Fixed: Facebook Write-Off Error

I think all of you have encountered an issue when you pass a risk payment successfully but then ads related to the account won’t be running!

The solution turned out to be very simple, in fact, the temporary hold feature simply does not work as it is intended. The system won’t write it off and display an error message!

Here’s how you can bypass the bug:

  1. You’ll require two bank cards. 
  2. Since you have already bonded a card and passed the risk payment, bind another card. It binds no problem but the error message will pop up again. 
  3. Select the second card as the primary payment method. Facebook will place a temporary hold on the card and it’s all set!

There’s a downside that Facebook charges a total of $30 to authorize two cards but the account will work as it should!

I uploaded the video tutorial to my channel where you can also view other tutorials:

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