the volume (the number of accounts) of a white product. Therefore, it would be better to focus on the quality of accounts. Try to bring the ad account to the highest possible spending.


There’s an easy way to make creatives: look through SPY services as others do, think carefully and make your own creative. Generally, there are few Facebook Ads on ophthalmology and glasses. But there are many entertaining videos ‘as seen on TV’ (this is what they call the product offers that were popular in TV shops).

When you work with a ‘white’ tangible offer, it’s crucial to find out the ORIGINAL product name. Affiliates/Advertisers often rebrand the offer and name the product differently. When you search for materials, you might want to use the original product name.

For example, if you search for DealVision or XtraVision, you won’t find the glasses. But you’ll find video reviews and products on the marketplace by the original DialVision name  ≤ === You can ask the manager for this information. In some affiliate networks, tech support may skirt around if you ask such a question, but this does not apply to LeadRock.

The creative’s approach is to solve the user’s main problem. That is, the task is to reveal the client’s ‘pain’, come up with a solution, and point out that the product makes life easy. That’s a classic sales scheme.

The option with images was ruled out in the first place because it’s pretty tricky to capture the values of glasses in pictures. Besides, a teaser video often works just as well as a pre-landing page for white offers.  Hence, the choice was obvious.

I’ve released five DIY creatives and three videos from SPY services. You might want to ‘back up’ your creative ‘masterpieces’ with creatives from SPY services. In the long term, it will be obvious whether the audience or the director is the problem here.

After a few days of testing, I had a list of top creatives. (There’s a link to relevant creatives in fine).

By the way, creos pass moderation just fine. None of the videos were rejected, although I’ve uploaded the same content without uniqueization to all ad accounts.

The ad text (with minor changes) was as follows:

Please remember that despite the Spanish orthoepy, people speak distinct dialects in different regions. Adapt creatives (think ‘seek for a translator’) with a focus on the geo. For lack of an alternative, any translation will do, but you might want to work with a local translator.

Here’s how I did it:

Advertising restrictions are a universal challenge nowadays. I’ve assigned my other social accounts (2-3 accounts) to the admins of the ad account. If one of the accounts is restricted, I’m retaining the access to the ad account with my other accounts, so the ad stays online anyway. This way I’m saved from advertising restrictions.

I’ve driven traffic according to 1-4-3, sometimes 1-6-3 schemes. Since it’s relatively easy to pass moderation, I was ok with several ad sets.

Please note that the media buyer worked with this offer from January till March 2021. Since then, there were some changes in the Facebook Ads methodology, but we aim to preserve the original text by the media buyer.

Preparations were time-consuming, but they paid off with accounts life-span. Here are some screenshots of the account statistics with a good spend.

Almost $5K is good even for a ‘white’ ad account.
Here, the spend is lower but still impressive.

Complete traffic monetization and FanPage

Significant traffic volumes were driven to the FanPage. So that I don’t miss out on potential leads, I’ve filled in the FanPages layout on each account.

I’ve filled in all the relevant information (except for the phone number) and page descriptions. To fill the landing page with content, I’ve divided it into several blocks. Blocks were published as separate posts.

Here’s a tip: in case the landing page didn’t work, you can use it as FP content. However, you might not want to name the FanPage the same as the offer, because fellow media buyers may copy your scheme without any SPY services and enter the same bid.

Thus, the FanPage turns into a nifty mini-landing page. In practice, up to 10% of all leads come from FanPages (according to the analysis). You can put a hyperlink to the landing page there.

Media buyer’s domain was also suspended.

You must provide a link to the e-store (landing page) in each ad.

NOTE! Facebook is very sensitive to the FanPage content (especially to a commercial page that promotes products of whatever kind). It has already been proven that the quality of the page affects not only the profile’s and ad account’s user trust but also the bidding. There is a different long-term CPM with the same targeted audience of a single ad, and it depends on the page quality. You can check the account quality here (where you spend most of the time on Facebook)

White traffic is a long-running job. Remember to make high-quality FanPages.


For the entire period, I’ve managed to attract 8,867 valid leads. I’ve made $9,852. ROI (volume) ≈ 43%

Oh, and by the way, you can find all creatives from our cases in the CREOFOLDER(!) here:

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