Uncommon Commodity and Nutra Traffic Sources

When it comes to traffic sources for commodity and nutra verticals, Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, FB, and other popular platforms will be the first to come to mind. There is a problem, however: today, the audience slowly “burns out”, and the competition increases further…

To get cheap and quality traffic for the commodity and nutra offers, you might want to pay attention to alternative traffic sources, which will be considered in this article.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is an ad network brought to us by IT colossus Microsoft in 2012. Despite the reputation of the bigger search engines, Bing protects its market share, receiving up to 30% of North American and a ratio of European traffic, and occupies second place after Google in the United States.

Why try this source?

Bing ad network occupies about 5% of the online advertising market, but it has a great number of advantages for publishers:

  • Huge traffic volumes: over 50 million active users, 85% of whom have great paying capacity with an average annual income of $80,000;
  • Low CPC: about 60% lower than Google. Check the following screenshot:
  • Intuitive interface and ad campaigns transfer feature;
  • Dynamic ad display: at the top and the bottom of the webpage;
  • Placement options: search, pages, or all in one, which is not available in Google.

For all that advantages, there are a few limitations:

  • Few GEOs to choose from: 30+ countries. Bing is great to work with Americans, but there is scant traffic in other GEOs;
  • Bing supports only 12 languages;
  • Few tools for analytics and placements.

What works best with Bing Ads?

Bing Ads resembles Google in its principle of operation, only on a much smaller scale: you can still promote all the same offers as in Google, but CPC and CPL will be much lower. So, what works here?

  • Classic commodity: equipment, accessories, etc;
  • Beauty and wellness products: weight loss products, joint, and hypertension remedies;
  • Local services: restaurants, small stores;
  • Construction services: home improvement, flat renovation;
  • Ads promoting large online platforms, brands, and marketplaces.

Here are statistics from a publishers team that successfully found their clients on Bing:

Their goal was to increase lead count while reducing the advertising costs, which they did great.

Initially, they purchased ads from Google but decided to try a new source – Bing. In the process, they discovered a remarkable thing: the most frequent (or even constant) users of this search engine are farmers. Not an over-spammed audience and a lack of competition have resulted in a 30% CPL reduction, and the conversion rate has increased by three times.

To summarize, Bing is an excellent alternative traffic source that is best for those who are working with commodity and nutra verticals in Western GEOs.

Your account manager at Shakes.pro will help you select offers with high CR. You can find contact information on your dashboard.

Let’s move on to the next and truly “uncommon” traffic source.

Odnoklassniki (OK.ru)

You will be surprised, but OK has been and remains an excellent platform to promote commodity and nutra offers. Their audience is adult and payable and can afford high-ticket items, as evidenced by the economic status statistics:

Let’s consider the benefits of the social network in detail:

  • Large volumes of traffic: over 70 million active users;
  • Low competition: for the most part, the platform is underestimated and your competitors might not even consider it, which may work in your favor;
  • A payable mature audience that not only needs most of the products you promote, like nutra products but can afford to buy it as well;
  • OK users are not “spoiled” by ads and auto-funnels with a convoluted architecture.

Platform limitations:

  • A limited number of GEOs: the audience of the social network resides in the CIS countries mostly;
  • Difficult for beginners: you’ll require a special approach to users, which comes with practice;
  • Limited targeting features.

What works best with Odnoklassniki?

As we have already discussed, adult payable users are the core of this platform, however, the top-selling products here have an average price of 4,000-5,000 rubles. Let’s consider top categories:

  • The platform is ideal for promoting products with a target audience of women from the age of 25 to 45, ready to pay up to 5,000 rubles;
  • The pricier products require a complex auto-funnel, and due to the limited capacity of the social network, you might want to work with budget products within the above-mentioned price limit;
  • The products like diet drugs, skin rejuvenation treatments, creams, and various ointments will do just fine here;
  • WOW products;
  • Inexpensive car accessories or useful gadgets will work best with the male audience.

The platform doesn’t seem “dead” now, does it?

Case Study

Let’s consider several cases that reveal the way a properly customized ad in OK allows you to make a solid profit.

Case: Potency Capsules

All the traffic was driven to the “Tongkat Ali” offer (potency capsules). With the Publer SPY Service, the publisher discovered several frequently occurring creatives related to this offer, and by combining them with different titles and texts, he got 17 ads options.

Targeting options:

  • GEO: Kazakhstan;
  • Gender: male;
  • Age: 35-70;
  • Devices: mobile.

Payments: per click; bidding strategy: the minimum expense. On the first day, tests were conducted, after which it was decided to keep nine top-performing ads.

The traffic was driven for three days. During this time, 122,500 rubles were spent, which resulted in 325 approved orders for a total of 227,500 rubles. ROI: 85%.

Case: 100,000 Rubles Net Profit with Beauty Products

The webmaster has driven traffic to the “Nanobotox” offer  (rejuvenation spray) with a rather peculiar approach: the DIY creos with the targeting options used by his competitors he discovered from Publer.

