Report by Dmitry Petrenko on Facebook Account Farming Automation from KINZA360° Conference

At the KINZA360° Conference, which took place in Kyiv, Dmitry Petrenko spoke about the Facebook accounts farming machine developed by his team. As of this writing, they farm about 4,000 accounts per day. The report reveals tricks on increasing the lifespan of the created accounts with minimum manual operations.

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The report: “FB Accounts Farming Automation. 4,000 accounts per day with maximum account lifespan and minimum manual operations.”

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December 2019

It all started at the end of 2019. Dmitry had a personal profile which he used to share BMs, search for information, and other things. One day, his profile was blocked. His attempts to restore the accounts were unsuccessful. His Facebook acquaintances couldn’t help either.

That was the first warning against working with personal accounts.

October 2020

The 2020 U.S. presidential run has had a major impact on the market. At that time, Facebook banned all sorts of ads, no matter if they were black or white.

So the team decided to drive traffic from purchased accounts.

In 2019, they faced the following issues:

  • The quality of purchased accounts was awful.
  • The service was awful as well.
  • The stock was unstable and sellers were constantly missing.

As a result, customer-supplier relations weren’t trustworthy. So the team decided to establish their farming department.

Easier to Code Than to Hire

The team was missing:

  • If Dmitry would have been involved in recruiting, he wouldn’t have had time to do his job.
  • A clear vision of managing several farmers. Employees have their situations: someone’s sick, someone’s pet is in labor, and so on.
  • Cost-effective conception.
  • They would require additional office space, equipment, and team expenses besides salaries.

The key reason why they avoided manual farming was the unit price per account at the start.

Besides, manual operations wouldn’t guarantee consistent accounts quality at all times since one task might be accomplished differently by different people.

So the Automation Begins

The team has started to automate the farming process.

The first thing they did was break down the whole routine into steps. They’ve written steps in separate lines as follows: open page, fill in field 1, fill in field 2, click the button, follow the link, etc.

They decompiled all steps of accounts creating and farming. And created templates for all operational actions.

ZennoPoster Run-Time Module

Dmitry illustrated the ZennoPoster module. It emulates processes and performs all actions by the “if … else” function.

Case Study

Automation steps:

In the left column, there are actions that are being performed on the first day. On the right, there’re actions that are being performed on the second day.

Day 1:

  • Create a profile and emulate browser
  • Log in to
  • Fill out all required forms
  • Extract codes received via SMS/Email
  • Complete fields
  • Log in to the page created
  • Fill out all the page forms
  • Upload profile photo and cover
  • Make post without a picture but with a GEOtag

Here’s a tip! The first post is created with a GEOtag based on the IP address of the account, map included. You’ll have the post published, but there’s no need for content creation.

  • Save

As a rule, it logs into a profile the next day and performs one of the farming elements.

Day 2:

  • Log into a profile
  • Perform one of the following farming elements:
    • Input Google Trends key
    • Scroll through several public pages
    • Comment/show interest
    • Reply to private messages with text or emojis
    • If a photo is received, reply with the dicpic
    • Post memes, tips, and tricks in pms and on FP
    • Repost from the feed a couple of times a week
    • Complain about ads
    • Click on the ad and perform the desired action
  • Save profile

How does farming work on the next day in a real-case scenario? It extracts the actual interesting keywords of some posts in Google Trends. The posts are searched in Facebook by these keywords. These are some news as a rule. As an option, you can comment on these posts.

Here’s a tip! If you comment on something, thousands of Hindus will start writing to you. Especially if you’ve created a woman’s profile.

If someone starts texting you in private messages, you can reply with a message like: “Hello, how are you?” or with a random emoji.

If you received a photo, in 90% of cases it will be some kind of dicpic (dick picture). You can reply with a dicpic as well. It’s a simple conversation to demonstrate that the new profile is viable.

There are a lot of content resources on the Internet with pictures and life hacks. You are allowed to post them on your profile page. Your aim is to create content in the profile feed.

You have to make reposts from the feed a couple of times a week. If you’ll search by a keyword first, and then search by a keyword in Google Trends, FB will generate your feed. Facebook understands  your interests and will show you posts even if you have no subscriptions.

That’s how the profile is farmed before creating ads. If Facebook does show you ads, it defines your profile as a real user.

After the ad will start impressing, you can complain about it or click on it and perform the desired action.

The Good Part

The logical question is: “What is my next step?” In most cases, almost any page you create will be checked.

So the next step is to determine the type of the checkpoint. You must collect all options. For each checkpoint, you have to write an action pattern. It has to perform actions according to the pattern: upload a photo and ID, specify the date of birth, and so on.

You must create patterns for each Facebook layout. One type of checkpoint may require two, three, or four layouts. All options are assembled by hand. Next, you should write templates.

After it determines a checkpoint, it activates a bot that determines the type of the checkpoint. After that, another bot solves this particular checkpoint case.

Then it sets a timer to check the account after 6-8 hours. When the account is unbanned, it goes back in the folder with other accounts to be farmed.

ADS Preparation

  • On days 3-4 (or after 3-4 logins), create and fill out the FP
  • Create BM via the /pub/start link
    • Or via Instagram
    • Or manually via WhatsApp Business
  • They are either linked to BMs of the personal Ads Managers from other accounts + access is distributed to 2-3 more accounts
  • Or personal Ads Managers are linked with friends
  • Next, generate the token
  • {Add billing statements} ad hoc

If you add the billing statement at the last stage, you must put the account on hold for 2-3 days. In this case, there’s less chance of RISK PAYMENT, but a higher chance to receive another checkpoint in the meantime. Activate the bot again. At this point, you can either pass the checkpoint successfully or not.

There is no universal option with the billing statement: you can either add it first thing after you create the ad account or leave the account for a few days and add the statement just before you’re going to launch the ad. You must test it.


How many accounts are required? How much should I put in? Estimates:

The team creates about 10,000 profiles per day. With a “survival” rate of about 40%, there are about 4,000 active accounts left.

Fuckup #1

What should I do if one of my accounts is being banned upon registration?

Dmitriy advises emulating the mobile browser. To do that, you have to use the actual smartphone. Along with the user agent, you must generate the device name, CPU, battery, screen dimensions, screen orientation, and proxy’s GEO.

Another way is to use European proxies. Proxies from Portugal, Spain, and other Western European countries are the best in this case.

Fuckup #2

To save on account registration, you can use Emails instead of SMS messages. If Facebook won’t let you sign up with an email, there’s another way to do it.

You can enter a random phone number upon registration. Next, you need to click “I did not receive SMS”. Then you can enter an Email and create a profile.

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