Bigo Ads: Review, Agent Cabinets, Traffic Arbitrage, Ads, and Pixel

Being TikTok’s main competitor, Bigo Ads is yet a fresh source for traffic arbitrage but is of the utmost interest today.

Bigo Ads

Ad Placement & Formats

Bigo Ads are commonly placed in two major apps: Likee and

When it comes to Bigo Ads, some people think of the Bigo Live App, but this is another app with no ads and is not related to Bigo Ads.

Likee Ads

It’s a social network with short vertical videos developed by the BIGO Company from Singapore in 2017. It went over big after the Chinese TikTok.

LIKEE Global Statistics:

  • Over 600 million downloads;
  • More than 115 million users;
  • GEO: 150+ countries;
  • The app supports 40+ languages.

Likee is designed for users over the age of 16, but the major audience of the app is teenagers from the age of 12 to 16; the social network also includes content for adults.

Placement on Likee

Likee Popular Page

  • Placement: “Popular” and “Nearby” sections
  • Format: Native Ad/Native Video
  • Payment model: CPC

Likee:In-Feed Video

  • Placement: ads are impressed when a user is watching the video
  • Format: Native Ad/Native Video
  • Payment model: CPC Ads

It’s a messaging and video calling service that supports PCs and smartphones. The app has over one billion installations on Google Play.

The app supports group chat rooms with text and voice messages.

Placement in imo Chat

imo Chat List

  • Placement: chat list
  • Format: Native Ad/Native Video
  • Payment model: CPC

imo Story Stream

  • Placement: ads are impressed when a user views stories
  • Format: Native Ad/Native Video
  • Payment model: CPC

imo—End Call

  • Placement: after the call ends, an ad pops up on the caller’s screen
  • Format: cross-page video
  • Payment model: CPC

Traffic Arbitrage in Bigo Ads

The bigger part of traffic comes from the CIS, the Middle East, and Asia. There is some tier-1 traffic as well.

Bigo Ads moderators are more loyal than on TikTok – they may approve ads in such verticals as gambling, cryptocurrency, and dating, but they won’t approve “black” offers. In Bigo Ads, they commonly work with the nutra, white goods, info products, sweepstakes, and apps.

You might want to take into account that the Bigo Ads traffic is young (people up to 35), so, select your offers accordingly.

How to Create an Ad Account?

Let’s sign up with the platform. Open the signup form and specify your email.

You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email, and specify your password and profile name.

In the next step, you must create an ad account:

Fill in all the required fields. In the third step, you must specify company details and upload the certificate of incorporation:

You won’t be able to complete account registration without a copy of the document.

Complete the registration and submit the account for validation.

Ad Cabinet Structure

The Bigo Ads structure resembles Facebook Ads and includes three levels:

  • Campaign
  • Ad group
  • Ad

How to Launch an Ad Campaign on Bigo Ads?

Ad Campaign

Let’s create your first ad campaign. To do this, go to the Ad account tab and click on the name of the ad account. In the screen that pops up, select Open links.

Click CampaignCreate in the tab that pops up.

Advertising Objective

On the first page, select the advertising objective:

  • Traffic;
  • App Installs;
  • Conversions.

Specify the name of the campaign and the budget below.

  • There are three budget options: “No limit”, “Daily”, and “Total” budget.
  • The minimum daily or total budget is $20.

Ad Groups

A single campaign may include several ad groups, which makes it possible to manage and allocate the budget and optimize ad group performance.

You can copy ad groups:

Let’s proceed to ad group settings.

Type in the name of the ad group at the top. You can opt for the automatically generated name, or change it to your liking.

Select a placement type (Likee,

You can drive traffic to the app or the landing page. If you haven’t done it earlier, you can click “Add” and add the app.


Let’s move on to the audience (targeting).

Basic Settings:

  • Include/Exclude an audience. In Bigo Ads, there’s an option to include an audience from a website, app, or file. Alternatively, you can gather an audience based on users who have interacted with the content;
  • Location;
  • Language;
  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • OS;
  • Android/iOS Version;
  • Connection Type;
  • User’s Device Price (specified in range).

