Social networks:
  • Minimum payout: 5 rubles;
  • Time: upon request.
Payout systems:
  • Bank cards
  • WebMoney
  • QIWI
  • Payeer

1win Partners


It’s an affiliate program of the well-known bookmaker company 1win. They focus on the betting and gambling verticals. With their partners, they work on RevShare and CPA models.

Около Арбитраж

Special Features:
  • PR tools with high conversion.
  • Promo Codes Tool. Doubling of the deposit or other bonuses.
  • Affiliates earn from 50% RevShare and $25 to $80 per lead on the CPA model.
  • Individual support is available 24/7.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount: 5 rubles.
  • No payout hold for RevShare, and 7 days payout hold for CPA.

1win Partners Affiliate Program Overview

1win Partners is a direct advertiser in the betting and gambling verticals. It’s an official affiliate program of the 1win Bookmaker Company which is a well-known brand. They pay from 50% RevShare and up to $80 per lead on the CPA model. They make payouts of 5 rubles and more at any time. This is just a fraction of the publishers’ benefits. So let’s take a closer look at the affiliate program.

How to Sign Up?

First, let’s sign up for the affiliate program. You can find the signup form on the home page.

Fill in the required fields and click “Start earning”. Your account will open.

PR Tools for Advertising

Let’s start with promo materials. First, let’s generate a standard advertising link. Hover your cursor over “PR tools” and select “Links”.

Click “Get link”.

The relevant form will open. Specify the name, select the source, and the Direct (landing page). Some landing pages have a preview.

Landing Bonus Page Preview.

Click “Create”. The link will appear on the relevant page.

Each link has the source, date of creation, title, Direct (name of the landing page), and CPA. Here, you can copy the link and perform some actions like setting up the postback, going to the static page of a particular link, editing or deleting the link.

Let’s generate a link to work with. Press “Copy”.

In the form that opens, insert the UTM tags. Copy the ready reference.

Now let’s create a promo code. What is a 1win Partners promo code and how to use it?

A promo code is a combination of numbers and symbols that presents users with particular bonuses. This can be, for example, a doubling of the first deposit. 

This tool is an additional motivator: the user follows the link, signs up, and enters a promo code, which doubles his/her first deposit.

They use it where entering a link is not possible. For example, you cannot specify an active link in a video caption.

Also, the promo code has a higher priority than the link. If the user clicks on another link but enters your promo code, you will be credited with the conversion.

Let’s generate a promo code. Point to “PR tools” and perform relevant actions.

Create your promo code. It should be easy to remember and use. You can use the name of your channel, blog, or website. Save it.

The promo code will appear on the relevant page.

The following advertising tools are images, GIF animations, and videos. In the drop-down menu of PR tools select “Promo materials”.

A page with ready-made promo materials will open. You can sort them by format, extension, or size. By clicking on the promo, you can enlarge the image or video. You can add materials you like to favorites, download them or copy the embed code.


Let’s move on to statistics. In the drop-down menu of statistics, select “General”.

For detailed statistics, select period, source, links, GEO, or SubID.

Output information:

  • Date.
  • Clicks.
  • New players.
  • Active players.
  • Deposits count.
  • Deposit amount.
  • Re-deposits.
  • Bets count.
  • Total winnings.
  • Total losses.
  • Gross spread.
  • Revenue.

You can see that 1win Partners show detailed traffic statistics. If you click on “Details”, the detailed statistics of wins/losses in bets, casinos, and cases will open.

Statistics are updated online. As soon as the user loses, the partner’s income is calculated.

General information about the account is available on the Dashboard.

The graph indicates conversions, new accounts, income, accounts with deposits, and the amount of deposits. Below, you can view total statistics, or statistics by month, week, or day.

CPA Partnership

Let’s talk separately about cooperation with an affiliate program on the CPA model. Initially, all partners sign up and work on the RevShare model. To receive a fixed payment per lead, you must contact your manager.

1win Partners Pay CPA Affiliates from $25 to $80 per Lead.

Even when they work on the CPA model, partners can view detailed traffic statistics.

That provides you with a complete understanding of the situation. There’s additional information on the count and amount of CPA qualifications.

There is also a Hybrid model of cooperation when partners get a fixed payment and earn extra on RevShare. Terms and rates are discussed individually with each partner.

Payments & Support

Further components of effective cooperation are payments and customer support. To receive the first payout, you need to attract a minimum of ten active players with a total deposit of at least 5,000 rubles.

Then, you will be able to withdraw money to the betting account without quantitative limitation in terms of requests per day. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 rubles. There’s no payout hold on RevShare, and 7 days payout hold for CPA partners with an option to reduce terms for trusted partners.

They transfer money to bank cards, WebMoney, QIWI, and Payeer.

You can contact the support if you have any questions.

Contact details:

Individual support is available 24/7. They provide help and instructions at all work steps.

We see several advantages at 1win Partners that help increase your income. So don’t hesitate to sign up for the affiliate program, drive traffic and make money.

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