How to Capitalize On Listings with Dolphin{anty}?

Hello everyone. Although I’m new to traffic arbitrage, I think it’ll be interesting for you to learn how I managed to cash on cryptocurrency with Dolphin{anty} and my lucky break with token sales. Here’s another way to use Dolphin to raise cash.

What’s It All About?

Crypto coins are presold before entering the exchange, that is, creators of the crypto coin accumulate investment for the project behind the coin. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can enter a presale, purchase a coin at a good price and subsequently make much of an investment by dozens (sometimes by hundreds) of times. Only that listings capacity is limited and an increasing number of people are starting to discover this thing at the moment. There are certain limits for each presale, but it’s commonly up to 5-50 thousand people. 

To increase their chances of being listed, many use multi-accounts. This is where Dolphin{anty} comes in handy, but we’ll get to that. If a year ago you could count on being listed with a dozen accounts, today you have to collect a farm to get at least one out of five sales from one(!!!) account, because the barrier to entry grows by leaps and bounds.

Here’s My Story:

It is worth pointing out that just six months ago I knew nothing about ICO/IDO (so be easy on me ^^) and I didn’t care about cryptocurrency at all. An old friend, who used to make money by playing poker has switched to crypto and tried to embroil me in, but back then I was not interested. However, having heard enough stories from colleagues who gave up traffic arbitrage and switched to a new venture, I spent the whole of September on CoinList and Huobi – these are the primary presales listings. At the time I wasn’t aware of any other listings that allowed the same low barrier of entry. To enter the presale, I was tracking new sales in TG, disclosed by various crypto experts and but it is unsurprising that with my pathetic number of accounts I did not get into any of them. The situation was further complicated by the fact that in addition to a certain number of accounts, I had to verify the ID of each account owner. Plus there’s a crypto hold and I had to trade on the exchange for a certain time or perform other small-time mumbo jumbos. Besides, I didn’t have that much KYC and money at the time.

I kept on driving traffic and collecting “change” from airdrops. Airdrops are free coin giveaways by projects that have just entered the market. To obtain these coins, you have to subscribe to a million affiliate accounts, make reposts, leave comments, and God knows what else. All-in-all, it is troublesome and it only pays if you have a lot of accounts with a referral system. For example, I withdrew 200,000 SHIB (which is about $7 :facepalm: I was lucky to spin the roulette bot couple of times) and 0.1 SOL from ($20 at that time). Ok, at least I tried.

Along with that, I created all the necessary accounts myself (it also commonly requires a subscription to Twitter, Instagram, and others). Now I realize that I wasted my time and I should have bought them instead. In a nutshell, as I said – it is only interesting for those involved with referral chains. I can’t do it, so I gave up the idea.

My major interest was in entering presales and airdrops were a small-timer for me. So, besides my attempts to earn money with airdrops, I’ve spent most of my time developing my accounts farm. I reached out to all my friends and relatives asking them to take a picture with their ID. I’m not a Photoshop expert, so drawing selfies myself was not an option for me. Of course, I could have bought it, but I was afraid of getting into trouble. I didn’t want to search for “fake ID photos” given the situation in my country.

I heard about from a fellow publisher and was shocked that it is as simple and cheap as that. Formerly, such services were not in demand but today it’s a #1 thing along with a quality anti-detect browser for those who want to improve their skills in presales. I no longer had to draw pictures in Photoshop or bother my friends with ID selfies for verification. I just entered the name and other required data, and the ID was ready. It’s certainly gotten easier from there. At the moment, I have increased my farm to several dozen accounts thanks to this tool. Although it has become more difficult to manage the process: you still can fiddle with a dozen accounts during an active presale single-handedly, but if there’s more – it’s heating up. 

But let’s get on with my story. The RIFI sale was brewing up and I wasn’t expecting anything from it. But it was worth giving it a shot so I created about 30-35 profiles in Dolphin. Each account had a unique user with KYC with $100 on balance to hold it on different exchanges. I decided to enter sales via Huobi because it allowed me to enter the listing with a small amount of $50 per account.

Here’re the steps I took with Dolphin profiles.

It takes very little time to set them up. 

  1. Let’s start with the title. I didn’t bother with titles and called all my accounts “Akk_1”, “Akk_2”, and so on. To distinguish them from one another I used notes, but we’ll get to that.
  2. I’ve added “Payment”, “Ban” and “Info” to my Statuses. It’s very convenient (thanks for the tip, Dolphin). For example, I had to add certain data to the accounts that were marked with the “Info” status. I didn’t lose it thanks to Dolphin’s tip.
  3. I tagged referral accounts (mine, of course). 
  4. There wasn’t a “Crypto” option when I set up profiles, so I selected “FB” instead. I couldn’t discover the changes a new option provides, but it’s still cool that Dolphin did it.
  5. I connected proxies. This time I used regular proxies rather than mobile ones. But I’m thinking of switching to mobile proxies in the future, as they are more reliable.

That’s it. No other settings are required. To tell you the truth, I know nothing about switching and swiping so I trust the fingerprints that Dolphin provides. It has never failed me.

For each account, I created a few wallets (it turned out to be unnecessary, but it will not be wasted as different drops sometimes require different wallets). This is where Dolphin’s feature of automatic extensions loading for each profile came in handy – there was no such thing in the anti-detect browsers I used earlier. I’ve also used the home page customization tool often. My profile looked something like this:

That is, sales links opened automatically + I had extensions enabled for all accounts. As to notes and account variations: in each note, I wrote down the name of the account “owner”, wallet details, and additional useful information.

Thanks to Dolphin, my ass was not on fire at all. For all time, there was not a single bug or error with almost instant profile loading (every second counts when it comes to time-limited events).

How did the Story End?

Finally, it was a fluke: I managed to obtain two RIFI allocations of $50 each. It’s incredibly good luck given my small farm (the guys with 100+ accounts couldn’t get in), the number of participants, limited allocation, and the fact that the website crashed during the presale. In the end, I managed to sell it for 1.43 per coin (it was almost $4 at peak), which is x14 the invested $100 – $1,435 (exchange and withdrawal fee excluded).

I’d go as far as saying it’s a success story. I was lucky, I get it, but I hope it stays that way. Anyway, it’s interesting and I plan to keep it up. Good luck to all! 🙂

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