Encouraging Traffic Arbitrage: How and Where to Pull in Today?

We have brought you wonderful news: traffic arbitrage survived. But these challenging times will require your ultimate focus. It’s about time you recall that cash is king. Close the news feed, stick your neck out, and expand your perspective. The grass is always greener on the other side and this is where we aim for.

Hereby we offer you to take a quick look at good opportunities to monetize your traffic and replenish your money holdings: opt for Europe, Asia, the East, and Africa. Pull yourself together and start cashing in on cryptocurrency, gambling, and lead generation with the Converting Team. Go for it!

Cryptocurrency & Gambling in Europe

Investment is the best solution to ensure financial health in times of change. Europeans tend to keep up with the times and follow trends. Many have been affected by the crisis, which means people want to distract themselves and get neck-deep in gambling.

Greece, Spain, and Portugal demonstrate an excellent CR in crypto and casino offers. Residents of warm, flourishing countries are less stressed, feel more optimistic, and are ready to spend money shamelessly. Cryptocurrency statistics in Spain (see above) demonstrate that Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are still trending and in high demand in 2022. Social networks targeting settings work, creatives make a good CR and bring great bonuses.

What about lead-gen in Europe? Car loans and insurance are also popular there. Prudent Europeans care about their future and demand good and relevant offers. A kind reminder: the Converting Team has top exclusive offers and will assist you with creatives for various GEOs.

Casino & Cryptocurrency in Africa

Many African countries became leaders in the global demand for online gambling. According to the latest data, the demand for casino offers in the region has grown by 12% over the year in 2021-2022 and keeps growing. In many ways, this is facilitated by the growth in the number of young people. Official statistics and forecasts suggest that the number of young people under the age of 24 will double in Africa by 2050! 

Besides, countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda are leading game developers in the African region. Young Africans actively create and absorb content, aiming at European and American standards. It’s an excellent chance to lead them where they can satisfy their demand for gambling.

Increasing adoption of mobile traffic in African countries is also encouraging. According to local data, mobile traffic adoption will reach its peak by 2026. The year 2022 provides many opportunities to “soak” the market before the major affiliate competition begins.


Latin America develops rapidly. Young Latinos follow trends, have more money, and are ready to invest them. Today’s top GEO in LATAM is Chile. Work with cryptocurrency, gambling, and lead-gen offers now and get a great CR.

Arab countries are the home-run market for top publishers. The competition here is higher, but you may make a lot of money. This GEO block includes Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. The data suggests that since 2019, the online casinos turnover in Muslim Arab countries has been steadily growing by $200M a year. With the Converting Team, you will find worthwhile offers for these GEOs to monetize your traffic big time.

Singapore & Hong Kong

Colorful Singapore blooms and develops with escape velocity. Many offers are well-accepted there, while the general population spends up to $1,000 in online casinos every month. Singapore is often compared to Spain, where people are reckless players with high demands for gambling. This GEO is also cool because creatives in English work well there since English is one of the four state languages in the country.

Hong Kong and Macau are located on the opposite banks of the Pearl River, but they are equally suited for crypto, gambling, and lead-gen offers. Statistics show that these GEOs are among the TOP ten regions in terms of high CR for crypto, betting, and casino offers.


Challenging times never really end, but with a cool head and clear goals, you can pull through at all times. Focus on earning today, because many GEOs demonstrate a great CR and someone is making money there right now.

Take a look at unique GR, PT, CL, ES, SG, HG, and GCC offers. Analyze the African region and the opportunities it provides. Now is the time to set yourself up for money-making and believe in your own potential!

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