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  • Time: The payout delay is seven days.
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DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program is focused on the gambling and betting verticals. They have an in-house product and 100+ offers from partners and operate according to CPA and RevShare partnership strategies.

Около Арбитраж

Special Features:
  • Team of experts with a long history in the market;
  • Affiliate managers with expertise in traffic arbitrage to assist you;
  • 100+ offers;
  • Custom offers for partners;
  • Traffic from 25+ countries around the world;
  • In-house product.

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Overview

How to Sign Up & Get Started?

Sign up with the affiliate program by specifying your email, password, and Telegram and Skype names.

Once you confirm your email, the account will be submitted for verification. To activate the account, you must contact the account manager by the contact details specified in the dashboard. Once it is approved, all dashboard sections will be unlocked. 

Offers Available

DEPHOUSE has both an in-house product and 100+ offers from its partners. To view the products available for promotion, open the ‘Offers’ tab.

Each offer thumbnail includes a logo, name, category, partnership strategy, country, and partner’s rate. Here, you can request to enable the offer or open the offer card first. Let’s open the ‘Spin City | FB/UAC/TT/Inapp | Multigeo’ offer card and see what’s inside.

In the offer card, you’ll find the following information: offer name, partnership strategy, GEO/rate, permitted traffic sources, test KPI, and minimum deposit. There may also be additional information about TOP slot machines, player bonuses, casino benefits, and supported payment systems.

Below, you’ll find landing page references. For each landing page, they specify its type, language, and category. 

Click ‘Request Access’ to activate the product. In the pop-up form, select the traffic source, write a comment, and submit a request.

Once the request is approved, you can proceed to create an ad stream. To do this, click ‘Create Stream’ in the ‘Offers’ tab or the offer card.

In the pop-up form, specify the stream name and the traffic source, and select the domain and landing page. If necessary, set up a postback as well. Then click ‘Create Stream’. All the links you’ve created are listed in the ‘Streams’ tab.

To select the required stream, you can search it by ID or name, or filter it by a specific offer. Stream details include an ID, creation date, stream and offer name, language, partnership strategy, and URL.

To specify UTM tags, click on the ‘link’ icon. Specify tags and click ‘Save’.

GEOs to Focus On

The affiliate program accepts traffic from 25+ countries. There are the following GEOs you might want to focus on:

  • Poland;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Turkey;
  • Brazil.

Africa has also been providing good CR lately.


The affiliate program provides in-depth traffic statistics. You can view both general and lead statistics. There are filters by offer, GEO, stream, source, landing and pre-landing page, device, and UTM tags.

Output Information:

  • Date;
  • Click2reg;
  • FTU;
  • Total deposits;
  • Reg2dep;
  • Click2dep;
  • Rejected deposits;
  • Rejected;
  • Delayed,
  • And other statistics.

There’s an option to adjust columns to be displayed in statistics.

Global PostBack

To set up a global postback, open the ‘Tools’ tab and go to the ‘Global PostBack’ section. To view all the parameters available for postback, click ‘How Does It Work?’.

Partner’s Payouts

The payout delay is seven days.

The affiliate program supports the following payment systems:

  • Bank cards;
  • Tether;
  • Capitalist;
  • Bank transfer.

Customer Support & Social Media

DEPHOUSE’s affiliate managers have experience in traffic arbitrage; therefore, you can ask any question and get an advice from experts.

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