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What’s Relevant Gambling Funnel on Facebook ADS?

Good day everyone! Today, we will discuss how to improve the CR and obtain greater outcomes from your promotion activities. Recommended reading: “Test Guide to Gambling Offers in Facebook Ads” – Part 1 of this material!

Before I start, I’d like to welcome you to my Telegram Channel: @netraffgambling where we study cases, discuss Facebook, and build our team. Jump in!

For me, creative represents the key element in the ad that provides 70% of the outcome. What about the other 30%? 20% is about apps and 10% is about the landing page. Therefore, you must analyze your creatives to avoid common mistakes in the funnel. Let’s analyze some creatives.

I used the creatives that have already been analyzed in the CPA BRO Chat.

Case Study #1

What Attracts Attention to Creative?

✅ Streamers. They attract new players with their game reactions.

✅ Payout. Demonstration of instant transfer of funds in the dashboard: a bank notification.

✅ Product localization. An emphasis on the target audience of the product, a country flag, and an inscription at the beginning that says “For Montenegro Only”.

✅ The top slot demonstration – the Legacy of Egypt Slot on the Wheel of Fortune – attracts advanced players.

✅ Call To Action motivates a user to download the app on Google Play and get a bonus.

What Can I Improve?

❌ Gameplay delivery. You can make the gameplay demonstration and the booster reaction shorter so that you’ll have 20-second creos.

❌ Call to FTD. You might want to specify that a player receives a bonus only for the first deposit. It will save you from freeloaders’ clicks.

❌ Obscene language. If there’s obscene language, a potential player won’t view the creative till the end.

❌ Change notifications to Android notifications.

👉🏻 Such creatives gain a high users’ trust but confirm the use of celebrity images with the advertiser to avoid the situation when they’ll stop your traffic.

Case Study #2

What’s In the Ad?

✅ News. EURONEWS report from Salzburg: a player won 1.5 million euros in a mobile app.

✅ An expressive reaction. The girl’s emotions from playing the popular FIRE JOKER Slot.

✅ Product localization. Focus on the language, country flag, currency, and location of the event in the news.

✅ Payout. Demonstration of instant transfer of funds in the PayPal dashboard.

✅ Call To Action — 200 EUR bonus — important: GooglePlay icon.

What Can I Improve?

❌ There’s no mobile gameplay demonstration on the video; a new player may not notice it but you might want to change it to mobile gameplay to gain more trust.

❌ What is the product? You might want to specify the product logo to avoid repeated registrations.

👉🏻 The creative is good but if you uniquelize it and remedy the flaws, you can feel free to test it with your product.

Case Study #3

What Does the Creative Include?

✅ It’s a well-recognized WILD FALLS Slot Game. You can see the gameplay with the call to “try your luck” + the popular Sun of Egypt Slot that attracts new players with another game inside the product and increases the player’s winnings by 100 times.

✅ Local Bank. The winnings are instantly credited to the player’s card in BRL currency. You can see the plastic card of the bank on the screen.

✅ Reaction. The girl is happy with the gameplay and is surprised by how quickly the money is credited to her card.

✅ The quality of the creative. The player sees what they will get after downloading the app since it all happens in real time.

✅ CTA: they offer to try the product and encourage users to download it on Google Play.

👉🏻 Opinion: It’s a high-quality creative. Two slots fit seamlessly into the video. The demonstration of money crediting looks neat and fresh even without a dashboard demonstration. If you liked this creative, you can improve it and start testing it now!

You must be able to identify your mistakes in creatives because it concerns your future CR. Now, let’s move on to that 30%.

Sales Funnel.

Sales Funnel

When Do I Improve the Funnel?

  1. You have a creative that provides deposits at an adequate price.
  2. You have a stable app that isn’t banned every other day.
  3. You have passed the KPI test successfully and you can drive traffic with no worries.

What Do Funnel Improvements Provide?

  1. Quality is the key advantage.
  2. The conversion to installation, registration, and deposit improve, thereby the price is lower.

It sounds good, isn’t it? So, what’s a relevant funnel for me?

