Keitaro + FB API = ❤️

There’s anissuewith redirecting leads to Facebook, especially if the offer page is not local.

We’ve read the Yellow Web article on the Server Side API Pixel and realized that it is an actual way to work with a pixel for international offers. These might be CC submit / Trial / Crypto / Sweepstakes / Gambling, etc. offers with all the data stored by the advertiser. Or it might be someone who launches campaigns optimized for approved or rejected leads (you never know).  

All this can be done with Keitaro (or any other tracker which allows sending an S2S postback with a POST request). 

Now for the fun part:

You can find all the details in the article above, so let’s briefly talk about the features of our integration:

  1. All data is being processed inside Keitaro
  2. The required data is automatically redirected to Facebook
  3. You only need to set up three parameters manually inside the tracker campaign
  4. In addition, some parameters increase the Event Matching Performance Indices
  5. There is also an automation service (for Keitaro Business Plan subscribers)


  • Create a pixel in Business Manager
  • Generate an access token
  • Add the domain to the authorization list
  • Confirm the pixel in any possible way
  • Add the Lead and the Purchase Web Events

Create a new source and add the tokens +

  • sub_id_10 = fbclid={fbclid}
  • sub_id_11 = pixel={pixel}
  • sub_id_12 = token={token}
  • sub_id_13 = domain={domain}

Go to the campaign, select the source you’ve created and go to Parameters. Type in the pixel number, access token, and pixel domain:

  • pixel = number of the pixel you’ve created
  • token=access token
  • domain = domain / path to display Leads from FB (for example, https: // http://| https:// is required)

Add S2S postbacks, POST method:

  • For the Lead Event{sub_id_11}/events?access_token={sub_id_12}&data=[{"action_source":"website","event_name":"Lead","event_time":{date:U},"event_source_url":"{_sub_id_13}","user_data":{"external_id":"{subid}","client_ip_address":"{_ip}","client_user_agent":"{_user_agent}","fbc":"fb.1.{date:U}.{_sub_id_10}","fbp":"fb.1.{date:U}.{random:1,9999}"}}]

  • For the Purchase Event{sub_id_11}/events?access_token={sub_id_12}&data=[{"action_source":"website","event_name":"Purchase","event_time":{date:U},"custom_data":{"currency":"USD","value":1.23},"event_source_url":"{_sub_id_13}","user_data":{"external_id": "{subid}","client_ip_address":"{_ip}","client_user_agent":"{_user_agent}","fbc":"fb.1.{date:U}.{_sub_id_10}","fbp":"fb.1.{date:U}.{random:1,9999}"}}]

Note: {"currency":"USD","value":1.23} set the currency and conversion value here.

Generate a link:

  • A required Facebook parameter:{fbclid}

  • An optional Facebook parameter




All set, you can launch it now.

A bonus

We’ve developed minor automation for our subscribers.

What’s it for?

  • Adding all parameters to the Keitaro campaign
  • S2S postbacks generating

Here’s an example:

Only Keitaro Business Plan (Admin API is required)

This automation can be customized to your tracker and your parameters – We are White Label friendly.


We’ve developed a handy way to redirect more user data to Facebook:

  • Firstname (optional)
  • Lastname (optional)
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Email (optional)
  • Country
  • City
  • State

Follow the link API facebook — v2.0 for more information on the release

Contact details:

We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

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