Social networks:
  • Minimum payout: 800 rubles, $20;
  • Time: weekly.
Payout systems:
  • WebMoney
  • Bank cards
  • QIWI
  • Yoomoney
photo is a CPA network that has been on the market since 2019. They provide partners with ready-made mobile apps, chatbots for schemes, and much more. They work according to CPA and RevShare partnership strategies.


Special Features:
  • Gambling offers count: 160.
  • Payout hold depends on the offer.
  • Free apps for Facebook and Google UAC.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount: 800 rubles / $20.
  • Payments are processed within one hour. is a gambling affiliate program from the well-known Ad1 CPA network established in 2019. They represent famous brands. Partners are provided with ready-made apps and Telegram bots for schemes. They pay partners up to $150 per lead in the top GEOs. In this review, we’ll get a closer look at the platform.

How to Sign Up?

The first step is signing up on the website. It’s easy, there’s no point in describing details.

Sign up here

Fill in the required fields, specify your contacts and sign up. You can create an account via VK, Facebook, or Google.

How to Enable Offers?

After you’ve signed up and your account is activated, log in to your cabinet. Let’s start with offer selection and enabling. To do this, go to the “Offers” page.

The list of available offers will open. Here, you can search and select offers by country or currency. All products are categorized as follows:

  • My: a list of all enabled offers.
  • Gambling.
  • Betting.
  • Dating.
  • Smartlink.
  • Sweepstakes.
  • Adult.

In the offers list, you can find the full name of the product, the desired action (registration, first deposit, dynamic payout, and cumulative deposit), the rate for each desired action, and GEO. Full description, terms of the partnership, prohibited sources of traffic, and landing pages are defined in the offer description.

If you are satisfied with the terms, apply for the offer to be enabled. To do this, contact support or your manager. You can find contact details on your dashboard.

The CPA network has 24/7 support. They answer within five to eight minutes.

When the offer is enabled, you will be able to generate a link. To do this, click “Create flow”.

In the form that opens, name the traffic flow, specify the platform and select an offer and landing pages. If you select two or more landing pages, split-testing (equal distribution of traffic to all selected landing pages) will be enabled.

Next, specify the Postback URL. Specify a link for traffic that does not fit the GEO (traffic back).

Save flow. A unique link will be automatically generated.

You can type in up to five sub accounts in the link divided by a colon.

All flows you’ve created are saved on the “Flows” page (in the “Tools” tab).

ID, date added, link, flow name, offer, and platform are specified for each flow. Here, you can also customize the flow settings or delete the flow.

Statistics offers insightful statistics with a healthy body of cross-sections for analysis.

On the “Statistics” page, you can display information by terms, GEO, offers, flows, devices, subaccounts, actions, targets, pages, and platforms. You can also filter by date, platforms, offers, SubIDs, flows, and countries.

There are separate statistics for each currency (RUB, USD, EUR). If the offer’s payouts are made in US dollars, be sure to display statistics in this currency.

Now let’s consider the statistics altogether. What information does the system provide?

Output information:

  • Date.
  • Traffic: clicks, hits, TrafBack.
  • Ratios: EPC, CR.
  • Conversions: total, accepted, pending, rejected.
  • Finance in selected currency: total, accepted, pending, rejected.

For your convenience, statistics might be generated via the @gmblng_bot Telegram bot.


The affiliate program also provides excellent tools to increase partners’ earnings. Click “Tools” to view your options. Platforms, traffic flows, domain parking, a bonus page, ready-made apps to drive traffic, and a Telegram chatbot are customized for schemes. The first three pages display a must-have toolkit. Others are your little helpers.

Let’s start with partners’ bonuses. Open the relevant tab.

Here, you can find promo codes for ad monitoring services, ad networks, and trackers. You can contact support and ask them to enlist your service. There are up to 40% discounts: saving money is also earning money.

Let’s move on. provides partners with ready-made PWA, Google Play apps and Telegram bots on one condition: you must use them to drive traffic to the affiliate program’s offers only. Contact your manager to get an app or Telegram bot. There is also a free Facebook comment cleaner for partners and ban-free Instagram domains.

Let’s see what the bot messages to users.

It’s a trivial but working scheme: a fired developer makes money off a former employer. The bot’s feature is that the developers have considered possible objections of potential players. The developer in the story wants a percentage of the winnings, and the scheme is limited in time and the number of players (first come, first served). There is even a tutorial mode to warm up players before the big game.

So, technical matters are taken care of which saves your time and money.

Payments & Support

The CPA network is flexible with partners’ financial matters. Payments are made upon request and confirmation by the advertiser. The webmaster can apply for advanced payment at any time. To do this, go to the “Finance” tab and apply for advanced payment.

Each offer has specified payout hold terms, after which the money is transferred to the partner’s account. Payments are also made automatically on Fridays.

The network supports the following payment methods:

  • Bank cards of Russia and Ukraine.
  • WebMoney (WMZ).
  • ePayments.
  • Yandex.Money.
  • QIWI.

The affiliate program provides 24/7 support. They answer within 3-17 minutes. If you have any questions, you can create a ticket or contact your manager.

The review comes to an end here. is a CPA network aimed at partners’ higher profit. So, sign up, enable offers and start making money.

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