Google Cloaking with in 2022

Let’s set up Google cloaking with

You’ll require:


Add the domain to so that you won’t be affiliated with hosting websites

Select a free package

Acquire the server IP at timeweb

Add the acquired server IP 

Click “Next” and the DNS for the domain registrar will be generated

Adjust the NS domain record

Create a website on hosting

Specify the working directory

Add a domain

Link it to your website

Upload files to the hosting

Rename “index.html”, for example, to “clo.html”

  • Country: select the traffic destination country
  • Target website: stream link to the offer
  • Parked page: specify the file name (white)
  • Redirect to this link: destination website
  • Ignore the request domain: it’s a feature that makes the cloak work on any website
  • Check the visitor’s language: it catches bots with a language that does not correspond to the country

Click “Save and download the file”

It will issue an “index.php” file: upload it on hosting

It should look something like this, the cloak works)

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