Case: Google Ads & Dianol (Chile) with ROI of ~247%

The webmaster shared his tips on “How to Successfully Drive Traffic to Chile with Google Ads?” Are you interested in working with such an offer, and most importantly, making money with it? You’ll find answers in the case described below👍🏻

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  • Offer: Dianol
  • GEO: Chile
  • Traffic source: Google Ads
  • Duration: 1/01/2021 – 07/14/2021
  • Spent: 74,000 rubles
  • Earned: 257,882 rubles
  • Net profit: 183,000 rubles
  • ROI: ~247% (ROI Calculator)

Scheme scenario

Branded PPC ads. Only “dianol”, [dianol] queries were processed. I selected this offer and GEO because at the time it was launched there was a lot of traffic with minimal competition.

Google Trends screenshot.

Working with Google

Ads were impressed only in the search engine (without CMN). Strategy: manual bidding. I tried to customize PPC in such a way as to redeem ad impressions from the top.

The scheme operated in passive mode from January to July! Then the conversion rate and the number of leads began to drop. Besides, the price per click has increased dramatically. So I decided to stop the traffic.

Below, there is a screenshot of keywords and statistics. The main indicators that I focus on are traffic quality, PPC, CTR, and costs.

In the screenshot, you can see that ads were running from 1 January to 14 July. The total amount spent is 27,000 UAH, which is about 74,000 rubles. As to the quality indicator, if I could get it to 10/10, the price per click would be lower.

Call to action

There’s an ad text below. I’m not sure if the text in Spanish will be of any help, but here’s how I make up my ad texts. They’re simple. Translate phrases like “Official website,” “Quick delivery,” and “Get a discount” from English to Spanish with Google Translate and you’ll get the ad text.

Statistics + the ad text.

Once clicking on the ad, the user is redirected to a mini-page with a big button all over the screen and the text that says: “To get a discount on Dianol, go to the official website”. Click on the button takes the user to the landing page (the pre-landing page is left out). Of course, there were traffic losses at this stage, but still, I managed to stay net positive.


The ads were running without bans on the same account for about six months. Perhaps I managed to keep it that long with success because I did not use cloak + there were no words that would trigger google on the landing page (where the user was redirected).

A screenshot illustrating leads and profit.

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