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UAC & Gambling in 2022

Along with TikTok and Facebook, UAC is to become a popular source of gambling traffic in 2022.  The platform is shaky but still profitable. In this article, you’ll find out how to work with gambling offers and UAC in 2022, what must-know nuances are there, where to obtain the proper tools, and how to monitor the ad campaign.

What’s UAC and Why is YouTube Important?

UAC — Universal App Campaigns — is a Google advertising platform for mobile apps. UAC traffic originates from Google services, namely:

  • Google search and partner websites;
  • Google Play;
  • YouTube;
  • Google Display — display network and banners.

Another traffic source is the Discover Recommendations Feed. At the moment, it is only available for Android users.

UAC provides high-quality traffic so profit is guaranteed in case you choose the right approach. 

Top targeted gambling traffic originates from YouTube. Users usually visit YT to relax and unwind, and seeing a casino ad is both entertaining for them and profitable for you.


Google Ads accounts must be warmed up. A warmed-up account is an account from which money has already been spent on ads with no specific limit. The longer profile exists and the more money has been spent on it, the better. Some use accounts with a minimum of six months on hold, others work with a profile created just a week ago.

If the account is “clean” with no ads launched with it before, then you must first warm it up with a white offer so that the account gains more trust. It’s up to you to decide how much to spend on ads to warm it up. Some start working after $500 were spent, while others purchase accounts with a $10,000 ads budget.

You must not replenish your account with several thousand dollars right away since Google considers it suspicious. You might want to start with $100-200 instead.

There’re two options: you can farm accounts yourself or purchase warmed-up accounts. On one hand, farming takes time, and on the other, – you must be careful with account sellers, as some offer simple autoregs as warmed-up accounts.


In this case, the “the more – the better” rule applies. You might want to make 10-20 creatives per ad campaign. Make extra creos to be ready when the drawdown occurs.

They use three types of creatives for UAC:

  • Video;
  • Image;
  • Text.

The video format is most in demand. There are four video formats: 16:9, 9:16, 2:3, and 1:1. The first one comes with the highest CR.

You can pick ideas on FB, or spy services or you can come up with your own. The key to successful traffic arbitrage on YouTube is high-quality videos.

The video for the creative can be uploaded from YouTube only. One cannot upload it from a PC. Therefore, you must first upload the creative on YT and then search for it by keywords or URL.

It’s less complicated with images and text. Upload an image, insert text, and the system will generate the creative for you. Opt for the Cloud Vision API to see what the ad will look like.

Avoid words like “casino”, “spin”, “free”, and so on or they’ll trigger Google to freeze or ban your account. Focus on the gameplay instead. You might not want to demonstrate a wad of cash saying: “Earn Money”.

When the ad is impressed for some time, you can try to include trigger keys. But you might not want to overuse pushy catchwords or else Google will ban your account.

Here’s a UAC video creative showcase:

Here’s a UAC image creative showcase:

Here’s a UAC text creative showcase:

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If you know the value of time and don’t want to waste it on creative-making, purchase them from us. To do this, contact your affiliate manager and provide your TDA.

What Do I Do if My Ad Campaign Won’t Pass Validation?

Moderators will reject too pushy creatives, that’s for sure. But what to do if they won’t validate even the ones that seem ok? There are a few ways to deal with it:

  • Rewrite the creative text;
  • Relaunch the AC from the same account;
  • Move AC to another account.

Sometimes they may approve only one text creative out of five identical ones.


Your app must be registered in Google Play or the App Store, so PWA will not work in this case. There are three options though:

  • Rent an app;
  • Create a DIY app;
  • Use a ready-made app provided by an affiliate program.

There is a good chance that the rental apps supplier provides an unfinished app with bugs. He will assure you though that everything is fine with the app, and that there’s some other reason for low CR. DIY apps are costly and take a lot of time to create, so you might want to choose the third option: use a ready-made app provided by an affiliate program. Profitov.Partners develop apps that pass moderation with no problem and increase account trust. Besides, we make cloaked apps with a pushy design and it’s free for our partners.

