Tiktok Case: $621.964-a-Month Scheme

Here’s a case on TikTok traffic arbitrage from the Slivki Team of publishers.

Hello, dear colleague. Dekst is here. Today, I will demonstrate the results you can obtain in traffic arbitrage if you learn to seek out efficient schemes consistently and wear them off quicker than they become public. I hope this case will help you discover new creative strategies in traffic arbitrage and demonstrate to you the CPA market from the other side that me and my team experience. Let’s go!

Scheme breakdown:

  • Duration: August 2021;
  • Traffic source: TikTok;
  • Offers: SOI – Gift cards of popular brands;
  • GEO: US, CA, UK;
  • Affiliate network: LetsCPA;


  • Budget ~ $258,200
  • Costs ~ $21,000
  • Revenue — $621,964
  • Profit — $342,764
  • ROI ≈ 122% (costs included) (ROI Calculator)

Technical matters:

  • Anti-detect browser: Indigo;
  • Cloak: not required;
  • Tracker: Keitaro
  • Proxies: residential matching account’s GEO (excl. agent);
  • Accounts: Agent; Autoregs. Farmed in-house.
  • Domains: Freenom;

Daily In-Depth Income Statistics Within the Scheme

Income statistics in an affiliate program.

Foreword Before We’ll Dive into the Scheme Overview

Our team has been working with SOI offers for a long time and it’s a common thing for us to “reassemble” schemes for different products and continue driving traffic. The success case with resembling ads is about the user’s keen interest in the offer since they are always associated with a major brand on everyone’s lips in the GEO we work with. Consequently, if the message in the creo is accurate, you’ll receive the highest quality product-seeking traffic and, as a result, a high CR.

Offer & Scheme

At the end of July, our regular partners from LetsCPA offered to launch a new offers package, which they had just developed. We always snatch at every opportunity to test new offers, so we conducted a one-day offer and audience analysis and decided on TikTok because during 2021 we have enlarged the TT buying dept. Considering the type of offers is relatively “white”, we opted for agent cabinets from the start.

For initial tests, we’ve selected the “Walmart Gift Card” offer in CA and the US. After the ground test, we discovered that the US demonstrates a much higher CR than CA, so we picked this GEO.

Working with agent cabinets allowed us to conduct a volume test as is and receive an income of $9,296 with expenses of $4,097 and an ROI of 126% within a single day.

Income. P.S. AP stats show 0 clicks. That’s because we had the wrong SSL certificate log, but the tracker accepted all clicks without discrepancies. Don’t ask me about technical details. The clicks weren’t counted, but it’s ok as long as leads count.

Thanks to six years of experience and the parameters described below, we were able to reach a good volume with a single cabinet from the start: a fresh approach, nice-looking pre-landing pages, creos, and few user complaints.

By the way, in my next article, you’ll learn how to work with overused schemes and earn money anyway.

Pre-Landing Page & Creatives

For the pre-landing page, we used a classic QUIZ with the brand logo and brand-related pointers. Those who are familiar with the sweepstakes vertical will understand what I mean.

The quiz.

There are creatives of the same type as in the showcase above. Our main objective was to demonstrate the number of products, goods, etc., you can buy with a gift card and motivate a user to complete offer tasks to receive the quality traffic. For creatives, we used either shots from social media or those we took ourselves. We generate 80% of traffic with our custom materials, regardless of the vertical.

As to TikTok creatives, they must be as simple as that regardless of the vertical, but they also must fit into the feed with eye-catching and trending designs. Apart from that, they must bring conversions and pass the moderation successfully. Therefore, if something does not work for you in TT, then you might want to stick around in the TikTok library for a couple of days. If you grasp this social network, there’s no doubt this will push your schemes further.

Creo example. Stylish trendy youth

What Complications may I Encounter?

As we mastered the offer and launched it “online” for different brands, it got worn out so we had to remake pre-landing, landing pages, and creos. Fortunately, the guys from the affiliate program and advertisers promptly assisted us in offers updates on landing pages. Comprehensive assistance from partners is natural when you have been working with them for a long time. Demonstrate your expertise so that you are given a free hand to rotate all the components of your scheme on their side to ultimately commercialize.

Batches of domains kicked the bucket quickly every day because you can’t add the same domain twice in the ad cabinet in case it was banned before.

With such turnover, it is quite difficult mentally to hold major capital, like hundreds of thousands of US dollars. So, when we started to scale, we agreed on frequent payments with our partners so that the money circulates faster and we don’t have to add our private assets. Thereby, we’ve driven traffic on a loop and received a quick payback and the scheme was scaling faster.

Our creative specialists overextended themselves as creos remained relevant only from one to three days on average.

Eventually, an inclusive approach and teamwork allowed us to keep volumes for a long time and bank the profit. Currently, our buying dept is working with SOI offers from agent cabinets as well, but this is another story… Those who are aware of current spanners with agent cabinets will get what I mean by “another story”.


In the context of volumes, today it will work only with a systematic approach because the CPA market has long turned into business activity, and not just something like: “Today I start, tomorrow I’ll use creos from the spy service, cash on, and go hit the water pipe.” Trust me, I know what I’m saying)))

There’s a buyer who managed to reach the maximum spending of $18,478 per account.

That’s going some!

I hope this article was helpful for you and made it clear that the successful scheme development comes from the constellation of your expertise, creativity, social skills, and business sense in turns of relationships with your partners.

Thanks to the guys from LetsCPA for assistance! And thank you for going through this long read. Be successful, and profitable, and watch yourself. The money is out there!

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