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Guide on Proactive Crypto Traffic Management in 2022-2023

Last year’s cryptocurrency boom has slightly affected the market; however, digital currencies are still trending. Moreover, new entrants are emerging in the market with new great offers for affiliate programs and webmasters. 

It’s crystal clear that cryptocurrency is here to stay. The vertical develops steadily and provides outstanding profitability indicators given that your promotion strategy is viable. Let’s go over the relevant trends in crypto traffic management: offers, targeting, sources, GEOs, and best partnership terms provided by affiliate networks. It bears reminding that you’ll find relevant unique offers with high rates in the Converting Team European Affiliate Program.

Relevant Crypto Offers

The cryptocurrency vertical is liable to an adjusted mathematical system with its growth and de-growth stages. Note that affiliates may profit off of cryptocurrency offers during both stages. Let’s consider the top offers relevant for promotion in the coming period.

Earnings Training

In a time of crisis, many users seek out earnings to supplement their monthly paycheck. This target audience requires analytical tools and trading training, e-books, webinars, and educational content related to the cryptocurrency market. Crypto training offers are safe for promotion and inspire the target audience’s trust. We will consider relevant GEOs and sources below.

Quick Money

Fans of lock, stock, and barrel will appreciate brokerage services and cryptocurrency exchange offers. In this category, the prevailing offers represent references to various crypto platforms with the minimum deposit. When preparing promo offers in this category, you must carefully evaluate your creatives for false statements and tall promises.

Cryptocurrency Software

Cryptocurrency software offers include trend trackers, chart analyzers, and various trading bots. These are relevant for those who are already involved in crypto trading and are aware that prompt reaction to changing trends is essential.

The key trend in the cryptocurrency vertical in 2022-2023 is fraud control. Advanced algorithms quickly track low-quality traffic and filter out unscrupulous webmasters.

Сryptocurrency Sales Funnel

A successful affiliate’s career requires knowledge and a basic understanding of digital marketing. A well-developed sales funnel allows you to make successful ad campaigns and increase the conversion rate. Commonly, the cryptocurrency sales funnel includes the following elements:

  • Creative idea/ad layouts for social media
  • Pre-landing page
  • Landing page
  • Signup form
  • Email/message/call from a broker
  • Deposit

Lead processing is a landmark of a successful funnel. For this, you must be confident that your traffic will be successfully processed in the call center by the advertiser or affiliate program. Hence, an important tip: choose an affiliate network carefully; you must be sure that incoming traffic is soundly processed.

The best offers with high payouts also imply demanding requirements. The average minimum deposit for crypto offers is up to 250-500+ USD. Average conversions vary from 4% to 17%. Being an affiliate specialist, you might want to keep in mind that the conversion rate depends on these key parameters: 

  • Creatives must be relevant to the target audience in the selected GEO;
  • The quality of pre-landing and landing pages (design, copyright, layout, adaptability) must be acceptable;
  • The call center must operate efficiently.

Next, let’s consider no less important parameter for successful crypto traffic arbitrage: the target audience of the GEO.

The Target Audience of Crypto Offers

Targeting the right audience is the key to successful ad campaigns. Let’s consider the relevant target audience criteria worldwide for various offers in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Solvency: top affiliate specialists feel safe to target people with higher education and income from 130,000 USD per year.
  • The core audience mostly includes male customers of the age of 25-40 (the female audience takes up about 22%).
  • Their interests are concrete: finance, business events, financial market events, economic update, and forex rates.
  • Laziness multiplied by the thrill of competition: a representative of the target audience wishes to cash on cryptocurrency with minimal effort and investment and has faith in good luck.
  • Passion for knowledge and contemplation: the target audience of crypto offers likes analyzing and contemplating; they would appreciate platforms with interactive content, unique figures and facts, and new knowledge of finance and investment.

To continuously increase the income from affiliate marketing, you might want to conduct extensive target audience research before launching ad campaigns in selected regions. Let’s consider GEOs for the crypto offers promotion below.

Which GEO is Best for Crypto Offers?

From year to year, the geographical spread of the cryptocurrency market is expanding. Below, we will consider the best GEOs for crypto traffic arbitrage in the upcoming season.

Tier 1 GEOs

Tier 1 countries remain leaders in cryptocurrency traffic. The countries of highest relevance are the USA, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. The average profit from ad campaigns in these GEOs is about 1,500-2,000 euros. The key traffic source is Facebook.

Tier 2 GEOs

Georgia, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia provide rich pickings of crypto traffic while call centers record very positive feedback. Besides, lead count implies considerable interest while ad campaigns generate revenue from 800 USD and above. 

Tier 3 GEOs

Many affiliate specialists consider working with crypto traffic in Tier 3 countries a roulette but it’s where you can hit a jackpot today. The above includes OPEC countries (Saudi Arabia, Congo, UAE), African countries from the EMEA sector (South Africa), Brazil, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and Mexico. The average profit in these countries varies between 500-800 USD.

Here’s an expert tip: categorize and study the target audience in specific GEO before launching traffic. During tests, you can categorize the audience into investors and enthusiasts, if you know what we mean.

Traffic Sources

Facebook remains the fundamental source of high-quality traffic in many regions. However, do not forget about other relevant sources like TikTok, Twitter, and Telegram. Push and pops traffic also proves to be efficient. Being an oldster of affiliate marketing, you may as well attract high-quality traffic via SEO and blogging. You can also use chatbots, email newsletters, and messengers. If you are skeptical about a source, you can request a free consultation from your CT account manager.

Creative Tips

Partners often use customized top creatives from spy services (like PowerAdSpy, SpyPush, or AdSpy). We advise ordering unique creatives for each GEO. Here are some expert tips on trending creatives for crypto offers in 2022-2023:

  • Analyzing the interests and preferences of the target audience in the selected GEO is mandatory (including color preferences);
  • Opt for impactful triggers like the American dream, children’s education, real estate mortgage, findependence, etc.;
  • Intrigue the audience: yellow clickbait headlines often make people “read more”, although they may alienate part of the audience;
  • Show success: demonstrate the living standards or associable person for a target customer;
  • Success stories: people like to read “from worst to first” stories with a modern twist (and most importantly, they are sold on the reads);
  • Provide numbers: screenshots with the payout sums still trigger people just like success stories;
  • Provide the solution: offer ready instructions on top-priority problems of the audience (debt settlement, educational fees, etc.);
  • Provide food for thought: diagrams, circles, graphs, infographics, facts, and figures in various interpretations — all these attract users into the world of success, where they want to be after making the minimum deposit.

For inspiration, opt for Pinterest or Behance. You can quickly order inexpensive creatives for the non-CIS market on Fiverr or UpWork. You can also request assistance from managers or creative specialists in your affiliate program (in the Converting Team Affiliate program, you can order customized creatives via a powerful TG bot).

To summarize, here’s a short list of tips for both beginners and advanced partners:

  • Start with CPL and CPA offers with average rates;
  • You might not want to start with expensive GEOs;
  • Apply huge resources to the quality of creatives and tests;
  • Use backup tools and services (spy services, trackers);
  • Monitor the results and learn from your mistakes;
  • Don’t give up after the beginner’s failure;
  • Choose trusted affiliate programs.


Today, managing crypto traffic appears to be much easier than it was a couple of years ago. You will definitely require some time to train, conduct research, and prepare ad campaigns. But it could be easier and quicker if you choose to work with a reliable affiliate network.

Contact Converting Team manager right now for a close consultation on profitable crypto offers for free!

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