Social networks:
  • Minimum payout: $50;
  • Time: Daily.
Payout systems:
  • Personal manager (ticket system, Skype or Telegram)
  • Telegram: @affastra

Affastra is a affiliate network in the gambling and betting. This affiliate network was created by a whole team with more than 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing. They have been working in private for a long time and accepting partners only by invites. In January 2023 we opened access for all webmasters and mediabuyers.

For the subscribers of CPA.RIP team Affastra prepared a bump rate of +$5 on offer BetOBet, the bump is available for the first month. Just tell the manager the secret code “CPA.RIP”

Около Арбитраж

Special Features:
  • Free apps. For Android is given out automatically through Telegram-bot, iOS apps are given out manually;
  • For affiliates with volumes give out apps in one hand;
  • Daily payments;
  • Only licensed casinos and bookmakers;
  • We work only with direct advertisers;
  • Ready to help big teams in every way: from creatives, to any issues that are solved at the level of the advertiser;
  • They agree on the required offer and rate, if they are ready to work with affiliate network;
  • Payments without commissions;
  • Will connect any payment system for payments;
  • There are promo codes from partners with discounts on trackers, proxies, cloaks.

Average hold: 14 days. For verified teams and bars are ready to pay daily.

Payouts from $50 to the following payment systems:

  • USDT TRC-20;
  • PayPal;
  • Capitalist;
  • WMZ;
  • IBAN;
  • Wire transfer.

Affastra Affiliate Program Overview

Registration and Getting Started

Sign up for the affiliate network. Enter your name, email, password, Telegram or Skype. After this, the account will be sent to moderation. On the specified contacts a personal manager will contact, ask clarifying questions and activate the account. Support works quickly and the waiting time of the answer does not exceed one hour during working hours.

After logging in, the main page of the personal account will open. It displays summary statistics for 7 days (you can specify a different period), news, a list of offerers for promotion, connected products and creatives.

Dashboard has been translated into 16 languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, and others.

Offer List works exclusively with direct advertisers. There are more than 120 offers in the gambling and betting. Also the affiliate program can add any offerers on request.

To start working with the affiliate program go to the “Offers” page. This will open a list of active offers. You can see all products, or use filters to quickly find the right offerer.

On the page with offers there is basic information: name, category, payout, statistics (AR, CR, EPC), GEO. Let’s open 4raBet and see what information is given in the card.

Information in the card of the offer:

  • Title;
  • Category;
  • Average rates of EPC, CR, AR;
  • The life time of a click;
  • Targeting (GEO);
  • Traffic sources;
  • Targets and payment;
  • Detailed description.

In the detailed description, in addition to the above information, specifies the minimum deposit, test limit, hold, KPI, prohibited traffic sources. For some offers the period during which the test must be completed is specified. After that traffic is sent for testing.

To connect an offerer, click “Send request” in the offer card. A manager will process the request and connect the offer. You will find the active offers in the “My offers” tab. Open the desired product and generate a link to advertise.


The affiliate network provides the necessary tools for work. They can be found on the corresponding page. Global postback and API are available at the time of review.

Global Postback

To add a postback, go to the tools page and select the desired tab. Click “+Add Global Postback”. A special form will open.

Доступные макросы


To enable the API, you need to write to your personal manager. Once enabled, the URL and API key will be available.

Affastra Apps Bot

Another important tool to talk about is Affastra Apps Bot. This is a Telegram bot that automatically shares Android apps for advertising. To use the bot in your work, write to a personal manager.


Affastra displays detailed traffic statistics. On the “Reports” page, you can find statistics broken down by time, offerers, targets, GEO, device type, OS, and connection type.

Additionally you can use filters. There are 30+ parameters available, which allow you to carefully analyze the statistics.


Average hold: 14 days

Minimum payout: $50. For proven teams and bars are ready to pay daily.

Payment systems:

  • USDT TRC-20;
  • PayPal;
  • Capitalist;
  • WMZ;
  • IBAN;
  • Wire transfer.

Technical support and social networks

Affiliate network helps partners in their work: we are ready to provide individual conditions, creatives and other assistance. With any questions and difficulties you can contact technical support.

Technical support:

  • Personal manager (ticket system, Skype or Telegram)
  • Telegram: @affastra

Telegram chat on gambling and betting arbitrageurs exchange experiences. There is no flooding in the chat. In social networks they publish affiliate program news and useful content.

Социальные сети:


Affastra is an affiliate program with 120+ offers from direct advertisers. They offer favorable terms of cooperation, free applications. Individual conditions for partners with volumes. Register and drive traffic.

For the subscribers of CPA.RIP team Affastra prepared a bump rate of +$5 on offer BetOBet, the bump is available for the first month. Just tell the manager the secret code “CPA.RIP”

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