A relevant sales funnel includes a well-designed creative in a similar style as an app, while the app design corresponds to a landing page design.

You must catch the user’s attention with your creative during the first three seconds of the video. Generally, your creative does all the work but keep in mind that once the user follows the link to the app and views something they ALREADY liked, the chance of app installation is higher. If the user is redirected to a landing page that has the same design, then they’ll instantly sign up and make a deposit. Thus, they like the creative and the app; they are potentially interested and nothing stands in their way of signing up and making the first deposit.

As a case study, I used three different landing pages, three apps, and three creatives, and combined their designs. Let’s analyze them to learn what a “relevant” sales funnel is.

At this point, I want to thank my friends at who provide me with awesome gambling offers. I’d also like to thank the creative specialist Arkady who made these nice creatives for the article. So, if you require great offers and creatives, you know who to contact 🙂

By the way, they will help you analyze your funnel in the CPA BRO Chat! Join in and see for yourself.

Sales Funnel #1

As a case study, I used a well-known Aviator Offer. At the time, it provided a lot of traffic (the apps with similar designs were private). In this case, my funnel might not be relevant because I have made some minor changes. Let’s check it!

Landing Page

Landing page.

What is the first thing that catches your attention? Correct! It’s an airplane that flies and collects “Xs”. We’ll use it as a basis for creative and app design.


Option #1.
Option #2.

Generally, there are a lot of Aviator Apps with various designs. You can select any you like. I settled on the first option.

For me, the first option is unusual: they kind of mixed plane image with fruits and slots and, so to speak, gave a “zest” to an app. Since they commonly promote apps similar to Option #2, you have to search for more interesting approaches and improve them. My funnel did not change dramatically, there is still a signature plane that catches an eye instantly.


All our eyes are on the plane accompanied by elements that you can also find in the app. There is also a banking notification, a flag of Brazil, a call to download an app, and a bank account overview.

Sales Funnel #2

Fortune is also popular in our challenging business so I couldn’t just ignore it.

Landing Page

Landing page.

A bright wheel of fortune in the dark is the first thing that catches the eye. Therefore, we will create our funnel based on the center character and the wheel of the fortune supplementing it with elements from the landing page. To be honest, the landing page isn’t the best thing that I’ve seen.


Option #1.
Option #2.

As with the first case, there are a lot of apps for this offer. You can choose any one you like and start driving traffic with it. I selected Option #2 as it corresponds better with my landing page: the joker and the wheel are exactly the same with some other similar elements you can also find on the landing page.


The character is the same as in the app and landing page. There are such elements as bank notification, country flag, emotions when money is credited, and a call to download the app at the end.

Sales Funnel #3

Now, let’s analyze a complex funnel for the Main Offer.

Landing Page

Landing page.

Here’s a Main Landing Page. So, where to start? It’s easy. Share a link to the landing page with your friends and they will point you at the first thing that caught their eyes)) In my case, it was Book or Xmas; by the way, I also liked it right away, so I’ll create my funnel based on this slot.


There is a certain issue with the apps. It is challenging or almost impossible to find an app for such a slot unless, of course, you parse all the apps in the market in one place.

You can enter the slot and view the design; hopefully, you’ll find a similar app at least.


Often apps that include “book” images are designed in the Egyptian style. I could not find a relevant app, so let’s opt for what we got.


We might have made a creative for the slot but we did not do this because the installation count would decrease. Therefore, we used the slot design so that the player will see something familiar and continue playing.


You might want to improve your funnel only if you’re sure that your app will last. You might also want to have some spare options – there are a lot of them on the Internet. Do not hesitate to improve things. First of all, you will gain experience/best practices that will provide you with great results in the future. Create something of your own. This way you can earn a lot of money since it will be a unique funnel. Iterate over variables to improve your results. If you have few clicks, you might want to change the creative, and if you have many clicks but zero installations, you might want to change the app. If there are zero FTUs, then you might want to change the landing page. If there are zero deposits, then you might want to review your funnel.

Thank you for reading! The last thing: Welcome to my super-duper chat – 🎰 neTraff: Your favorite chat. Join to discuss and solve all your issues. It’s your favorite chat after all)

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