Case: $192,550 Within a Single Scheme

Hello everyone! The Avalon team is here.

Today, we would like to present you with a case study related to the offer, which we worked with during the fall. Please note that two buyers participated in this case.

Campaign Breakdown 

  • Duration: 8/20/2021 – 10/31/2021
  • Spent: $97,832.
  • Earned: $192,550.
  • Profit: +$94,718.
  • ROI: ~97% (ROI Calculator)
  • Source: Facebook
  • AP:
  • Offer: Optifix / CleanVision (Sense of vision)
  • GEO: Philippines

Supplies & Technical Matters

  • Anti-detect browser: Indigo (get 50% cashback with CPARIP promo code)
  • Accounts: high-limit accounts (mix GEO) farmed accounts
  • Proxy: Mobile Ukrainian proxies
  • Cloak: Keitaro filters (get 20% off with CPARIP promo code)
  • Cloaking method: local white pages
  • White pages: eyeglasses and contact lenses e-stores 
  • Domains: low-cost domains purchased at

Offer & Scheme

Those who have checked out my report at Kinza360 Conference know that I found a good scheme on the Mexico Vision this summer. When I saw that the offer works, I decided to scale this scheme on other GEOs. The first GEO I wanted to test was the Philippines. Max (our manager from Shakes) offered to try the “CleanVision” offer (later the traffic was redirected to the “Optifix” offer).

I used a pre-landing page that worked well in LATAM and customized it to the Philippines.

At the bottom of the pre-landing page, there was a discount carousel. This allowed us to increase the CR a bit without losing the approval %. But you might want to test different ad types, as a discounts carousel may affect the approval rate in some GEOs.

Roulette script + installation instructions:

At the start, the CR of the pre-landing page was about 2%. The leads amounted to $1 or $2 each. He who worked with the Philippines knows that such a PPL in this GEO = a very good ROI. Our ROI was about 200-250%. Later, when we scaled up, the ROI dropped to 100%.

A couple of months later, the bid price began to rise and was as high as $5-6, and the CR dropped to 1-1.4%. To somehow increase ROI, we decided to customize the pre-landing page: we changed the design in the style of the local news TV channel.

These changes had no effect on the pre-landing page’s CR, but the approval rate increased by 12% and an EPC increased as well.

Setup & Accounts

We used spend/debit accounts (with a limit of >$250) + Ukrainian farmed accounts + trusted FP.

In a high-limit account, we’ve created BM, then added the personal AC in this BM via the request and trusted FP via the invitation link (>1,000 subscribers + age >1). The account was launched and the payment method was updated via a high-limit account. If the account was unlogged, the BM was transferred to the farmed account (additional invitations were created in the BM).

All accounts were launched without warming up. The scaling in the accounts was made according to schemes I described in this article:

The ad accounts’ spendings were good with an average of $5,000 to $8,000 per account. There were accounts with >$20,000 of spendings.

Creos & Approach

For this scheme, we used a creative with a student (the main character on the pre-landing page) and a teaser approach. CTR on the creos was around 5-10%. We used static creos mostly and tested creos with and without text. We didn’t notice a big difference.

There are some examples of creos:


In the period from 8/20/2021 – 10/31/2021, we managed to make a revenue of 14,548,155 rubles (about $192,550). In November, this scheme also worked, but the income was not so great, because the ROI dropped to 30-40%.

Below, there are screenshots from Shakes with statistics on both offers:

In conclusion, I would like to thank Shakes AP and our manager Max for his cooperation. He helped us customize pre-landing pages, provided us with high rates, private offers, and good KPI.

We work with the affiliate program for 3-4 years and recommend them as a trusted partner.

Avalon team is looking for:

  • Skilled and experienced FB buyers who know how to make large volumes;
  • Direct sellers of high-limit, spend/debit accounts.

Contact us in TG: @avalon_team


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