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Guide to Adult Creatives with High CR

Working with adult products is advantageous in many ways, including niche relevance, good rates, a solid CR, decent earnings, etc. However, there’re also several complications that a webmaster may encounter. The latter includes restrictions on placing banners with straight-on and explicit adult content on the majority of websites, as well as the necessity to bypass moderation and use the cloak. All in all, the webmaster must have considerable experience in traffic arbitrage to work with adult offers.

Advanced specialists know the best way to bypass moderation by hiding a message for the user in the creative, replacing lurid images with familiar associative-metaphorical pictures of fruits, vegetables, cheerful ladies, etc. After all, a well-made creative is a key element of the scheme. However, as we all know, things are not always easy with traffic arbitrage: to obtain a certain CR, you have to conduct several tests, be creative, and develop a bold analytical approach. The same principle works with adult creatives.

Let’s find out how to make a good creative in the adult category, where to search for high-quality source files, and how to predict the moderator’s assessment on a particular website.

Adult Creative Approaches & Traffic Sources

“Choose an offer according to a traffic source – it is a principle one must be guided by from the start.”

When preparing and selecting creatives, you must consider the specifics of the traffic source you’re going to work with. The following traffic sources work for adult nutra offers:

Push notifications. An ad banner in push notification represents an image, a headline (with a well-marked problem, or topic) + ad text disclosing a solution. Therefore, the accuracy of these elements broadly affects whether the user will follow the link to the landing page or not. When working with this source, you’ll have many options to use and make creatives, but they may be limited by the website’s or ad network’s policy (in adult networks, the placement of explicit banners prevails over the others, so you’ll have to “whiten” and polish the creative to comply with the policy). In case you opt for a discreet and figurative approach, you can use eggplants, bananas, cucumbers, bolts, etc. 

If you must advertise the product systematically and exclude the non-target audience, thereby increasing the conversion rate, you can use the product image, product package, logo, or product name. Please note that a captivating image with measured text may attract a bigger traffic flow. 

When it comes to the text, it should summarize the image, revealing its underlying meaning. The content must be neat and catchy and point out the root of the matter encouraging a user to click on the ad. To retain the user on the landing page, remember that the landing page must follow up the creative and reflect the content, product, or problem.

Here’s a reference: 

“Troubles having an erection?”

“With this treatment, it will be as hard as a rock”

“Having a stub?”

“Enlarge it by 3 cm in 3 days!”

“Cum too fast?”

“Titan Gel will provide you with titanic restrain”

As a case in point, we have compiled the top-performing creatives for you, ranked depending on the promotion approach. 

Native traffic. Several reference native traffic dimensions have a direct impact on your choice of approach and requirements for creatives. If you work with popular public sources (mainstream sources), then you might want to “whiten” your creatives and the entire scheme under the website policy, replacing them with content-addressable images. The more rigid the criteria, the more you should focus on your choice of image. It might be the image of vegetables or fruits, various measuring tools, trees, jellyfish, mushrooms, a happy lady’s face, etc. As a case in point, we have selected several relevant creatives:

This approach is irrelevant for adult networks since ads are impressed on adult websites and the content-addressable approach doesn’t comply with the common concept of the website. Thus, adult networks induce webmasters to opt for a more straightforward approach to creatives and landing pages (all that belong to the 18+ category).

Banner traffic is best for webmasters with an extensive background in traffic arbitrage, who have prior experience working with high rates per lead. To work with this type of traffic, you must have a pretty clear sense of current trends, monitor competitors daily, and be aware of the approaches that provide a good CR (for convenience, you can opt for the Adult Adplexity Spy Service).

Even with all this knowledge and banner designer skills, a webmaster must experiment with approaches, test them, and seek the best scheme.

Facebook Ads is one of the most complicated traffic sources to work with adult offers, as it requires the webmaster’s thorough preparations and proper consumables selection. If you tried working with adult offers in FB*, you’d know about a very strict review policy, thorough account preparations, and cloaking. Ads with explicit content are strictly forbidden in FB*, so you either must “whiten” the creatives, adjust them to FB ad policy, or use content-addressable images that will attract the user’s attention.  When working with FB*, you must also study trends that work with competitors (you can opt for Adheart (get 15% off with the “CPARIP” promo code) and AdSpy (get a trial of 1,000 ad views with the “cparip” promo code and sign up here to get $50 off the first month of AdSpy services)), conduct tests, and try various approaches.   

