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How to Promote Nutra Offers in TikTok? Free & Paid Methods

Before You Start: Preps

Before you start developing a scheme, you must prepare an account and landing page. We won’t go deep into landing page preparations since all you have to do is to find an optimized and mobile-friendly web page.

It’s trickier with accounts. The easiest option is to buy a ready-made foreign account and use a VPN. The account must be linked to a SIM abroad.

If you want to create an account yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a foreign SIM; TikTok will track your region with it. For this, opt for eSIM services and SIM cards of the country you plan to promote offers in;
  2. Set up a VPN.If your geo-location coincides with the country of the SIM, this will raise the account’s credibility and the chances of getting featured in the regional feed;
  3. Download the app.Change the region in the AppStore or Google Play to the country where you plan to promote offers and download TikTok App;
  4. Warm-up an account. Fill it with original content and don’t add too many hashtags;
  5. Switch to “Business Account”.You can do it via the upper right menu, in the “Manage Account” section.

That’s it with the preps. One last thing that needs to be done is to add a link to the profile bio and you can launch the traffic!

But before we move on to various methods of attracting traffic, let’s gain insight into creatives…

How to Make Creatives for TikTok?

The approach and the underlying concept depend on the product you are promoting. For example, the “before\after” approach works great for weight loss offers while demonstrating a rich harvest is best for agro-offers.

Classic “Before\After” creatives do well in TikTok.

However, there are a couple of tips to improve your creatives:

  • The first seconds are central. If you don’t get right to the point, the user will scroll the video. Capture the user’s attention from the first seconds of the video, either with product benefits or with intrigue, or a joke;
  • Tangible result. TikTok is a social network focused on visual content. Demonstrate the tangible benefits of the product, and make a user believe that the product will solve their problem;
  • UGC videos. Avoid high-quality videos in favor of user-generated content: smartphone videos are more credible;
  • The power of the text. Write readable and succinct texts. It is required so that users viewing your profile familiarize themselves with the offer before they view the video;

  • Music is essential. Music is essential in TikTok. To get your videos featured, use popular tracks for the selected region.

TikTok Spy Services

If you require brand new ideas for your creatives, sneak them from other webmasters! Here’s a list of TikTok spy services we’ve compiled for you:

  • IXSpy is a free service for TikTok Ads monitoring. It allows you to search for ads by keywords, sort them by visibility, select hashtags and music, and filter creatives by format;
  • PiPi Ads is a paid spy service for TikTok. A monthly subscription starts from $155. By subscribing, you’ll get comprehensive data on competitors’ campaigns, analytics, and access to AI-based algorithms to search for popular posts;
  • BigSpy is an inexpensive spy service for TikTok, where you’ll find a large database updated daily and convenient filters to search for ads. A monthly subscription starts from $9.

Free Promotion Tips in TikTok

When your creatives are ready, you can start driving traffic!

Let’s start with the free method.

To get organic traffic, just upload videos to your profile. If algorithms and users find the content interesting, it will get a high outreach ratio.

But this method is difficult to predict, and therefore you might want to raise the chances of success with hashtags. Here’s how you do that:

  • Compile a database of top hashtags in your region. They must be short and in the local language; they also must have already been featured in videos with high outreach ratio (from 1-2 million views). Opt for these services to collect hashtags;
  • Publish creatives. Add the hashtags you collected to the videos, four or five hashtags per video will do. Make new posts every several hours;
  • Drive up the user activity. For this, opt for particular services. Focus on fake likes but drive them gradually – no more than 1,000 likes per day.

You can also opt for other free promotion methods like mass liking and mass following. Add your account to platforms that provide these services, set limits, and launch promotions. The outcome depends on the audience and content in your profile.

Here’s some limits figures:

  • Likes: 500-1,000;
  • Followers: 300-800;
  • Likes on comments: 1,000-5,000.

To improve the mass liking, focus on unpopular comments. Users with low account activity usually respond to notifications, which increases the chances that they will pay attention to your profile.

To promote ads with targeting, you must download TikTok Ads and set up an ad campaign. Select objectives and regions for promotion, set TikTok as a platform for placement and allocate the budget. The ad cabinet has a set of basic features that are easy to figure out.

But you might want to pay attention to several aspects when setting up targeting:

  • Offer category. The majority of the products are allowed for promotion, but when it comes to adult or weight loss products, you’ll have to “whiten” the creatives and enable cloaking;
  • Test run. Before launching a promotion on the main account, you might want to test the review results on another profile. This will allow you to pre-evaluate the performance of your creatives;
  • Advertising objectives. Choose an objective: for maximum outreach, opt for “Awareness”, for conversions – “Conversions”, and if you must encourage user’s interest and lead them through a sales funnel – opt for “Consideration”;
  • Set up a pixel. Collect as much analytics as possible: for this, use pixels of various ad networks, including TikTok’s. You can also opt for third-party tools like Yandex.Metrica.

Otherwise, only tests will provide you with insights into the campaign’s effectiveness. Seek out the target audience, make catchy creatives, collect as much data as possible, and prepare for review in advance – this will allow you to avoid major problems with paid traffic.


TikTok is one of the most advanced advertising platforms ideal for nutra offers promotion. Drive paid and free traffic, learn how to create content for social networks, prepare accounts properly, and profit will not be long in the coming!

Good luck!

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