Virtual Cards

Before you start working, you must solve the issue with the means of payment. Google offers prepaid and postpaid payment models. In the first case scenario, you must replenish your account balance before launching ads. With the postpaid payment model, you must replenish your account balance after the money was debited. Google trusts users with a prepaid payment model, so you might want to opt for it.

When working with gambling offers, you might want to issue a virtual card. There is another option: you can opt for the ad cabinets replenishment service like ZaleyCash, for example.  Such services charge 20% of the amount spent to pay VAT.

GEO Consistency Principle

When working with UAC, follow the GEO consistency principle: the country of payment, offer, and IP must match. Otherwise, Google may freeze or ban the account.


Google UAC does not provide analytics, so you might want to use the tracker. Firebase and AppsFlyer are the best. They provide details on user behavior, conversions count, feedback, and so on.

The tracker will keep your budget safe, as you will be able to see what works well and what brings fewer conversions. Without postback, you will be blind and won’t even understand what’s going on with an ad campaign.

Ad Campaign

To create an ad campaign in Google UAC, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Ads.
  2. Press “New Campaign”.
  3. Select “App Ads”.

Now let’s customize the parameters. There are a few AC settings in UAC:

  • Campaign subtype;
  • GEO;
  • TA language;
  • OS;
  • Daily budget and bid.

That’s it, no more settings are available. UAC is an automated ad platform with algorithms working for you. It tests various audiences and impresses the best possible creatives.

Payment Model

We’ve chosen the “campaign subtype” model to work with. We’re now interested in the first two campaign subtypes: “App Installations” – the CPI model and “App Interaction” – the CPA model.

It’s more profitable to opt for the CPI model from the start: this way you will test creatives and be able to discard unwanted ones. In the first week, it may impress ads to an irrelevant audience at the high CPI. But after a week, the situation may change: the CPI will decrease, and the algorithm will select the relevant target audience.

If there’re no dynamics after a week of testing, just create a new ad campaign. The app itself might also be a problem. Read more on how to avoid it above.

After the tests are complete, you can switch to the CPA model and scale-up. But be careful: the app might be blocked before you switch to CPA which means a wasted budget.

OS & App Package

Next, select the operating system: iOS or Android. Enter the app package. Ask the account manager for an invitation to obtain the package.

GEO & Language

Select the GEO you wish to work with, it’s an easy one. If there’s no desired country in the offers list, click “Specify another location”:

In the “Languages” section, specify several languages, or better select all of them, since users can specify any language in their settings:

Daily Budget & Bid

First, specify the daily budget:

Then, specify the bid:

Check CPI with the account manager, because the UAC auto-bid will be twice as high as required. Google advises setting a daily budget 50 times higher than the CPI. In case the CPI is $1, the daily budget will be $50. With CPA, the daily budget should be ten times higher than the cost per action.

The cost of iOS traffic is about 20-30% higher than that for Android but the conversion cost for iOS users is also higher.

Gradually increase the daily budget by 10-20%. There are no limits on the daily budget in UAC: this means fewer reasons to be blocked. There is another strategy: you can create several identical AC with micro-budgets of $10 each. This way, each campaign will be optimized and provide more profit.

Click “Save and continue”.

UAC Offers from Profitov.Partners

There are no too simple or too challenging offers for UAC: it all depends on the webmaster’s skills. But you might want to start with any of these five offers:

Spinamba [PL]

ID: 1162.

  • Payments: CPA $140 qualified.
  • Terms: min dep — 50 zloty + player activity.

IceCasino [PT]

ID: 1054.

  • Payments: CPA $80 qualified.
  • Qualification: min dep — 10 EUR + player activity.

BiamoBet [ES]

ID: 1048.

  • Payments: CPA $160.

MostBet [CZ]

ID: 581.

  • Payments: CPA $70.
  • Baseline: 25 CZK.


We hereby analyzed UAC operating details, provided a couple of tips, and suggested you some offers to start with. It’s time to try it out. Our affiliate managers are available 24/7 and ready to help you at all stages and assist you in increasing your profit. 

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