Targeting options:

  • GEO: Russian Federation;
  • Gender: female;
  • Age: 45-75.

All tests were conducted in several steps: 15,000 rubles were spent at the first step, which allowed him to identify creos with higher CR and launch them at a larger scale.

The next step: upon 1,000 orders received the webmaster excluded cities with low conversion rates in the GEO parameters. For 1.5 months, 678,819 rubles were spent and the income from the approved leads amounted to 793,750 rubles. Net profit: 114,930 rubles.

You might not want to turn a blind eye to this social network, because, as far as you can see, you can earn nice money here. We agree, OK users have quite specific tastes and preferences, but if you adapt to them, you can have a great outcome. Test it and consider topics with high CR mentioned above.


Twitter is a social network with unique messaging mechanics. It was launched in 2006 and has either media persons, bloggers, or general users hooked into it.

It is worth mentioning that Twitter is one of the most underappreciated traffic sources. We’re not saying it’s a must-test for webmasters all over the map, but it’s notable for several reasons:

  • Huge audience: over 300 million active users monthly;
  • Rich targeting feature set;
  • A wide variety of advertising formats;
  • Broad GEO: you can work from across the globe;
  • A wide selection of traffic options.

What works best with Twitter?

The following product categories might be successfully promoted on Twitter:

  • WOW products: advertising useless products on a microblogging platform make no sense but, for example, GPS watches for kids is a great idea that might bring you more leads;
  • Beauty and wellness products: potency and weight loss products, joint and hypertension remedies. However, you should promote nutra offers in the most native way possible, without hardcore creatives, otherwise, bans will happen.
  • Info products: since Twitter’s audience are adults, for the most part, educational offers will work best with a high likelihood.

Earning money on Twitter is not a pet project, but an opportunity available to everyone. To get results, you’ll require aspiration, spare time, and persistence.


Today, everyone familiar with the Internet is also familiar with the TT. TT was lightning fast to obtain its active users base and became some of the most popular platforms. Previously, there were only teenagers, and now even an older audience watches TikTok videos. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, as of Q1 2020, the app has been installed more than 2 billion times!

There are several reasons why you might want to consider TikTok as an alternative traffic source:

  • Rapid adoption in countries with a payable audience, including Tier-1 countries;
  • You may get started with a relatively small investment;
  • The native videos do great there;
  • You can use hashtags to customize outreach;
  • The option to focus on the viral content.

There are a few disadvantages though:

  • The most active audience is not commonly payable: these are people of the age of 16 to 25;
  • Caption limit;
  • Not all users can attach links. To be able to do this, you will have to pass manual moderation;
  • In several verticals, advertising is expensive and available only to large companies;
  • You’ll have to adopt the paid-for advertisement concept, which is different from other platforms.

What works best with TikTok?

First of all, you need to choose your vertical wisely. The following products for young people will likely work best here:

  • Appliances, electronics, and WOW products;
  • Beauty products: anti-aging products and various creams;
  • Dating;
  • Gambling.

We suggest taking a look at actual cases to make sure that TikTok still has a ton of unreleased traffic that you can successfully work with.

Case: 165,000 Rubles per Day with Adult Nutra Offer in TikTok

  • Offer:Semental Booster – 347 rubles (portion)
  • GEO:RU
  • Duration:06/03/2021-06/04/2021
  • Spent:39,000 rubles
  • Revenue:204,000 rubles
  • Net profit:165,000 rubles
  • Approved leads:22%
  • ROI: 423% (ROI Calculator)

It’s a surprisingly simple but conclusive case of the TikTok market size and what effect might be achieved there.

There was a one-pager with a quiz and explicit images. Creos were native, with no direct reference to the promoted offer.

For the other indicators (CPA, CPM, CPC, and CVR), there are statistics from the ad cabinet and affiliate network:

Case: 161,000 Rubles in Ten Days with Nutra Offer in TikTok

It’s another case that demonstrates the potential of the platform. The publisher decided to work all over Russia and drive traffic to the weight-loss offer. The average approval rate was 13% with a total ROI of 175%.

  • Offer:Neo Slim Burn
  • Bid:900 rubles
  • GEO:RU
  • Duration:05/23/2021-06/04/2021
  • Leads count:2,203
  • Spent:92,000 rubles
  • Revenue:253,000 rubles
  • Net profit: 161,000 rubles
  • Approval rate:6%
  • ROI:175% (ROI Calculator)

It seems like a pretty good volume, isn’t it? If the CC had performed better, even greater results could have been achieved: the ROI would be over 200%.

In this case, they used a pre-landing page with a wheel. Creatives were native and adapted to the platform format.

Here are screenshots of CPA, CVR, CPM, CPC, and CTR from the cabinet:


You guys might not want to focus solely on the sources that everyone works with. Remember that a competent publisher must adopt new trends and hunt them out, as well as discover something new, including traffic sources.

We wish you a high profit!


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