Affiliate’s Guide on Crypto Ads on Google

The search engine is an excellent source of traffic for crypto offers. The success of ad campaigns depends on many variables, which we’ll discuss in this article. Hereby, you’ll learn ad campaign customization guidelines, rookie mistakes, and general principles of the cryptocurrency vertical. The information is provided by experts of the European Converting Team Affiliate Network.

It bears reminding that the Converting Team is a Czech affiliate network with unique offers in gambling, crypto, and leadgen verticals. We work with partners from all over the world. If you sign up with the affiliate program, you’ll gain access to efficient tools and exclusive offers for online income.

The Basics of Profitable Crypto Offers

To start receiving high payouts from the crypto offers promotion, you must learn the basics. In our affiliate program, we can highlight the following basic criteria for a successful crypto promotion as our partner:

  • CPA model;
  • Wide selection of GEOs (55+);
  • Large minimum deposit (from $250);
  • Native sales funnels;
  • Certified call center;
  • High and regular payouts.

The rule of thumb in successful crypto promotion is a trusting relationship with the affiliate manager and confidence that you’ll get paid. Our crypto offers allow partners to earn from $200 to $1,200 per lead and receive weekly income. With this in mind, webmasters trust us; we provide advertisers with a steady income, which, by the way, often refers to us as well. Everyone benefits and receives well-deserved bonuses.

Crypto Promo Tools

Preparatory activities are the landmark of the publisher’s work. Here’s a set of proper tools you’ll require to be successful with Converting Team’s crypto offers. Below, there’s a step-by-step guide on launching a crypto offer on Google.


A secure connection is a ground rule that you might want to follow when working with crypto offers. Security tools include proxy, cloak, and anti-detect browser. From our experience, we can recommend the following proven services.

Anti-detect browsers:

  • Dolphin{anty} (get 21% off with the CPARIP promo code);
  • Indigo (get 50% cashback with the CPARIP promo code);
  • Samara.

Other anti-detect browsers.

Residential IPv6 proxies:

Cloaking services:

  • Adspect;
  • Traffic Armor;
  • IMKLO (get 15% off with the CPARIP promo code).


In operations, we do both accounts farming and purchase ready-made warmed-up accounts with a good amount of budget spent with it (as a rule, it’s $200 or higher). From our experience, purchased accounts work better and last longer, although you might not want to neglect farming if you have time and resources.

Domains & White Pages

White landing pages or white pages make a great opportunity to successfully pass moderation and launch a profitable ad campaign. To create a white page, you might want to use the following services:

Your domains must also comply with Google’s strict ad policy:

  • Opt for “.com” domains;
  • Opt for an SSL certificate;
  • Enable Cloudflare DNS host.


Keywords selection is the landmark for creating a successful Google ad campaign. As a case study, here’s how we selected keys to promote crypto offers in India, one of the best GEOs of 2021, using the Service.

Payment Service Providers

Choosing means of payment, especially during a crisis, may become one of the stumbling points for webmasters in 2022. We use the following means of payment when working with the non-CIS market:

  • Cross cards;
  • Luxe cards;
  • Bankera;
  • for the USA;
  • for Europe.

When paying for ads in the non-CIS market, you might want to consider 20% VAT as well.

Ad Creatives

As a rule, the sales funnel for crypto offers includes nuanced ad creatives. These might be traders’ success stories or pre-landing news pages that include figures and facts to highlight the advantages of the offer for a customer. Our team is actively involved in preparing ad creatives with our partners.

Campaign Setup & Launch

To set up an ad campaign in Google head-on, you might want to consider the following tips:

  • Set the CPC manually based on your budget;
  • Set automatic campaign rules for various scenarios;
  • Raise spending by at least 20% in case the scheme is performing efficiently.

Of course, your account manager can also provide individual comprehensive guidance for you. Our team is actively involved with each partner, assisting them to achieve better results.

Rookie Mistakes with Crypto Offers

Above, we went over milestones for preparing and launching crypto ad campaigns on Google. Now, let’s consider fundamental reasons why some beginners go negative and give up on crypto offers after they experience the first laydown.

Testing all at once. You must understand that tests are a necessary stage of ad campaigns. You might want to test a single variable per ad. This is the only way you can efficiently check its performance.

A small test budget. As mentioned above, tests may strip a good piece of the budget, which is completely normal. Only after you test several schemes, will you be able to determine the best ad campaign, which will allow you to win back the budget and make quite a profit.

Overly unique creatives and keywords. Yes, something unique may not equal profit. You must case the market and find out what works best for your competitors. Spy services and account managers will help you with that. You might want to collect keys in PRO services, otherwise, irrelevant keys will get your AC down from the start.


Don’t be afraid to try the crypto vertical. It is not all that complicated as many “coaches” say. The Converting Team and partners make money with crypto offers quite successfully. We are ready to train beginners who want to receive higher income with unique offers and guaranteed payments.

Join the Converting Team and start earning on crypto, gambling, and lead gen offers!

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