How to Enter Mobile Market?

Traditionally, there are three options when you enter mobile marketing:

  • DIY app;
  • App from a third-party developer;
  • Purchased/exchanged/acquired ready-made app;

There are many things on the Internet that might be (should be and will be) presented as apps. Today, these efforts stumble upon the development “wall”.

For most people, the main purpose is to make money, so they will be interested in monetization. In my opinion, people who enter this market from media buying or Internet marketing should start with monetization rather than development or outsourcing. You should first study key niches and obvious pitfalls, and evaluate the competition.

There is an opinion that if you deal with the nuances of development right away and dig into the product, you’ll fritter away energy, time, and resources. First of all, the publisher is a moneymaker and a businessman followed by a product specialist.

So, you should begin with market study, learn its laws and specifics. The only equality of yesterday’s money makers and those who have been developing their projects for years is the ability to test funnels, minimize costs, and buy traffic cheaply (or use it for free, lol).

The bottom line is: “To try out the mobile market, you might as well just buy the ready-made app.” If you realize that it’s not your thing, or that you’d like to opt for something else, you can quit it with minimal (or no) losses by selling it to another developer, fund, investor, or media buyer. I think it’s a good idea to learn the rules of the game before you make any maneuvers on a new field.

I’ve seen many guides and tutorials telling you how to develop/order app development services on vast variations of crappy apps. But there are no guides on buying/selling and exchanging apps :). It’s not surprising, since the app market is very well pumped in terms of development, but poor in terms of market development (pardon my wordiness).

So it goes.

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