How to Create Unlimited BMs With Self-Regs / Autoregs?

Hello everyone! Today, I’ll tell you how to create unlimited BMs, although there’s still a clickbait, a limit, but we’ll get to that!

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You can create BM with any account!

What will you require?

  • Any type of FB account (it doesn’t matter whether it’s a self-reg or an autoreg).
  • A few Instagram autoregs.

I’ll work with the self-reg I created yesterday.

  1. Create an FP with any name and category whatsoever.
  2. Log in to Instagram with the purchased account.
  3. Switch to a professional account.
  4. Connect Instagram to your FP.
  5. You now have a new BM.

To create another BM, you need to repeat these steps but this time you must create a new FP and purchase a new Instagram account.

You can create several FPs per day, thus you can create several BMs as well.

The cost of BM of 100 rubles – an Instagram account = 95 rubles saved)

Profit to all)

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