Where to Obtain Source Files for Creatives?


When preparing any creative, you must comprehend the mentality of the region and the preferences of the audience you’ll work with. The image should be as realistic as possible (keep Photoshop retouching to a minimum in favor of a life-looking image). Those who have been working with adult offers for a long time are aware that ads with average women and men caught up in day-to-day life provide a higher CR inspiring the confidence of a would-be customer more than photos with professional models. However, it is quite challenging to find suitable images of real users on the Internet, since adult content tends to be private.

It helps to opt for popular marketplaces (find a popular marketplace in the required GEO). Customers often leave feedback about the purchased product in the “Customer Feedback” section, where you can find suitable source photos for your creatives by researching currently popular products in the “Underwear”, “Panties”, and “Negligee” categories, etc. In the Russian Federation, you can opt for Wildberries and Ozon. AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay are popular international platforms (their policies are strict, but you can always discover something).

You can also opt for spy services as an alternative solution provided that you have the skills to customize the creative to your needs.

Ad Review: Adult Content Identification Services & Creos References with Review Status

To quickly check the ready-made creative and save time when launching the ad campaign, you can opt for special services that determine the safety of the content for viewers and assess it. This allows the webmaster to analyze it and customize it if necessary.

Among such services, there’s ClarifAI – an AI-controlled content moderator that filters out unwanted content quickly and neatly. 

ClarifAI pinpoints a trace of adult, erotic, illegal, or prohibited content in the photo. You can also analyze the image for doubtful content (helps when preparing creatives for nutra and adult offers). The operation algorithm is quite simple: upload an image with adult content to see the safety level for a viewer. If it was indexed as 1-maximum (SFW and NSFW), then it is safe to pass the review. This is the top service for various business dimensions with high credibility. If it approves the image, it means that it will pass moderation on other platforms as well.

Google Vision Service evaluates the content according to its scoring system and classifies images under specific categories. The service can also detect additional objects, emotions, general background, etc. in the picture.

In the Safe Search section, the user can view an in-depth analysis, based on which they can assess the chances of the creative passing the moderation. If an image with adult content demonstrates high indicators, you might want to edit it and double-check it or replace it with another one.

These services save a lot of time and budget, helping webmasters to tailor their creatives to the desired outcome.’s Case of Success

Let’s consider a case of a well-performing scheme of adult creos + landing page + offer in

The image format is suitable for push and native traffic. Why consider this scheme successful? Let’s start with the unbiased advantages: 

In this case, the offer, the creative, and the landing page represent mutually connected elements of one scheme and are designed in the same visual style, serving as an extension to one another. Looking at the picture, the user’s attention is caught right away by a male body with clearly distinguished benefits + a demonstration of the product, and an indication of the natural components, i.e., the user may already be interested in this offer since it is safe for their health.

If you open the landing page, you’ll see a classic scheme that works: a subject represented by a question and a solution represented by a product with the listed advantages, as well as a quick order button and hot limited-time offer with a discount, which is so popular in African regions.

The customer can further verify the information provided in the creative about the natural components and their health effect, which also inspires the customer’s confidence. The prescribing label accompanied by visual design and comments on the product’s benefits warms up the customer and encourages them to purchase. For the majority of the stronger sex (especially for those who have a problem), this is a quick actual solution with little time and financial costs involved. 

Landing page: lander – 2

The second landing page demonstrates more succinct and aggressive communication, but it also includes all things necessary for the user’s visual sensing and a quick purchase of the product: the advantages of the product, a photo with the outcome, a hot discount, and a purchase button. 

To increase the CTR of the landing page, you might also want to add a subject or question to the creative image. On the landing page, you can provide product research details, customer feedback, and the actual product packaging. This creative is not “white”, so if you want to use it, you must first study the ad policies of the ad network or the platform you’re going to work with.


From all the above it follows that promoting adult products is profitable and interesting since you have to improve various sets of skills like traffic management and creativity. Before starting to prepare or search for a creative, you might want to keep in mind that the best way to obtain a high CR is testing, consistent analytics, and creativity. Do not hesitate to experiment, remake, and apply what might at first seem like a crazy idea, because sometimes it may provide you with the targeted results.

For the sake of a high CR, yours!

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