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Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

Large ad networks such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, have long been following a course of ads automation. Webmasters believe that manual customization of the ad cabinet will eventually become history: “Robots are hard at work, and man is not.” In this article, we are not to discuss whether it’s good or bad. Let’s discuss the useful features of ads automation instead.

Dynamic Creative Ads

Dynamic Creative Ads is a useful Facebook Ads optimization tool. It allows you to add up to 30 assets in one ad (like pictures or buttons), which amounts to over 6,000 creos per ad! The neuronet combines all the assets and demonstrates them to users to find the option with higher CR for a particular target audience.

The main features of dynamic creos:

  • It allows you to test thousands of headline+description+media+CTA options without having to manually enter each ad.
  • It also allows you to find an “audience – creative – offer” connection or reuse the existing one.
  • This is a great option to test as many creos as possible with a small test budget on hand.

But the most important thing with the never-ending FB “storm” is that Dynamic Creative Ads minimize the risk of being banned. After all, every new adset in the cabinet = new moderation process = probable ban. But in this case, you can test many hypotheses at once.

How to Make Dynamic Creative Ads?

Generally, the process of making dynamic creos is very simple. But let’s illustrate the main steps.

  1. When you create AC, do NOT enable A/B testing

  1. When you create a group of ads, ENABLE “Dynamic creative”

  1. In the ad, add up to ten assets (pictures or videos), up to five headlines, up to five options of the ad text, up to five options for subheadings, and up to five options for CTA buttons. Also, check the “Optimize Creative for Each Person” box

  1. You should end up with something like this:

All other AC settings: budget, GEO, pixel, etc. are adjusted as usual.


  • Keep in mind that all the elements will be mixed randomly, so they all must work in
  • If you add important information to the body text, you must modify it in all its versions, otherwise, users won’t see it
  • Enter different triggers and lead magnets (express delivery, 50% off, etc.) in headlines and calls to action so you’ll know what makes the best CR with the particular audience
  • You can view the statistics for each element in the “Breakdown” – “By Dynamic Creative” tab: as you collect statistics you will be able to identify the best combinations and discover your scheme.

Facebook’s Tips at the Conclusion

Unfortunately, webmasters do not often study FB guides, but you don’t know what you’re missing. The neuronet offers the following tips on dynamic creos:

  • Use dynamic formats and creatives to show people ads that are more likely to resonate. The audience in different locations will see ads in different formats and with different creatives. Follow our recommendations to create more relevant ads with dynamic creatives.
  • Use dynamic creatives in one ad group only. When you use dynamic formats and creatives, a group of ads can include multiple ads, but only one of them can be created using this feature.
  • Conduct split tests of dynamic formats and creative ads. To find out if dynamic formats and creative ads bring the desired outcome, test them in combination with standard dynamic ads. Compare the overall results and determine the most effective strategy.

Don’t make any changes. It takes up to 15 days for the system to determine combinations that will yield the best results. You might not want to make any changes to your creative or ad text during this time.


Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads is a great optimization tool that allows you to test over 6,000 creatives with a small budget, discover the most converting elements and obtain the Holy Grail of traffic arbitrage – a scheme. With dynamic creos, you do not have to create hundreds of adsets and ads, which significantly reduces the risk of bans. The bottom line is it’s a good thing and you should try it!

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