50,000 Rubles I Won with Dolphin: Part 1

Hello everyone!

Recently, we raffled off 50,000 rubles on traffic among our users. The winner of the contest wrote a nice story explaining why he should win and promised to post mini-cases about his ad campaigns. We are sure you will be interested to read these reports.

Today, we share part one:

Good afternoon. Here’s the first report from the winner of 50,000 rubles from Dolphin{anty}

For some people, 50,000 rubles is equal to dinner in a restaurant, but for others, it’s a chance to increase turnover, so that… well, they might spend money in restaurants, too)

I will be brief and will speak without the fluff or indulging in philosophizing.

  • Vertical: nutra
  • Category: adult
  • AN: Shakes
  • GEO: Colombia

Monday. Spent the day setting up technical matters. It’s been a long time since I’ve driven traffic, so I needed to get things ready.

Tuesday. I bought accounts and prepared them: set up payment methods, created the AC, customized them, double-checked references, and made a couple of creos.

I linked an autoreg to the accounts, which included several reviewed FPs, and left it on hold.

Wednesday. At 10-12 a.m. Moscow time, I launched ACs which were on hold. It was 2-3 pm in LatAm so I didn’t launch in the middle of the auction and the price per lead should have not been high.

I launched five good accounts and obtained two assets. Others were banned according to policies and business models. Keep in mind that I work with adult offers.

One more account was blocked on Thursday, but the other one was unbanned, which is rare these days.

The outcome on Friday morning was as follows:

  • Price per lead: $1.5 on average
  • Validated leads at that time: 133
  • Approve rate: 30% on average
  • Spent: 123,000 rubles
  • Spent on advertising: 10,000 rubles
  • Profit: ~25,000 rubles, but they will be approving a few more days.

AP stats:

Facebook stats:

I’m already preparing accounts for next week. They’re a little weaker, but there’s a lot more of them than five accounts. I’ll be driving traffic over the weekend, but I’ll start the key operations on Monday.

I should replicate the results I had on Wednesday and Thursday. If I succeed, even for a day, – that would be very cool.

I’m also planning to test a couple more creos. If something good comes out, then I’ll work with them.

P.S. I want to point out the awesomeness of the Dolphin anti-detect browser. I used to work with another popular anti-detect browser, but it wasn’t good enough for me. It slowed down my mac PRO 2017 a lot, which is not that old. That didn’t satisfy me.

Then, the Dolphin was released. I started using it, while it was at the beta-testing stage.  It’s very well geared towards traffic arbitrage. Since I work solo, I do not use the team features, but I did quite appreciate the product nevertheless. It’s all well-customized: stats, tags, and the option to add browser extensions to newly created profiles. Not to mention other numerous useful features. Dolphin didn’t pay me for this review)). But I’m confident that Denis Zhitnyakov has developed a great product that is worth being promoted for free.

Of course, I came across some bugs. But I can contact support at any time and learn some new things. Sometimes profiles won’t open the way they were intended (it happens rarely and I blame my *explicit* Internet connection) But the browser recently graduated out of beta, so all my complaints are not relevant anymore. If you have doubts, they offer ten profiles for free, so don’t hesitate to try them out.

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