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Условия размещение контента и рекламы на сайте и в группе CPARIP

If you want to publish your case, we’ll do it for free provided that the case is real. Wish to add the event to our list? Want to buy ads from us? Contact us:

We’d never contact you first offering to purchase ads!

Website Advertising Space 

  • A1 – full-page branding visible on all web pages; an option of sectional animation is available. POA. (Available as of July 2022).
  • A2 – an 1160×100 banner, static or animated, visible on all web pages. POA, rotation: up to three banners.
  • A3 – a 267×400 banner, visible in all articles on the website; the banner scrolls together with the article and is always visible. POA, rotation: up to three banners.
  • A4 – an 862×100 banner.
  • A5 – a 150×30 banner.
  • A6 – text item in the website header.
  • B5 – a 150×30 banner.

CPA.RIP Website Traffic

Statistics from July 2021 to September 2021. The average time spent by our users on the website is more than three minutes; the average audience age is 25-34; the main source of traffic is search engines.

From SimilarWeb public source; compared by visits over time.

We are number one in the industry in terms of traffic quality, and have a head start on competitors with the highest audience engagement rate.

The Yandex.Metrica data is similar to SimilarWeb in terms of website visits duration and pages viewed per visit, that is, all other SimilarWeb indicators are trustworthy.

CPA.RIP Telegram Channel

We haven’t bought a single ad post in our channel ever. Over time, we have attracted more than 14,000 target followers. Here’s the data on the natural channel growth (unlike many) over the past six months.

The growth rates of our channel look consistent:

Here’s a screenshot from the weekly statistics as of this writing on 26 October 2021. In six days, posts on our channel gain an average of more than 5,000 views and a huge number of reposts, the largest in the industry!

Some posts gain more than 700 reposts in Telegram. The average reposts per channel post are 81, which is several times higher than that of competitors!

The channel ads waiting list is two to four weeks.