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Case Study: How to Earn on Solar Panels in the USA?

White lead gen tends to be the top income source this spring. We’ve already featured the hot Converting Team’s in-house offer to install domestic solar stations in the USA. Today we offer you to consider all the advantages of the offer once again and study a case on 73% ROI with solar panels in the USA!

ROI of 73% on TikTok

The publisher chose TikTok as the traffic source. The profit from the ad campaign amounted to $1,791, which is equal to 73% ROI (ROI Calculator)! The aggregate amount of capital invested in the ad campaign is $2,439. As a result of successful AC, they withdrew $4,230. 

Following the results of the first split tests, two ad groups demonstrated the best performance. The cost per conversion in the first group was relatively high and amounted to $17. The traffic quality was also high and stable. During the first day of testing, this group brought ten leads worth $470 which amounted to $169 profit.

The second successful ad group brought three confirmed leads, but a huge CPC of $26. So, it is confirmed once again: you must conduct a lot of tests to achieve the desired outcome. Next, let’s look at campaign settings and creatives.

Ad Campaign Settings

By trial and error, they identified the following states to be the most profitable: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico. They didn’t categorize the target audience by gender, only set the age limit of 25. Completed user registration was the desired user action.


They used a video creative. They added a bright text row with the description of the advantages of the offer and a call to action against the background of the solar panels’ installation video on the roof of a single-family home. The text was dubbed by a robot with a pleasant female voice.

They had to adjust the video length a little. They decided on the full-length video with the solar panel installation tutorial. It’s essential to disclose all the advantages of the offer in the first few seconds of the video because few people will watch it till the end. The message of the creative was: “Stop upcharging power suppliers. Our customers can save on ever-rising electricity tariffs if they install their solar station on the rooftop.”


Prepare a self-explanatory informative creative: a visual demonstration of the process or result that the consumer expects with full registration. Also, do not forget to track all running ads to optimize the best ad groups in time.

Pros & Cons of the Solar Panels Offer

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Your account will last long;
  • You can no longer apprehend being banned all the time;
  • Your ads will pass review quickly and steadily;
  • You can appeal any accidental ban and your account will be unbanned;
  • You get a “white” income without remorse.

Of course, there are obvious disadvantages of working with the offer. There’s one, to be precise. You won’t get a 500%+ ROI, as happens with gambling or crypto offers promotions. Nevertheless, making a profit, in this case, is even easier and faster, although volumes will not be the same as in other verticals.


An offer to install a solar home station in the USA is great if you want to make money on white lead gen quickly and efficiently. You won’t face any bans or review issues on social networks, the creatives are simple and accessible, and an ROI indicator is excellent. The profit may not be as high as it is in other verticals, but by testing and optimizing campaigns, you can significantly improve your outcome.

Ready to make money on white lead gen? Contact Converting Team managers and get access to unique offers today!

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