Targeting options for different regions are as follows:

After targeting, specify the daily or total budget, schedule, and bid.


Next, proceed to upload creatives.

The following creative formats are supported:

  • Horizontal & Square Video;
  • Vertical Video;
  • Horizontal Image;
  • Vertical Image.

Select the format and click Create. The ad settings window will pop up:


Each type of content has its settings.

Key elements:

  • Image or video;
  • LOGO;





1200 *627

.jpg, .jpeg, .png




mp4, length: 15-60s, less than 500Mb

Video preview

As in video

.jpg, .jpeg, .png



.jpg, .jpeg, .png

  • Headline must be less than 18 characters;
  • Primary text – less than 40 characters;
  • Call to Action Language;
  • Call to Action.

The following CTA options are available:

  • Apply now
  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Download
  • Get offer
  • Learn more
  • Shop now
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Watch more
  • Play game
  • Use app

You can create up to ten ads in a specified format. Note that they allow you to make creatives with both videos and images within a single ad group.

Specify the ad category and tags below.

  • Category: by choosing the right category you’ll allow the system to seek the best audience for your offer.
  • Advertising tags are words to describe your website or app so that the system can comprehend your product and seek the best audience for your offer.

The preview demonstrates how the ad will look on platforms.

You can now launch a campaign.

The ad will run only after you pass the manual moderation of the ad and the ad account!


You can view the total statistics on the Overview page.

You can check the performance of each campaign, ad group, or ad in the Campaign tab. By default, it displays 14 columns. You can change them. To do this, click Custom Columns and select the required fields.

Here, you can output general parameters or specific information like in-app events statistics, for example.

Bigo Ads Pixel

The Bigo Pixel represents a piece of JavaScript code that allows you to track the actions of your website visitors. Tracked conversions are displayed on the Bigo Ads dashboard and in reports; you can use them for ad performance measurement.

When promoting a website/landing page, you must install a pixel on your website/landing page and create a conversion event to measure the performance of your ads.

Settings algorithm is as follows: Create Pixel→ Install Pixel→ Setup Event Code→ Test Pixel→ Create an Ad

Below, we will study a pixel setup case:

Go to LibraryWebsite Pixel

Press Create

The pixel setup form will pop up:

Type in the Pixel Name. There are two installation types available:

  • Manually install pixel code;
  • Install pixel code by 3rd party tool.

Let’s select the first option and click Next.

Copy the generated embed code for the website:

Go to the hosting and open the “Index” file. Insert the code between the <head> and </head> tags

Save and return to BIGO Ads. In the Step 2 field insert the landing page URL and check it by clicking Send Test Traffic

The Activity status should be indicated – this means that everything was done correctly and you can proceed further.

You must also insert the pixel code to other landing pages like the “Thank you” page, etc.

Next, go to the event settings and select the Standard Mode:

Select a required event from the list and name it for convenience:

Rules allow tracking such events as clicking on a button, filling out and submitting a form, installing an app, completing a payment, and others.

Next, select the Page View as a tracking method and adjust the rules:

  • In our case, the URL must include spasibo.html

Click Finish to complete the setup.

You must ensure that the settings are correct. To do this, go to the Pixel Info and click Check Pixel code installation:

Next, specify the landing page URL and send the test traffic by pressing the “Send Test Traffic” button.

On the landing page that opens, you must make a test order so that the “Thank you” page opens.

In the dashboard, you can see that the event was counted:

Follow the link for a guide and analysis of other methods:

Bigo Ads Agent Cabinets

Recently, registration and launching ads from self-regs causes some issues, so you might want to consider agent cabinets.

An agent cabinet is an ad cabinet created by an advertising agency.

Agent cabinet advantages are as follows:

  • High credibility;
  • Multiple ad campaigns from a single account;
  • Loyal moderation;
  • Deposits without the need to seek the bank cards of the required GEO;
  • Advanced targeting countries list.

See our selection to get Bigo Ads Agent Cabinets.


Bigo Ads is gaining popularity with advertisers. Therefore, you might want to test a platform with relatively low competition, for now. Hope this material helps you have an easier time navigating the new platform.

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