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How to Make Creatives for Facebook Ads?

Making high-quality creatives for ads is the source of webmasters’ major concern. How to create a visual with a high conversion rate, which will pass moderation and make sense to the target audience? We’ll discuss these and other aspects in this article.

Guidelines on Quality Facebook Creatives

Facebook creatives may be static or dynamic and may include multiple headers/subheaders, text options, and call-to-action buttons.

Regardless of the creative type you use, it should meet two objectives:

  1. Trigger emotion.
  2. Solve client’s problem/satisfy client’s need.

The creative approach may vary depending on the GEO. For example, advertising creos that appeal to the easy money and wealth accumulation is more complicated in tier-1 countries (USA, Australia, and Germany) than in the CIS countries, since affluent countries’ residents are wealthier and don’t tend to believe in easy money.

You might want to adhere to the following rules when making your creatives:

  1. Study Facebook content moderation policy.In case you humiliate someone’s dignity in your ad or promise a 100% result after the purchase, your creatives might be blocked during the moderation.
  2. Add only important information in the caption.The less ad text you have the greater the chance that a customer will read the ad and click on it.
  3. When promoting gray offers, use associations and hints, or make such creatives that can pass the moderation by the neuronet. To check it in advance, you can use a test Facebook account or services that allow you to assess the creative as if you were a Facebook neuronet.
  4. Opt for bright colors. Statistically, yellow, red, green, and black hues collect more clicks than blue or other cold colors.

Also, take a cue from the specifics of the vertical you’re going to work with.

Where to Start?

You can divide the creative-making process into several stages:

  • Conduct market research. Study creatives from affiliate networks or direct advertisers and search creos with high CTR in spy services.
  • Choose your approach. Determine your approach, emphasize on creative and emotions it should trigger.
  • Search for materials. Having decided on the strategy and tactics, you can use creative samples from the offer description (but keep in mind that they might not produce the desired effect because they’re overused, and promo products from partners and advertisers may no longer be relevant), or search for it in photo stocks.
  • Edit it. In graphics editors, process the image so that it passes moderation: adjust the size, add a caption, create a collage or add other graphic elements. If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop – that’s great! If you do not have such skills, you can try to create it in Canva, Infogram, or purchase creative from designers.
  • Test it. Upload your creative to Facebook for moderation. If they reject it, try uploading another one. You might want to prepare not less than five various creatives per offer.

When writing creative captions, try to make shorter sentences, trigger a user’s emotion but avoid complications that will make a user think it over. Start by emphasizing the product’s benefits and uniqueness with a call to action in the end.

Here’s a tip: add a few emojis to see how they affect conversion rates. In some verticals, such as casinos, emojis may work well.

For higher CR, you can offer a lead magnet – a freebie like a promo code or a handy book that the user will get if he clicks on the creative.

Common Mistakes

One of some common mistakes with creatives is that they’re too colorful. Such creatives are banned by social network during moderation. The other extreme is when you try so hard to camouflage the creos that it passes moderation, but the general user is unlikely to make any sense out of it.

Also, some publishers use other authors’ creations from spy services and try to work with them. Yes, you can find great creos with these tools, but if you do not get the scheme or try to copy it – most likely, it will not work and you’ll just lose your money.

But you can use spy services to determine competitors’ approaches and try to come up with your approach based on the trends.

Here’s a tip: always check if your creative has a proper layout on mobile devices. According to recent studies, the number of mobile users increases from year to year.

Global digital population

Another common mistake is missing out on different mindsets and other specifics of each GEO. Before starting to work with the non-CIS traffic, you must analyze the country’s culture, study the behavior of its residents, and find out which methods will work best.

Also, keep in mind that Facebook bans creatives that include the following content:

  • Sexual content;
  • The humiliation of people’s dignity (the “before and after” creatives best for the nutra / weight-loss verticals also fall into this category);
  • Violence;
  • Misleading information about the product, the promise of a 100% cure, and so on;
  • Advertising of goods and services banned on social network like casinos, betting, and the majority of beauty and wellness products.

Creative Cases

Here are a few fresh creatives downloaded from the spy service.

The first sample demonstrates the traditional approach to white goods: a high-quality image of the product and the promise of a discount with a promo code:

In this creative, the author traded on the original iPhone and people’s urge to outshine, highlighting key points and emphasizing on a bright button that calls to action:

Here, the author emphasized the desire to obtain a fancy car, triggering emotion with quality foreign product complemented by favorable terms for the customer:

In education-themed creatives, they used images of young people that inspire confidence in the target audience, and promise to prep students for the Unified State Exam to the student’s convenience and benefit:

For nutra creatives, they followed time proved principles: description of a customer solution and the product’s unique features and benefits, emphasizing quality products from the country of origin:

Tools for Creatives

Image search services:

  1. Pixabay(including videos)
  2. ShutterStock
  3. FreeImages
  4. Pexels(including videos)

Video search services:

  1. Videvo
  2. MixKit
  3. SplitShare
  4. ClipStill

Services to help you create banners and work with graphic editors:

  1. Canva is a must-have tool if you don’t possess any designer skills.
  2. ClickMajicremoves the image background.
  3. TinyPngreduces image file size.
  4. To create infographics, opt for Infogram.

Creative trends in 2021-2022

When preparing creatives for ads, you might want to consider a few current trends to help you get a higher CR.

In 2021, the following trends have emerged in the world of marketing:

  • Cognitively simple tone-of-voice. Users have little time and desire to read the ad text, so the less simply-delivered text there is, – the higher the chance that the user clicks your ad.
  • Videos claim momentum. Clips are gaining popularity with the TikTok boom and the Instagram Reels release. You can shoot clips by yourself, or use ready-made clips from affiliate programs/advertisers, or edit existing materials. Don’t forget to select the appropriate audio track for your clip.
  • Bloggers gain influence. Buying ads from minor bloggers can bring leads, especially if the target audience trusts the blogger, and you can draw a competent TDS.
  • Mobile traffic takes off. More and more people start shopping from smartphones, so if you want to outreach a broad audience, you have to make creatives either for desktop, or mobile devices.

To summarize, the approach to communication, the format of creative (video is still more popular than banners), the type of traffic, and the vote of confidence that the audience has for bloggers are the key aspects.


Ad creative is one of the most important elements in traffic arbitrage. Proper creos can “pull out” the ad campaign, even if your targeting options are incompetently customized. Of course, Facebook may impede a publisher, but if he/she practices enough and conducts tests, he/she can bypass bans successfully.

That’s it for today. May you have high conversions and successfully pass moderations!

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