Case: $745 Net Profit with IVR Horoscope Offer with 282% ROI in Less than 6 Days

Hello everyone, Kramers is here. Here’s my Telegram. I recently published my click2sms iq test offer case. So, here’s another click2call offer case with an ROI of 282.77% with TikTok.

Initial data

  • Affiliate program: (get 20 EUR on your account with the ‘CPARIP’ promo code)
  • Offer:Horoscope IVR
  • Source:TikTok Ads
  • Geo:Hungary/Romania/Czech Republic
  • Duration:05/18/2021 — 05/23/2021
  • Expenses:$263.76
  • Income:€827.53 ($1,009.59 at the exchange rate as of this writing)
  • Profit:$745.83
  • ROI: 283% (ROI Calculator)

Affiliate program

For several months now I have been working with the affiliate program.

In mid-May, a manager contacted me and proposed to drive traffic on TikTok through their agency account. The only condition was to drive traffic only to their offers. I didn’t have to think twice before accepting the offer because the affiliate program provided a ready-made solution with the agent account.

It is my understanding that the guys give out agent accounts to everyone who comes to work with TikTok traffic (I checked with the manager, it’s true!)

Considering that I’ve already worked with their click2sms offer, I asked them to pick a click2call offer for me. The manager suggested several options with a good conversion rate. Based on the TT audience profile and creo approaches, I’ve chosen horoscopes.

An offer

It’s plain and simple: on the landing page, the user answers a few relevant questions, and then he/she is offered to make a call for his/her horoscope.


As to video creatives, I did not try to reinvent the wheel, just searched through TikTok and video stocks. It has been observed that the soundtrack is as important as video, so take the time to watch hot TT videos.  It was even easier with ad texts: there’s an ‘Ads Creatives’ tab in the affiliate program profile with a sample creos texts. I also asked my manager for help when I needed a translation.

Here are few creos with great outcomes:

Targeting and traffic

Since the user needs to make a call, I thought that I might lose a certain number of calls if I leave the ad running around the clock. Therefore, I decided to apply a time limit from 8-9 am to 11 pm, according to the geo’s local time.

I targeted women. Also, I divided the Romanian audience by age 18-34 and 35+ y.o., since there’s the largest audience there. For Hungary and the Czech Republic, I’ve chosen to target a broad audience.

I’ve launched an ad at 6.05 pm in Romania and started to receive called right away. I’ve set up TT Pixel to track all clicks, not just unique clicks, hence the conversion rates (I’ve changed settings later). works with euros, and TT Ads – with US dollars. Below, I attach my statistics by country, which I transferred to Google tables and converted to US dollars.

On 19 May, I’ve launched the ad in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

On 21-22 May, I had significant drawdowns in TT. It did not show my ads. I solved the problem by stopping and relaunching ad campaigns.

The outcome:



Czech Republic:


In less than six days, I made $745 in net profit. I was pretty happy with 412% ROI in Hungary, 242% – in Romania, and 205% – in the Czech Republic. The average ROI was 282%. Also, there was a pop-up window with an SMS option on the landing page in the Czech Republic, in case the user could not reach it by phone. These SMS brought me a bonus of $12.5, which I did not indicate in the case above.

At the moment, I continue working with this offer and attempting to increase the volume. Strange as it may seem, there are no problems with moderation.

Have a nice profit!

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